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    Quote from "Jason004" »

    Well I for one think this wont happen Blizzards Diablo III team likes the art direction they have ended up with.

    They like it because they are a bunch of childish super nerds that don't know any adjective besides "awesome." Without harsh fan feedback, they would make everything look like lego star wars (a game I happen to love).:offtopic:

    sorry for the rage, but its how I feel. I don't care if DIII is the greatest game ever, I still wouldn't hang out with any of those guys. (And if they tried to hang out with me, I would make up lame excuses).
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    Quote from "Veritech017" »
    John Romero devoted years of his life to Daikatana, when colleagues, family and friends told him it wasn't worth it and the game was a total piece of crap and it was like seven years in the making.

    Blizzard North, on the other hand. Made two hugely successful games and an expansion pack for one of them.

    I fail to see the similarities.

    Because John Romero before leaving Id, helped design Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake. It's a perfect analogy.
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    Quote from "PH69" »
    What is "floating numbers"? :confused:

    The damage counters when you attack enemies, and also when is says "BLOCK!" when you hit one of the skeletons with the shields.
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    Quote from "ZonerZ" »
    outlandish. But then again, I never did agree with the diablo racists. I always thought that all colors should have a chance.

    I thought that some areas of diablo I and II could have greatly benefited for a wider color pallet. Namely, the caves in DI and the forests in ACT 3 in DII.
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    Quote from "JayCrimson" »
    If at all then a trade house, where I can imput an item and say "I want in return ..." or "If player offers an item meeting at least X stat, Y stat, Z stat". Personally I think auction houses, in the sense of buying items for gold will reduce the bartering system. Bartering house though where gold can't be offered, maybe.

    I think the supplier should have perfect control over what s/he will accept in trade. Hopefully, gold will be useful enough most people would trade for it, but yeah, some people would have no use for gold, and shouldn't be forced to trade for it.
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    Quote from "FallenAngels" »
    Hopefully they dont add an "auction house" , just because it will be as similar as WoW , and the "real trade" would disappear.

    I think you are confusing real trade with black markets. Trade in D2 basically functioned like black markets. There's not anything wrong with that for a video game though. Sometimes it makes gameplay more interesting if the economy is fucked up.
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    Quote from "Daemaro" »

    They're better than WoW, is WoW 6-7 years behind?

    Yes, wow's graphics are at least 6-7 years behind. I'd go as far as to say 8-9. They have to be though. How the fuck are you going to get an 15 million user bases without being able to run on a 6 year old home computer(not a gaming rig)?

    The same goes for Diablo III. The graphics ARE dated. so were Diablo II's. Trying to debate that is fucking stupid, and irrelevant. I'm sick of this per gamer elitism. Maybe its my politics, but I feel like DIablo III should run on as many computers as possible. It should also come out as soon as possible, which would mean maybe skipping that last 3 months of graphical polish.
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    Quote from "Athridar" »

    If blizzard introduces an auction house system in d3 than balancing of unique drop rates would have to be monitored and reduced compared to d2, and this would ruin the game. Uniques would be so readily available and cheap in an auction house if d3 had the same drop rate as d2.

    I understand your logic here. They wouldn't have to do anything. Most of the unique drops in DII were worthless to mid-range items. I don't see what could possibly be wrong with a decent supply of those. The good ones would still be rare as fuck.

    A player run economy is the only way to go for a game like diablo. A player run economy ofcoarse is much more difficult to trade in but thats the point. For the most part, most uniques were traded between friends and the rest were tossed which kept the number of uniques being traded in the game much less than compared to an auction house based system. Having such of an economy added a different type of trading sense like "sweet I just traded this for that". My main point is that d3 should stick with the concept of item for item trading and thats what a player run economy does. But I do agree that gold should have more of a value..

    You have no clue about economics, do you? An auction house is in fact, and player run economy. In fact, it is more "player run" than the DII system, seeing as how more players are involved with each trade. The more players you have involved, the more fair each trade will be. In Fact, it benefits both sides of the trade.

    -The suppliers(grinders/magic finders), can now more easily trade more of their finds that are worth less

    -The Demanders(average players), can now more easily obtain better equipment.

    -Then its also easier to to trade for equipment that you would need

    The only downside I see to an auction house is that blizzard would have to make a Gigantic number of uniques and sets, to make sure we don't just get tired of the equipment. I would also like to see more ways to customize your gear, but thats a completely different bag.

    If I had to make a list of my favorite video games, Diablo II would be number 1, followed by counter-strike. But DII had some fundamental flaws. As Fans, its sometimes hard to acknowledge that, but as soon as we do, we can see how much better the game could be if we allow it to grow and change.
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    Quote from "Daemaro" »
    It could work, but I think it'd greatly decrease the personal type of trading, and create a constant struggle to beat other peoples low prices on items. It's very iffy, it could ruin the economy (assuming D3 actually HAS a economy unlike D2).

    I'm not even going to read the rest of the posts before I answer this : In order for a free market economy to function(besides a miracle) you need for vendors to compete to offer lower prices. Otherwise, you have a market failure. The Idea that someone wouldn't be able to completely control the supply of goods should be viewed as a "threat" to an economy, but a requirement for it.

    I think that the action house is a good idea, and just one step you could take to ensuring a perfectly stable economy.
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    Quote from "applesoffury" »
    well i highly doubt diablo will look to GoW for gameplay.

    some people love overly cinematic action fights while others like bland simple movements.

    They did take from GoW for gameplay, but people are looking at it the wrong way. They are taking cues to make the action more captivating that clicking you mouse button and pressing "1" when you are low on health. They are trying to make people think a little during the action portion of the gameplay.

    Blizzard did a really great job at figuring out what needed to change about the gameplay in DII. The RPG aspect was pretty dope, but the action was so mind-numbingly monotonous that people started making bots. Listen : If you have an action game where people are using bots, you have a seriously terrible action game. I don't give a fuck if diablo is an RPG also, the action should be able to stand up on its own. As such, God of War and Zelda are wonderful influences.
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    Quote from "FingolfinGR" »
    theres completely different programming required for each system. I very much doubt it would be possible to have the same online service if they made the game for different systems. (Console / PC)

    Except this game Shadowrun did just that. Console and PC players playing together. I only played the 360 version, so I can't speak on the PC version quality wise, but it worked.

    You guys are blowing differences of the hardware way out of proportion. It's easy to port to 360. It's harder to port to PS3. But honestly, It could be done, and Diablo has controls that transfer over to a console controller pretty well(especially considering they sited God of War as an influence for D3).

    And the Wii sucks. Me and my roomates have all 3, and the wii just sucks. Nothing controls well except Metroid, Smash Bro's, and the web browser.

    AFTER saying all of that, I don't give a fuck if it comes to consoles or not.
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    Quote from "Zenithal" »
    What if they were to add books that would permanently enchant weapons and armor? I think that would be very cool.

    Me too. I think being able to personalize you're gear should be a big part of the game. Nothing to powerful, maybe +1/2/3 to a skill, MAX. Other things like +20 to HP, +50 DMG, ect. they should also boost the required level for the items as well.

    As for as the D1 style spell books, It can be done, but I'm not all for it.

    -Start by having the tombs work the same as they did in D2

    -Replace the scrolls with "generic spell scrolls"

    -Set a limit of 5 scrolls per tomb

    -12 minute cool down.

    I think that much is simple enough, were it gets tricky is when you start asking questions like : Do the Spells Level up? What skills do you pick to put in a tomb?

    I'd say the effectiveness of the skill should just be based on your character level Thats simple enough I guess.

    The next one is tricky. I say, if they put it in, have it be skills from the characters skill trees. 1 skill from each class, possibly 2, but if you pick 2 for one class, you have to pick 2 for all of them.

    Picking the specific skills is kind of tricky. They would probably be mostly defensive skills, though, with a maybe an elemental attack for each element.
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    Quote from "pobresmeagol" »
    I would love to see something like this in the next WoW patch, but not in D3. Gear collecting has always been a huge part of Diablo, and thats also what I love about it. Something like this wouldn't fit in the diablo play style

    +1. I feel like this is something that is really great/cool/awesome, but not in Diablo(I don't play WoW, so I don't care if they put it in there or not).
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    I was extremely offend that this website has an ad linking to a website for cheats for WoW. I don't play wow, but I feel endorsing cheating in any multiplayer game is despicable.
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    Quote from "Siaynoq" »
    I think it's simpler than that. It's a terrible idea because who the hell is going to commit to that?

    Crazy people. Duh. :)
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