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    posted a message on Need some Hardcore/grindcore/black metal bands HELP!
    Personally I would recommend to anyone the Dutch band 'Textures'.
    Also try Meshuggah, Cephalic Carnage, Sevendust, Chimaira, Darkest Hour, Threat Signal(one of my favourites), All Shall Perish, Anaal Nathrakh, Darkthrone, Despised Icon, Gojira, Heaven Shall Burn, Ill Nino, Kataklysm, Neaera, Soulfly, Stone Sour, Zyklon, Divine Heresy. These are the bands I enjoy listening to, can't think of more atm.
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    posted a message on "In Three Words" Game ....
    I like turtles.
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    posted a message on Diablo III :: Dutch Fansite
    I just registered, great to see a Dutch forum!
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Questions
    Will work on both comps, as long as you don't try to log in on Battle.net simultaneously. Single player is no problem. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    posted a message on The Workout Thread
    Hey guys, thank you very much for the advice, I will probably order the workout books, I'm pretty sure they're awesome. Thanks again, it's very appreciated! :)
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    posted a message on The Workout Thread
    Hello, I need to make a confession. The last year I have lived a very lazy, irresponsible life, and gained too much weight. I am turning 19 very soon, I am 1.86m tall and weigh 105kg. The problem is that simply put, I'm too fat, that's the harsh truth. And I am motivated to do something about it now. Next month I will attend university, and the great place provides all students with an awesome sports center, with plenty of fitness, bodybuilding equipment and much more. I want to use this chance.

    This is the part where I would like to ask for advice. After reading this thread I have come across great information from experienced people, but I think most of the workouts posted here are for more advanced sporters than I.

    My goal is to primarily burn the fat accumulated in mainly the abdominal section, I aim to lose around 25-30 KG, and secondly, after the first goal has been completed to build up some muscles. I have bought this hometraining bicycle, that's for a start. When I have time, I want to use it. But if possible, I would love to receive more in-depth workouts on how to effectively achieve my goals, for I have very little knowledge about fitness/bodybuilding. What scheme to follow, what muscle groups and when? Using special diets? Or perhaps any of you could redirect me to a reliable site or forum where I could get good advice aswell?

    I have the motivation, but I lack the knowledge, I hope you can help me gain the knowledge. All information/advice highly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time.
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    posted a message on Official WOW Help Thread.
    Yeah, less experience needed from 20-60 and more experience gained from quests through levels 30-60. Don't know the exact numbers, but I believe it now takes 30% less time to get to 60. 60-70 remains unchanged so far.
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    posted a message on Random Character Name Generator
    Good job on the program, I will play around with it a little and see if anything cool comes up.
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    posted a message on Post your desktop!
    @ Log1x, I love the information display on the upper right corner and the current song playing on the lower right, could you enlighten me what program you use for it, or how to get that too? Thanks in advance! Looks awesome!
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    posted a message on The OFFICIAL Joke Thread
    Why are hurricanes often named after women, for example Katrina?
    When they arrive, they are all wet and wild. When they leave, they take your car and house.

    At school the female teacher asks the children: ' Let's assume five birds are sitting on a tree, and one of them is shot, how many birds are left on the tree?
    'None of them, the gunshot will scare them away, ma'am', answers John.
    'No John, when one bird is shot, four remain on the tree. But I like the way you think.'
    'All right ma'am, may I ask you a question?
    'Go ahead, John.'
    'Let's assume three women are sitting on a bench, each of them having an ice cream. One of them is licking the ice cream with her tongue, an other puts the icecream in her mouth and sucks on it, leaving only the waffle outside the mouth, and on of them bites in the ice. So my question is, which of them is married?
    The teacher thinks for a while and answers: 'The second one is married, the one that puts the icecream entirely in her mouth and sucks on it.'
    'No, the one with a ring on the ring finger, but I like the way you think.'


    An Indian kid asks his dad, called the Mighty Bull:
    'Daddy, how come my sister's name is Courageous Forest?'
    'Well, when Daddy and Mommy made her, we ''made'' her in a forest.'
    'Daddy, how come my brother's name is Mighty Shore?'
    'Well, when Daddy and Mommy ''made'' him, we made him at the beach.'
    'Daddy, how co...'
    Mighty Bull, slightly annoyed answers: 'Oh leave me alone, Broken Rubber!'


    A new lie-detector has been invented. A brunette sits down and says: 'I think I am beautiful.' She dies instantly.
    Next, a ginger girl sits down: 'I think I am very intelligent.' Also, she dies instantly.
    Next, a blonde girl sits down: 'I think...' She dies instantly.


    A hysterical blonde girl is yelling at the boy that works at the hotel: 'YOU THINK DAT BECUZ I AM FROM A SMALL TOWN AND NOT THE BIG CITY YOU CAN GIVE ME THE SMALLEST ROOM EVAAAH????!??!!??'
    'Ma'am' - the boy says - We're just in the elevator on the way to your room.


    Two blonde girls walk at the beach. One says: 'Look, a dead seagull.' The other looks up: 'Where?'


    Why does a blonde girl eat her pocketwatch?
    A TicTac is only 2 callories.

    A blonde always places two glasses near her bed when she goes to sleep. One filled with water in case she is thirsty, and one empty in case she is not thirsty.

    What is the correct definition for merging a blonde and a brunette?
    Artificial Intelligence.

    Two guys meet after vacation.
    'Hey Jeff, so how was your vacation?
    'Ahh, well, it was ok, summer came, summer's gone now, nothing to talk about, really. No point talking about my vacation, nothing special. But how was your vacation, Greg?
    'It was wonderfull, I was in Paris, you know, bars, music, booze, ladies, partyyyy....But, didn't you go anywhere in the summer?
    'Well yeah... I was at the beach for a few days.'
    'You were at the beach and you didn't want to talk about it?! Sun, water, nice ladies everywhere man!'
    'Well, this gay guy pulled me in the bushes and assaulted me...'
    'And you didn't try to escape?!?!'
    'Are you mad? On high heels??? In the sand?!?!!
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    posted a message on The OFFICIAL Joke Thread
    The ancient territory of the Whoobo-dooboes is known for the many treasures it has hidden for ages. Three brave adventurers, strong and brave men, decide to venture into the forgotten land and claim the treasures and live in everlasting luxury.

    During their trip in the jungle the stumble upon a clan of natives. Horrified by the view of a hundred wild men the adventurers attempt to escape. Unfortunately, they are caught by the wildmen and by force they are brought to the little village with houses build with gold, silver and other materials of high value. The men are brought to the town hall, where they meet the chief of the village.

    The chief, clearly a strangely looking man observes the men and after minutes of uncomfortable silence the chief says: 'Strangers, you have entered a forbidden realm. This land has lived in balance for many, many centuries, yet you are so ruthless to disturb our peace. I cannot hide my anger, yet for I am a reasonable man, I grant you a choice; either experience the 'Whoobo-Doobo' or be killed, slashed in pieces by our deadly blades and then fed to our dogs.'

    The adventurers, clearly speechless and petrified by the threat have no idea what to do, what to answer. The chief is annoyed by the silence and points at one, random adventurer. 'You' - he says - 'Make your choice, NOW!' The man replies: 'I certainly wish to live, I do not want to die, my life is precious to me, I shall undergo the Whoobo-Doobo, yet I have no idea what it is.' 'Very well then' - answers the chief, and he summons five fierce native men. The natives all take their turn and perform the most brutal anal intercourse on the poor adventurer. The adventurer, exhausted by the actions of the five men is granted a safe way out of the land.

    The second adventurer now has to decide. 'Well, what I have seen cannot be described with words, but I value my life and I certainly don't want to die, just do your Whoobo-Doobo thing. Yet this time, surprisingly, the chief summons twenty natives. The adventurer goes through the worst two hours of his life, yet though he can barely stand and walk, he is granted a safe way back home.

    The chief looks at the last adventurer, and asks him to make up his mind, but first he says: 'For you stranger, I have a one hundred man treatment'. The man filled with emotion, desperation and fear says: 'Your customs, evil man, are inhumane. Just kill me, JUST KILL ME!!! The chief is about to order his guards to execute the adventurer, but right before the chief gives the order, the adventurer grins maniacally and says:' JUST KILL ME....but first, give me the 100 man Whoobo-Doobo!'
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    posted a message on Bye byes
    Good luck there man!
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    posted a message on You're In The Mall When Zombies Attack. You Have...
    1: Chainsaw!!! - The Texas Walmart Chainsaw Massacre! :cool:
    2: Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up - does rickroll work on zombies..? :o
    3: TinkyWinky - use the retarded creature as zombie bait and sneak by myself. :rolleyes:
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    posted a message on What kind of D3 gamer are you?
    Pick one category of gaming that you feel best describes your favorite type of gameplay:
    Hack & Slash

    Do you consider yourself a:
    Casual gamer

    Are you willing to buy D3 for:

    Will you be purchasing:
    SC2 - no
    WotLK - no

    Would you rather purchase:
    one game at a time

    Would you be interested in a package of SC2/WotLK/D3 for 10% retail price ($50/game)? rather not

    Do you like mudkips? no, but i like turtles
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    posted a message on have you seen family guy
    I have all seasons on my iPod, awesome to watch during history class! =)
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