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    posted a message on Will Diablo3 run on Dial-Up?
    Dial-up is sooo outdated... where do you live? lol
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    posted a message on Here's what im thinking about Blizzard...
    I think im gonna die of anxiety b4 they release D3

    i've herd several rumours about the release date of D3

    I've heard it'll be out in 1.5 years from some websites, my friend predicts 2 years, and another friend is saying that the release date will be 2012 (4 goddamn years!)

    i don't mind waiting, but the problem is the longer they wait for release the more outdated my computer will get and i won't be able to play it when it eventually does come out

    and quite frankly, i don't feel like waiting 4 years for a game, so they better not reales it on 2012.

    And for tose of you who don't know the signifigance of 2012, it's apperently the end of the world. I personally don't believe that, and obviously neither does Blizzard if thats true, because then they won't sell a single copy of the game lol

    so, my thoughts on Blizzard...


    how nice of them lol


    (P.S.: for the record, i like to babble:D)
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    posted a message on us east guild
    lolololol, this was a funny forum ^_^

    i cont vote in your poll, seeing as how my disc broke and i cant play.

    sorry ^_^
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    posted a message on D3 Chat Problem
    thank youu, thats exactly what i needed^_^
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    posted a message on Do you really think WOW is that great?
    BOOOOO!! WoW suckssss
    j/k lol
    well kinda

    i don't like it, it's a little to complex, and my PC sucks, so is really slow
    dont really have the time to wait for my guy to run and attack w/e it is im attacking. ill stick with Warcrfat 3, Starcraft, and Diablo 2, then when D3 comes out, ill get a new better pc

    and maybe give WoW a chance ^_^ i agree with the pricing though, i dont wanna pay to play a game. itd be coo lwith a single player mode maybe.
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    posted a message on what is your favorite class?
    welli voted Bowazon, cause in my single player account thingy i used a trainer andd..
    do you know how cool the multi arrow skill or w/e it was called is when you shoot like 99 arrows at once?
    it kills off millions of things in one shot! (millions=over-exageration^_^)

    my real fav class was a lightening sorc, just cause lighting has madd skills
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    posted a message on Weird problem with D2 installation ecc.
    why didnt you just go to a game shopa nd buy another disc? get an entirely new cd key, and its pretty cheap now.

    you can still use your B-Net account with a new disc, ive had to replace mine liek 3 times now,
    cause i accidentally break stuff^_^
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    posted a message on Φ Diablo I Moments
    omg, my fondest memory must have been when i went to go kill the Skeleton King with my step dad as a kid, and i got stuck in the door he was trying to trap the king with, so he killed me with the Fire Elementel spell or something

    the one with the running fire guy

    i first played Diablo on the Playstation btw lol
    had a 2 player co-op mode, but you could kill your ally ^_^
    my step dad hated me:confused:
    good thing hes gone now :D
    i still have nightmares about the runing fire man....

    and i hate that little kid who rips you off, Wirt.
    my fav memory of D2 (which is alittle related to this thread)
    was seeing Wirt dead on the ground and stealing his precious leg for all his rip offs in Diablo... ^_^

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    posted a message on D3 Chat Problem
    :confused:i tried to download an IRC client thing, and it turns out i downloaded some chat thing and got a bunch of people mad at me for asking how to create a new server ^_^

    sooo... any one know where i can download an IRC client?
    the angry people told me i need a mIRC client or something... ^_^

    anyone have any ideas?
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    posted a message on D3 Chat Problem
    k, thank you^_^
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 style wallpapers
    nice, i've been looking everywhere for Diablo 3 Wallpapers, haven't found any till now!
    thanks ^_^
    they're realllly goooood
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    posted a message on Rating of D3 so far?
    5/5 all the wayyy

    when i saw the witch doctor in the gameplay demo i was sold lol
    like come on, dog things infected with locusts that not only attack, but disease the enemy?
    i wonder what the other classes will be though...
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    posted a message on D3 Chat Problem
    i have the most updated version of Java, but i cant seem to get the chat thing to work ^_^
    couldi get a little help please? is something else required?:confused:

    oh, and what's a vCard? i see a "Download vCard" thing on profile pages, and i dunno what that is^_^

    thank you for any help :cute:
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    posted a message on Will we see the Prime Evils in Diablo 3?
    didn't diablo get resurected after the first one by possesing the warrior who defeated him?
    does he need a soul to possess people? most likely... but if not then thats my guess as to how he's coming back.
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    posted a message on Highest level in D3?
    im sooo down with max level around 150, only because i had a maxed out character in D2,
    and they got really boring to use after it stopped growing and gaining new abilities...
    so yea, i def go with 150.
    or higher lol
    and they should make leveling faster:mad:
    i had to run around for soooo damn long to level my person up, no matter what setting i was on, it was either the enemies were to easy, or killing me....

    but im retarded ^_^ so who knows...
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