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    posted a message on Top 10 Monsters You'd Hate To See in Diablo III
    Thanks for the post Sol. I rather enjoyed the humor of the blog.

    I like the way he put the claw vipers in the 'dishonorable mention' slot. Not the ones from D1, but the ones from D2. The claw vipers in D1 were my favorite monsters. They were exquisite in appearance when you compared them to the rest of the monsters in the game. I really liked the way they curled up like popcorn shrimp when they died. I'd like to see them back in D3, but more like the model from D1 rather than D2. They were ugly in D2!
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    posted a message on Win a Trip for Two to BlizzCon 2008
    Quote from "Krow" »
    That's a nice prize because not everyone can afford flights, hotels, and other accomodations.

    Well, I have a vehicle in decent condition. It would be far from the first time I made a drive like Texas to California and back. Accomodations? Campgrounds and NRAs are fine with me, or even roadside parks where I could sleep in the camper of my truck, or in the cab if need be. Just so long as I can shower up (truck stops have showers) and make it to the convention. All I could really want for is the tickets. Whoever came with me would certainly have to be ameanable to my simplistic ways.

    But this is a really sweet deal for the winner, and I did enter. I'm no fool! Good luck to all the entries!

    Thanks for the post MD!
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    posted a message on For everyone who hated the wailing in the Diablo III cinematic teaser
    Quote from "Saarth" »
    It just shows there is a complainer out there just waiting head the call, no matter how redundant the point.

    Isn't that just the god-awful truth! No matter how moot the point is either.

    It was the "wailing" that actually set the mood for the trailer - which I thought was awesome (both music and trailer). That is what the music in the background is supposed to do. Although I could hope for a few good runic mantras for background stimulation to be used hither and yon within the game.
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    posted a message on Where is BLIZZARD going?
    Quote from name="Elfen Lied" »
    I wouldn't mind a MMO based in the world of Diablo, even if there is but one race, human.

    The deterant for me in regards to MMOs is of course fees, I still play WOW, so paying for more than one MMO, even with game cards, is a lot of money. And my second deterrant, is lack of interesting quests and an abundance of the same crap over and over again. There are so many of those stupid Fed-EX and Slaughterfest quests in WOW, almost so to the point where I am sure that that is al there is. Hopefully, if BLizzard puts out a second MMO, the quest thing has had some work done on it to add greater variety. The DIablo quests were very interesting to play,even if at their base level they were Fed-Ex of Slaughterfests, but it didn't fell like they were when you did them. I can't say they would do away with fees, as I can't say for sure if they would or wouldn't. No company is going to give up a huge horde of cash without a very good reason.

    I love MMORPG games. The more detailed the characters can be, the more I enjoy them. Other than the Diablo series, I also play EverQuest. What I like about EQ is the phenomenal amount of content and how that content changes over time with patches and expansions. I like that I can develop tailoring skills, cooking skills, and OMG! I love to go sit by the water and fish for a while, make me a campsite, cook me some grub, and just chill. You never run out of stuff to do!

    There have been some folks who returned to EQ saying that WoW just didn't have the vast content that EQ had. They said it was much better for graphics, but they preferred the content that EQ offered.

    If they made a Diablo MMO, and offered a package where you could play all the games for a reasonably lowered price, I would be playing Diablo and WoW. I would love to see them unleash Sanctuary.

    I'm going to download Star Wars Galaxies from Sony tonight. I've talked to some of the people who play it and they say it is one of the most intricately detailed games on the market as far as characters go. I guess I am soon to see the truth of that.
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    posted a message on Computer Discussion and help....
    I was thinking about an ASUS SLI board with an nVidia chipset and an AMD+ (or better) processor socket - whatever it takes to run a quad core (socket F, perhaps?) - and adding (along with the standard items) two identical state-of-the-art nVidia video cards.

    Krow is right though, there would need to be a heavy investment in cooling the machine. A good water-cooled system is expensive, but I've been told it's worth the cost.

    I've built four systems already and I have always started with the mobo/proc bundle and built the remainder from there. Of course, I always had 2 to 4 different video cards in mind while deciding on the board and processor. From previous experience, almost everything else but the power supply and cooling systems are macht nicht. I've already been looking at new parts, sifting through sites that do benchmark testing, and going through forums to find out what any current users have to say about the products.

    I tend to go state-of-the-art when building because the system doesn't become obsolete so quickly.
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    posted a message on BlizzCast 5 Live - Diablo 3 Q&A
    It is always a thrill to hear what the dev team has to say about the upcoming game and how it vs. its predecessor. Thanks for the post MD... you too Zoltrix! And thank all you guys for keeping us li'l ol' fans enlightened and amused.
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    posted a message on Barbarian to be the Only Class Returning
    [quote name='radiant_knight']wasn't there a hellfire expansion pack?

    Yes, there was a Hellfire expansion pack; but Hellfire was an authorized version that was created and released by Sierra not Blizzard. Blizzard did not support the expansion in any way that I know of. I have it, but didn't really care all that much for it. It rather took away from the demonic posture that Diablo I possessed.

    Other than that, I'm looking forward to seeing what else they come up with for classes. Yes, I'm rather disappointed that the Necro isn't going to be in the original release. No, it doesn't deter me from the new game in any way, though I must admit that it was the Necro's perfection that I so adored. I don't see how they could possibly justify sending the Necromancer away permanently since he is such an integral part of the world of Sanctuary.
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    posted a message on G4TV's Adam Sessler Attacks Diablo 3's Art Haters
    Ha! Hahahahahahaha! Hahahahaha Hahahahahahahahahaha! There are tears rolling down my cheeks. That was so true it was hilarious.

    As far as how many are really detered by the art direction he may have a point. Some of the people that signed that petition weren't quite so perturbed as to keep ranting on and on over. Some, like me, regret ever signing it. Though my motivation had more to do with demonic posture (which can be achieved in lots of ways) than color. I would never have said that I would just blow the game off. Fat chance!

    I believe it was something like 51,000 people that signed the petition. So, for those of you who are not so mathematically inclined, if Diablo III sells 1,000,000 copies then the petition is only around 20 percent of the populace - and it becomes less of a percentage with each copy sold. I know almost thirty people who plan on buying the game, including me and two of my sons, and not one of them has complained about the "WoW" graphics. I tote my laptop with the gameplay video and do advertising work for Blizzard every chance I get.

    I trust these guys to do a good game. They have done well so far, though I agree with whomever it was that said Diablo I was better than Diablo II in many ways; but that doesn't mean I didn't love the much more colorful Diablo II. I just have an extreme fixation for the viper model in Diablo I's hell. It is the most gorgeous NPC I've ever seen.

    I somehow missed the first posting of this so I got a reprieve with this one and enjoyed a really good laugh for a change. Thanks for the laugh Sol :)
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    posted a message on 2008 Leipzig: Random Dungeons and PvP
    Jay's answer to the last question was exactly what I wanted to hear.

    Diablo II's PvP system was horrible. I knew quite a few people who left because of those who seem to have no real respect for anything but their own desire for being a dickhead. Not everyone is into PvP. I started out doing it and it was a lot of fun. But after a while, the increasing number of arrogant slimeballs made it impossible to have any fun.

    I really love the way so many of the hardcore PvP players like to turn everything around and make any problems concerning the abuse of the PvP system the fault of the ones who are tired of getting picked on; and who also pay no attention whatsoever to the FACT that they themselves are disrespectful to others, disingenuous, and are more the neighborhood bully than they are the competitor.

    There is a word in the English dictionary that some people just need to get a grip on, something our society seems to have lost - if it every really had it in the first place - that word is R-E-S-P-E-C-T...

    Why should I have to level lock or password my game so that I feel like I'm locked in a box where anyone can get out, but most can't come into the room in the first place? Why is it my fault that some of you are just outright fucking jerks? Is it because the current PvP makes you feel so ultimately powerful; or, since in real life you couldn't smash a fly with a flyswat, you get up on bnet and squash ants with a sledge hammer? What's fun about that? Nothing that I can think of.

    I don't wish away PvP. I know it can be lots of fun; however, too many people I knew left bnet because of the atrocious behavior of a mob of self-servient buttheads, which, in turn, finally sent me looking for somewhere else to play online even though D2 is still my favorite game of all time. I'm really glad that they are rethinking it.

    Hooray for Blizzard and Jay!

    May the Dragon watch over them!
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    posted a message on Bill Roper Shares Diablo III Thoughts
    Give 'em hell Sol!

    So far, Blizzard has given me absolutely no reason to believe that they are going to fuck up D3, or fuck over the waiting Diablo fans. Not one reason! Far be it from me to try to invent one. I love Blizzard's games, they've always been great. Though I don't play WoW, I don't play it because it hasn't been feasible for me, not because I'm a D2 fan that is jealous of WarCraft's attention.

    Now I think I will go to Rhapsody, redownload Steppenwolf's Monster/Suicide/America piece off the Monster album, pack up my laptop, go home, slip into my coffin, read awhile, and hide from the detrimental effects of the sun.
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    posted a message on BlizzCon 2008 Diablo Panels Revealed
    Thanks for the update MD! I'm certainly looking forward to hearing more on these subjects. I wish I was able to attend BlizzConn in person. Oh, well... I'll hear it immediately afterward I'm sure.

    Thanks for continuing to keep us updated!
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    posted a message on MTV - Necromancer May Return, Diablo 3 Expansion Confirmed?
    Quote from "TheBloody-Nine" »
    Wonderful, though I'd prefer to see him in the initial release :P
    To understand some peoples love for necros you may have to read the books.

    I've read all the books, some more than once, and I still find my passions lie with Trag'Oul, Rathma, Mendeln, and Zayl. The Amazon is my favorite character to play, but the Necro is always my favorite character to play with. Though I dearly love The Sin War books, and Zayle, The Black Road was my favorite from the Diablo series.

    It seems to me that the necromancers play a very important role in Sanctuary's world - they are the keepers of the Balance. It only seems logical that they come into the game somehow. With only 5 character classes to choose from initially, I would almost expect an expansion that added a couple of character classes and additional content. I want a necro that is more in tune with the ones in the books.
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    posted a message on Sry to be repetative
    Quote from "Doppelganger" »
    The techical side of it isn't what really concerns me, i don't believe Blizzard to not have the capabilities of including a good sort of light radius system. What concerns me more is that i think Blizzard purposely decided against a lightradius system because they believe it is critical for the player and the gameplay to instantly identify any enemy on the screen, not only identify "an enemy being there", but also instantly beiing able to see wich type it is, regardless of how dark it is or wether or not that enemy resides in a other room.

    The problem is that the technical side of it IS what really concerns them. In an earlier interview, it was stated that they had tried the light radius and it wasn't working correctly; so, I would think that they would purposely decide against using it if it is not truly functional for the game. The decision does not seem to have been solely influenced by the desire to be able to immediately identify monsters.

    I don't really think that the dungeon illumination that was in the gameplay video would be quite so brilliant in the actual game. I think they would go for a paler illumination. They would have had to illuminate it brightly for the gameplay video so that viewers could tell what was going on.

    Therefor this "enhanced visiblity philosofy" didn't allow for things like lightradius and actual shadows, wich imo is a real shame and lost oportunity.

    Actual shadows... as compared to what... theoretical shadows? A philosophy doesn't own the ability to allow or disallow for things like light radius and shadows in 3D enviornments - the technical aspects do. He did say, "it's almost impossible to do in a 3D engine because you can't have light that smart and run on systems that are reasonable."

    Chill, man. Chill...
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    posted a message on Suggestion for 1 of my biggest issues in D2
    The interface for joining games always drove me nuts. The idea of filtering is one I've pondered for a long time, and I also wondered what reasons Blizzard may have had for never implementing filters. This is one idea that really makes good sense and I hope they pay heed to it for bnet 2.0. Glad you brought it up!
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    posted a message on Battle.net 2.0 and diablo info...
    I've heard of this authentication system before and I understand that it has been used successfully on several major websites. I think that it would be great it you could get the added security for D3. If an authenticator is working successfully on the WoW servers, why should I think that it would not work on Diablo servers? I hope this issue doesn't turn into another WoW hater, thread spamming subject.
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