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    posted a message on Crusader Transmog Thread!
    Shame you can't paint that shield vR

    Set inspired by dark souls - middle tier gear(ish) think it came out quite well, i just want Skycutter to finish it off
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    After reading the entire post I am left with the question: So? Why do you care how fast people farm or how powerful they become or the balance of solo vs group play (with a game that encourages community & socialising) when you're concerned with playing on your own, they have no influence over your game.
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    Quote from Gambetti

    So a lot of people seem upset with the whole BOA thing. With the introduction to clans, why don't they make it so items are only tradeable within the clans? Essentially keeping the spirit of trading while blocking out the 3rd party poopers. Would this really be that hard to implement? Also wouldn't this increase the actual use of clans and perhaps boost socializing within the community?
    I like this idea, it would work pretty well with a grace period of a 30+ days, I can see large trade clans forming and a D2JSP clan forming where people would trade, but is it really a bad thing? Regarding the BoA thing, I'm pretty happy about it. However, I don't think pushing the entire community to play like this is fair really. Blizzard seems rather afraid of segregation of players (outside of HC) but if we can't trade at all by default whats wrong with giving people the option to choose during character creation or something and letting them trade freely.Blizz does not need to swap from black to white, which is what is happening, can't we just have grey so everyone gets a little bit of what they want? I honestly miss interacting with other players in a trade game, i miss bartering on forums and trading my items with people, I'd even like people to be able to con me too haha happened a few times back in the day and sure that was a shitty experience but they don't need to wrap me up in bubble wrap it happens in real life so why not in a game? Oh well.
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    posted a message on Announcing the Diablofans Site Update Beta
    Just wanted to drop by and say how much i love this new site, thanks guys, keep up all the hard work! :)
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    Quote from Kallizk

    Greatstaff of True Power!
    (2handed Wizard Only Staff)

    When wielded the wizard has a faint blue glow around them and arcane power regeneration is doubled but the wizards life is also halved.

    LifeBane - 1H Sword
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    posted a message on What Made D2's Itemization so good?
    Quote from shaggy

    Unkillable Players
    Life Leech. My favorite topic ever. In D2 you could stack this til the cows came home (err no pun intended) and make a character that, in PvM, was exceptionally difficult to kill. Was this good design? I doubt it because it was one of the first things that the D3 team nixed. It was recognized that having characters that could basically stand in anything, and who basically had infinite life and mana with fairly low gear requirements was a bad idea. I'm not saying that D3 got this right, but I would definitely caution you about not throwing stats like Life Leech (or Mana Leech) around on lots of items or, at the very least, keep careful control on it so as not to dillute the game with that particular stat. Then again, you may want to avoid it completely and go in another direction which would also be interesting.

    To add to the above, some developers attempt to curb stats, such as life steal %, and limit this, but translating this to players is another challenge, how does the player know they can only stack 30% life steal and anything afterwards is useless?

    UI plays a huge part with items too :)
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    Quote from Bleu42

    it gave the illusion that it was at least all right, because even though you had like I said before a handful of items that were by far the best, you *could* use almost any item you wanted and still be successful.

    Because D3 has inferno mode, every monster out levels you and we don't have broken affixes like crushing blow, skills like sorc's static, the game is actually hard. Because of how hard D3 is (compared to D2), it forces people to actually try and stack both DPS increasing gear and EHP increases, which with the current state of gear makes it near impossible to FIND all the gear you need, thus, bad itemization.

    I concur in part as I said in my previous post D2 didn't do a great job, the issue is that in a game with numerical numbers on weaponry and armor there will always be gosu items that are head and shoulders above the crop, keeping the thread at the level of a designer, we must think how do you tackle such a problem.

    Blizzard has adopted the idea that in RoS legendary items change how the core foundation of how abilities work, this mimics skill runes to a degree and places them onto items, so that players with a preference to an ability will naturally flow towards a particular item. D2 approached this in a different way and gave the ability to trade skills between classes through items, or to change how your character worked fundamentally, Enigma in D2 for example, both are actually quite similar in concept.

    Inferno mode, I'm sorry to say also provides the illusion of difficulty, you must raise your numerical to beat the monsters numerical, which is quite empty when you think about it and frustrating because as you put, to get said numerical high enough is extremely difficult, but that is not measured by skill or player ability, it's measured by how much gold you have to buy an item or luck on finding, which is where you reach the other fundamental flaw Blizzard are trying to address which is finding the item yourself to push that numerical upwards.

    D2 also suffered with this to a lesser degree, but was never properly highlighted to more seasoned players as there was not really a reason outside of a pvp environment to become a numerical beast.

    Which brings me back to what i said previously, the concept of stats go hand in hand with items and was the core point i was trying to make, this was a game play element, and adding weight to player decision gave a sense of game play, achievement and creation, this is something truly hard to capture because it can't be displayed as a value on the screen, its an emotion the player experiences.

    I think removing stat allocation made items that little bit more empty and lost a little bit of their "character", combine that with other factors such as the AH throwing items at people and your previous comment about inferno, you get really items that feel empty and are at the end of the day just a bunch of numbers.

    At the risk of going off on a tangent, the more i think about this the more i realize how detrimental the ability to re-spec a character is to the game (D2) as a whole, the gravity of investing a character point was a big deal, I'm actually starting to understand how Runic Games design Torchlight and what an elegant solution the "undo last few points" is.

    I'm thinking how do you create a fine line between the easy ride D2 gave you and the numerical difficulty d3 requires to be overcome, Blizzards answer to this is to offer game modes it appears, neph trials is a horde mode, an endurance test and I'm sure we'll see others down the line, these modes allow people to measure how strong their character is and act as a way to relieve pressure on the primary game mode (beat shit up).


    Now, you're seeing it from you're own perspective, not as general population player or as you would call "newbies", these important caps that you care about, don't even exist to these people, their decisions were made based off item requirements and what is fun, when they've played the game for a bit longer and realise half their characters have a similar build (and it did happen) they become disillusioned and think "why bother investing points" and this was the thought process behind the removal of stat allocation from D3.

    That does not however mean I agree with removal of stat allocation. :)

    Hmmm, I've been writing this post for over an hour, I'll muse upon this subject more tomorrow.
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    Quote from Laevus

    Gheed's token - Ring
    Any item of lower quality than rare that is sold to a vendor has a 1% chance to be returned to your inventory as a legendary of that item type.

    Guidance of the Light - Templar Relic.

    Guidance of the Light - Templar Relic

    On being hit has a 15% chance to have a bolt of light hit the Templar from the heavens stunning all nearby enemies for 0.5 seconds.

    Juggernauts Hide - Shield
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    posted a message on What Made D2's Itemization so good?
    Stat requirements - do you want a characters stats to affect the items they are able to equip?
    Level requirement - do you want a characters level to affect when they can equip the item
    Item Quality- do you want all items to be able to roll a specific quality and will you have a unique version of the item?
    Attributes given - what kind attributes can the items have in your game? Can a helms defense be enhanced by a modifier?
    Attribute rolls - Will the helms defense roll be able to high or low?
    Aesthetics - Will an item catch the players eye when on the floor or equipped by another player?

    The above are a few very basic things to consider about items inside of D2. To drill down into the nitty gritty parts of items a good way is to compare D2 and D3.

    D2 and D3 differ drastically on how they handle items and that is because of the top point, stat requirements.

    Due to the removal of the mechanic stat allocation, items could no longer have stat requirements, which means that items in D3 carry purely numerical advantages over one another and the only boundary to equip said item is a level requirement which becomes defunct at level cap.

    Level cap is something also different about D2 and D3, whilst there was a hard cap for D2, many items were scattered among different character levels and people very rarely reached the hard cap, a question the developers must of asked themselves is does this add more flavor or does it provide just another annoying roadblock?

    We see that there is no boundaries to equip an item outside of character class in D3 and we are left with the question: are boundaries fun?

    When we consider stat allocation in conjunction with stat requirements on items, you start to see how customization of your characters stats start to weave themselves into not only a numerical advantage such as having more strength to do more damage but allowing you to equip heavier swords/armors.

    This translates into aesthetics, if i can assign points on my character, I can equip a different sword type and therefore have a different look, meaning your investment into a stat has changed the way your character looks in the world, and adds more weight to your decision.

    We then consider the inability for the majority of Diablo 2s lifespan to reset stats, thus meaning when you place points into strength to put that sword or armor on you're stuck with it, adding more weight to your decision.

    It is shown that items become an embodiment of your decisions and ultimately your character reflects all your cumulative decisions. I can't honestly say Diablo 2 did a tremendous job of this but the concept was there and it added a bit of "heart" to items.

    Other games have also used this concept of weaving stats and items together to create a very deep sense of game play, a few examples would be: Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale, Dungeon Siege 1, the best to show this concept in my opinion however is Dark Souls.

    I'm not going to say which is better or worse, because sometimes boundaries piss people off, having the freedom of item choice in D3 is nice, stats became less of a choice and more of "dump loads into str and X and the rest in vit" in D2 which means that sometimes a player could become disenchanted with the system and just outright annoyed by it.

    The cruel reality is of all this is you just can't please everyone and as a developer it winds me up so much and is something I eventually had to accept, there will always be people who dislike the games i craft and people who want to man hug IRL.

    I wish you luck in development of your game :)
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    posted a message on First Thing You'll Do When RoS is Released - Poll
    In D2 my favorite class / spec to place a fanaticism zealot, I loved paladins to death, barbarians came in a close second.

    Naturally I'll be leveling a crusader straight off the bat and making it my main.
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    posted a message on Long interview with the Game Director - Joshua Mosquiera !
    Awesome interview, Josh seems like a real nice guy, thanks kongor.
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    posted a message on Nephalem Trials
    Quote from DamienJohn

    Hey guys, athene will be uploading an interview with JM soon and it is expected he will give more info on Nephalem Trials, just a heads up;


    Thanks for this, the information from his interview was very good and answered a few questions i personally had. They did however seem to dodge the question if they were going to change older content, what I'd of liked to of heard was that there would be more random elements added into them when the level is generated.

    Mr Monstrous made a thread a long the lines of the idea behind neph trials back in April and it garnered quite a bit of attention it's great that peoples ideas (I'm sure other people made similar posts) are red and taken in by the developers. It really looks like blizzard do keep the community in mind with this latest expansion.

    I really like the vibe i get from all these new interviews and how Josh talks to people. LoD made D2 in my opinion and now i genuinely think RoP will make D3 into a great title.
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    posted a message on Will you buy Reaper of Souls?
    From a personal stand point ALL of the things in this expansion are a step in the direction i want the game to move in.

    There are things I still want to see added to the game but all good things come to those who wait.
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    posted a message on Patch 1.0.9 Dungeons, a dream... [[ FANMADE ]]
    An interesting idea, whilst I am personally not the most competitive of players I think a PvE rating system in some form would help the game out, ladders were large events in D2 which suffered badly from the way they were implemented into the game, feeling much more like a tacked on element rather than a smart and evolved system.

    Adding a degree of automation to when ladders are reset and providing incentive to take part and to win is crucial, winning the event provides the player with feats of strength and possibly a unique cosmetic item such as wings.

    Not everyone can win though, and it's nice to be given something even if you don't win, taking part is where the core rewards should be. These "take part" rewards would range from immediate such as chest drops and mini boss rewards to longer such as achievements for number of dungeons done, point bracket earned etc giving the player unique banner designs and frame customization (more on this in minute).

    The first adjustment i would make to your suggestion is to make these dungeon ladders longer, a month is a good time frame, and allows people to play more liberally and still achieve something, and winning should also be broadened, the top 100 players receive the feat and the wings. The top 10,000 get a banner design, this means even people like me with a job can compete and still get a little something for our trouble and even if we don't get that there are achievement based banners and frames.

    My second reason for longer time frames is that it makes the rewards carry more weight due to the time invested (top 100) and these unique items all the more cool and wanted by those hardcore players who seek prestige.

    I think the paragon system added the cool feature of changing your characters portrait based on level, but wouldn't it be way better if you could customize this? Players have your portrait constantly on there screen, what better way to show off that you were on of the top 10,000 thousand in ladder 1 with a symbol on your portrait.

    I'd also remove character icons from being the main part of the icon and make it a players banner or a small circle banner which functions in the same way as the larger version.

    So, not everyone would want to compete, this is fine, but lets add reason for those people to do these dungeons to, making the mini bosses genuinely difficult and fun to fight and providing a nice chest bonus for there efforts as well providing the dungeon stack on mini boss kill.

    This should persist through acts as well as death and provide bonuses to killing monsters outside of the dungeon like neph does, to encourage players to flow through the game, giving non competitive players another reason to run these dungeons for the bonus provided.

    Furthermore we could make dungeons more interesting by adding modes to them which break up game play and provide a slightly different atmosphere whilst still taking as long and the same loot that would be gotten typically.
    • Gauntlet - where the environment matters.
    • Horde - random monsters in random combinations from all acts in waves.
    • Objective - Capture the relic from the legions - Push the minecart from point a to b.
    • Environmental - use the cool game mechanics to smash through walls to reach an objective
    These are a few small examples which would make dungeons more interesting, and we could take the opportunity to weave more story into these as well, such as:
    • creating an escape route with a minecart of explosives for people taking refuge inside mining tunnels in act 2
    • A group of cultists are about to merge together in act 1 to create a thousand pounder, they player must break through a set of walls to stop them whilst being barraged by monsters.
    • The player must survive in a particularly toxic sewer in act 2, acid rises in various areas at various points whilst fighting off rare packs of monsters.
    A group of examples, going as far as to incorporate something originally shown with the very first glimpse of Diablo 3 we were given.The above would give none competing players more visually engrossing and interesting encounters to play with thus providing another layer of incentive to play in the dungeons.

    With all this said, dungeons would need to be spread few and far between having a range of three to four per act (two to three for act 4) meaning they must be sought after to gain the rewards and the buff require more time invested than a typical neph buff should a player wish to use the buff to farm.

    In answer to this i'd only have the buff stack twice but provide the same end bonus as originally proposed but also have a lengthy expiration time on the buff until refreshed.This is done to stop dungeon only farming by having it affect the outside world and to stop players from only running a single act as it would be best used when completing an act and transitioning to another encouraging game flow.

    Coming full circle, players ratings on the ladder could be broken down when inspected, to show the sum of its parts, such as points earned from particular dungeon types. The only issue with this is the player would have no control of what type of dungeon they could run and thus the break down would be a "for fun" set of statistics.

    Giving the player control over the dungeon type would be a bad idea as eventually players will, as they always do, find the "best" mode, the only option you could provide is whether they only want standard D3 dungeons or have all types in the pool (determined by original host in MP games) which even then will probably have "best".

    These are my thoughts and opinions on an already very well thought out and solid idea from the OP, credit for his creative writing style and his simple yet impact full ideas.

    edit: cleaned up the post :)
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    posted a message on Kripp and Alkaizer talk about Diablo 3
    A lot of conflict and passion in this thread.

    Something I have noticed cropping up is how long it takes something to come out in D3 vs PoE.

    To shed some light:
    Right now PoE is using an Agile method of development versus a spiral method that blizzard uses.

    Agile typically means little or no testing and its kicked out the door. More like a shoot and ask questions later.
    Spiral is a iterative type of development going through multiple design, implementation and testing phases, the end result is a polished piece of software or in our case "patch", consider the PTR as a form of testing later on in this spiral until patch release.

    Spiral is often used with a large amount of resource (big dev teams) and agile works better with fewer, as less documentation is produced, because communication between departments is not required or you don't have larger employee turn over.

    Both are perfectly valid, and just like opinion both have their uses and preferences for different developers and both make sense with their respective partners and it fascinates me that players would expect a large company like blizzard with a larger player base (not just in diablo) to use a form of development that may hinder player perception, Blizzard are all about polish and when they drop the ball on this players notice, their entire front is about being respected and polished, as is expected for a large company.

    On the other hand a small strike team like GGG don't have the same resources as blizzard and therefore can practice something that requires less internal communication, and doesn't need to protect this front that blizzard has built up.

    It should be noted that technological communication has really changed how big companies communicate with their consumers and how utterly interesting this is! I am such a geek.

    More on topic:

    I understand the points made by kripp and alk but can clearly see that the complexity in D3 does not satiate them and they find comfort in PoE. I see a lot of debate in this yet, only 2 people in this thread have hinted at the question that we should be thinking about and that is: Can't both games co-exist? PoE fills this complexity drive that we crave, which is awesome. Some of us want to just bash stuff when we come home from work and diablo 3 really fits that, these are just 2 reasons to play either game, I however can't speak outside of personal experience.

    I understand the plight of the hardcore gamer but it doesn't make them more valuable as a player neither is their intelligence or their opinion more valid than the unspoken majority, not enough people have their own opinion and instead field another persons (such as krips) without actually thinking about it and it really does show when others debate with them, the same people also fail to see not everyone has to have your opinion and their isn't a single answer to this discussion, maybe i'm preaching to choir, food for thought i assume :).

    edit: grammar & spelling & punctuation :P
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