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    The thing with arguing; denying the existence of a higher power is that the HIGHER POWER card always plays out.

    "How can human beings even hope to fathom the workings of a beyond-beyondness entity? For all we know our physics and atoms were made simply for shits and giggles. Dinosaurs were put on Earth to test our faith!"

    (Okay, the last bit was aimed more towards established Religious schools.)

    But outside the popular faiths we have today, where it's easy to disprove based on evidence on particular events provided by their own teachings, the belief of a God, in general, is hard to dispute.

    "God doesn't exist is because Man-made laws and rules indicate otherwise?

    He's God. His rules are the only rules."

    And yes, you can say this isn't a proper argument, but in my opinion it is. In fact, if we must assume that God plays within the boundaries of Human sciences then what kind of God is he? Still, we must confine to the rules of logical thinking and scientific method etc. Or else shit won't get done.

    At a stretch it'd be some super advanced being, but nothing close to the cosmic, omnipotent beyondness with an inexplicable tendency to prey upon the Human race 'too much.'
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