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    Quote from name="Mephisto"s Lament" »
    You do know that a lot of Metal songs have significant Jazz influence, and hints of Blues, right? Oh wait, you don't.

    totally irrelevant to his post. you took it out of context.
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    Stevie Ray Vaughn i def. a better guitarist than John Frusciante but I like Frusciantes style better.

    Stevie Ray Vaughn is probably my favorite guitarist skill wise.

    Santana is da bomb as well :D
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    This thread was created for christians or people interested in chistianity to talk about just that :D

    This thread is not intended to debate if God exists or anything like that. There are other threads for that.

    Basically, if you're not a christian and you post in this thread, dont bash christians or the things they believe in please.

    A friendly discussion of opposing christians views is totally acceptable, and is what I'm hoping this turns into.

    I can't stress enough that your view on subjects in this thread need to be backed up by book, chapter and verse. Please don't take scripture out of context either.

    So, I'll start us off with a topic. What do you believe baptism is for, and why does someone get baptized. Where does it stand in the plan of salvation and is it really necesary? (I'll give my view on this after the thread gets a little popularity).

    EDIT: could a mod fix the thread name to "The christians thread"

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    Nice description
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    So what are your favorite DOS games? I have so many, and I think everyone of mine are fps.

    Doom II
    Quake I
    Heretic I
    Hexen I
    Rise of the Triad
    Redneck Rampage

    And I've been trying to think of two other games that I used to play when I was a kid but can't figure the names out... One was like a fps set in egypt, it's ahrd to explain, you either know what I'm talking about or not. And then the other was VERY similar to I mean redicuouly similar, i remember you could get these gloves that glowed green and different types of potions to throw, it was like dark fantasy setting fps, sooo similar to hexen.

    What about you guys, doesn't have to be fps btw :D


    i forgot about:

    Duke Nukem
    Shadow Warrior

    Edit numero dos:

    The egyptian game is:

    Powerslave (Exhumed)

    I still cannot find the game like hexen though.... ugh
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    "Fuck with me and you'll have a clock permanantly imprinted on your forehead, WITH THE WRONG TIME, biotch"
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