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    At least a small amount of reflection/shine on metal objects like plate armor(this doesn't mean they have to look clean), so I can tell they're metal and not plastic.
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    posted a message on Poll: Which Diablo Succubus do you prefer to have on Diablo III
    Quote from "darkie" »
    @SithDiablo Yeah, you love Diablo 3, but you don't like:
    1. The art style
    2. The lighting
    3. The architecture
    4. It's cartoonish
    5. It's Wowish
    6. Not eerie enough
    7. Rainbows and bunnies
    8. Epic music
    9. blah blah

    If you really don't like the game, don't buy it when it comes out, stop whining.

    Hate when people stretch things out to make it sound better for their argument. 7 of those 9 things you listed are covered under THE ART STYLE. "blah blah" is meaningless...

    Original succubus all the way! It actually looks like it's from a newer game than D2's succubus:confused:
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 PvP
    I think adding some kind of arena or specialized fighting area would be a good idea.

    Just don't hand out any arena-specific in game awards like another Blizzard game does >_>

    Some kind of player run reward system would be neat, yeah. Like something allowing bets to be placed with items or gold.

    Your poll could use a couple more options BTW.. there's not really an option for people who would like to see PVP be improved over Diablo II's system but not add arenas.

    edit: Post below has a neat idea too... I wouldn't be opposed to some kind of simple ranking/pvp level system like WC3 has
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    posted a message on Will you try a female character.
    I'll pick a mix of male and female characters. I don't know why, but if I have every character as male it starts to feel like it's just one guy doing 5 different things instead of the characters being separate personalities.

    I'll definitely have a male barbarian and hopefully a female caster(not witchdoctor damnit!) and a female of whatever the bow user will be.
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    posted a message on Auction house, account bank and anti grind/rush?
    I wouldn't mind some account based bank slots. Not really any point in keeping it so that you have to keep a game open to trade items to your other characters.

    For the love of God, no auction house... it's unrealistic but more importantly it destroys any social aspect of trading that many people enjoy. I hate that part the most...

    It's also another way for gold farmers to screw the game over (if the economy is gold based, unlike the item based trade of other Diablo games) because you know damn well they're going to undercut your prices no matter what, and you'll have more difficulty selling your stuff.

    Then sometimes you get the issue of some people buying everything out and jacking up the price to whatever they want for certain items. etc...
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    posted a message on I hope rushing/runs are out
    Quote from "Nihilanth45" »
    I never liked how people did runs and rushed through D2/LOD. It cheapened the game and made it seem like a chore. It made me think, "what's the point?". Plus it looked like no one was having fun, they just "had to do it" to power level, and for what? To keep leveling?

    And similarly, power-leveling was just wrong. Why not go through each cave and area with buddies and really level up the real way? Not cheat and get help so you can leach.

    To rectify this, blizz needs to introduce better quests, more quests, char specific quests (as they are), and randomized quests.

    I have faith in them that they don't want their game cheapened and routinized like D2.


    I mostly agree. This is one of the few aspects of D2 that I disliked...

    I think it's fine if there's a way to speed it up a little your third time around, and I believe that way is just natural by having better gear passed down from your higher character.

    Rushing in D2 was out of control. I don't believe you should be able to basically beat the entire game in an hour.
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    posted a message on Blizzard needs to implement at least a BoE or BoP system (Bind on Equip or Pick-up).
    Absolutely do not want anything to be BOP. I enjoy the trade aspect of the previous Diablo games, and this would completely ruin it. The last thing I want is for this to be like a MMORPG where some awesome rare loot drops, and I can neither use it nor sell it to anyone.

    Prefer there not be BoE stuff either, but I'm not against that as strongly.
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    Quote from "Mr.Yoshida" »
    Well the D3 characters are modeled based on reality. Like the D3 barbarian for example is more realistically modeled after real human anatomy than the D2 barb. The shading is awesome looking because it's pre-rendered and high contrast comparatively to the D3 screen. I personally think that the realistic quality of modeling and texturing done on the D3 characters surpasses that of the D2 characters. I believe that is the D3 character screen had more contrast and shaders on the armor, skin, etc... you would be saying the completely opposite thing.

    My point being is that the contrast of the game can be controlled using video options and that theres a strong possibility that some shaders will be added to the game later on.

    The D2 models are vastly superior in my opinion.

    To me the D2 barbarian looks to have a more realistic shape than the D3 barbarian. The D3 barbarian is shaped more like a trash can than a human being - he's straight up and down with none of the V shape in his torso that usually comes from having such a muscular body. I can overlook this though. D3 barb still looks pretty cool until he puts on the silly looking armor in the game trailer.

    The witchdoctor just looks ridiculous and doesn't seem to fit in this game... I'll overlook that again since it's just one class. I suppose there are some things in the diablo universe that wear a bunch of random colours smattered together and WD can be that, fine.

    The biggest issue for me is the armor design, not the default character design. There is absolutely 0 reflection or shine on anything metal to indicate what kind of material it is. In the first picture, you can EASILY tell what many of the materials are. Steel plate, chain, bone, leather/cloth(those two are similar). Really breaks any joy I get from gearing up, when I put on a full plate set that's not well proportioned and has flat textures that might as well be named plastic or wood instead of plate. Take a look at the armor on the D3 barbarians thigh from the second picture. Can you tell it's metal? No. You have to assume it's metal, just because.

    Not so many problems with the default character design so far, but I hate the way the armor looks when he puts in on in the gameplay trailer.
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    posted a message on Leave the Art to the Artists
    Quote from "tachycardia" »
    Please leave the artwork of Diablo 3 to the real artists.

    .../snip....and D3 looks nothing like WoW.

    This game isn't only meant to be a piece of artwork simply to please the artist drawing it. First and foremost this is a product to please customers. People do not need to be professional artists to know what they like, which is what matters in this context.

    Would you think it appropriate for a hired chef to cook "high quality" asparagus for his customers when they have ordered a steak, and they hate asparagus? Would you tell them to leave the cooking to the chef if they complained about what they got?

    BTW.. this game DOES look very much like WoW in some ways. Particularly armor design. Don't lie.
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    posted a message on Do you like the weapons glowing?
    Quote from "Viking" »
    Glowing weps are horrible. Before you know it everyone has weapons with some element which turns out to be all the same end game and you dont get to see the actual weapon model/look. Id rather know and see the new D3 Blood Letter then just another Glowing Lightsaber of butter cutting. Glows may be "uber" when only a few people have them but in the end everyone will and it will be another BUtthurt Jedi Fuck fest.

    Also when everyone ends up useing one element over the others. Hopefully they will make the color pink> dominate all to make this obvious :)

    I agree with most of this post. I think glowing weapons are fine as long as they find some way to make the glow rare and not always on the bar-none best weapon, or something stupid like an enchant that everyone will have. I really enjoy seeing the steel of a good weapon design without a stupid common glow.
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    posted a message on Whoa We Got Noticed
    Quote from "The_wind" »
    Let's just postpone the game for two years, and have it all dark and scary, with no exapnded gameplay, and lesser story, ect because they had to make sure the graphics were perfect.

    Can people please stop spewing out bulls**t like this and misleading people? The teams doing art and expanded gameplay are separate, and one having more work wont hinder the other. If anything, delaying because of art gives the other team MORE time to work on the story / gameplay.
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    posted a message on Please, Blizzard, let there be a monthly fee.
    I am against any sort of monthly fee. It costs me much more than it returns

    1) I have never played a game where a monthly fee seemed to do any good for the game aside from providing cash to server maintenence, and the rest seems to just go to companies profits. The games without monthly fees I've played have kept updates rolling out just as often as the P2P ones.

    2) It will not keep kids out like some people think it will... you need to look at some other games that are P2P and see if they're all mature
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    posted a message on 1 Item per Slot or Inventory Tetris
    In my opinion the best idea would be a compromise. You can have more than one bag, but the contents of them fill up in the way of traditional D2 tetris-style.

    I realize that every item simply taking a single slot, like every other game out there, is more "convenient" but it's not really necessary if you make the tetris style bags large enough. This is in one way a small issue in terms of how the game is played, but sort of a large one when it comes to the flavour of the game.
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    posted a message on Φ Game Graphics - Please keep all DIII graphics discussion here
    Quote from "Genesis" »
    First of all you need to realize that this is Barbarian armor and not ALL armor
    The Witch-Doctor is got tribal feather and leather type armor
    Also, another point to note - The Barbarians in Diablo 3 have (been reported to have) changed somewhat. Becoming more fierce and barbaric

    Thats the barbarian page - Look at the concept art for armor

    Bulky barbs (or just bulky armor in Halbus case) isnt a new concept may I remind you (see attachment)

    Links to other pictures you should see

    I'm aware that bulky armor isn't completely foreign, and I'm not completely against all bulk. It's all about just how bulky and mismatched you make it. The concept art there on the geocities link in my opinion is disgusting, and not what was actually used in game thankfully.

    The D3 barbarian page is almost good, except for his belt(I can live with some items being this way, it's nice to have variety)... but most importantly the fact that you can't tell what material he's wearing. I actually like what appears to be his starting gear in the sort of imitation character select screen on the site. Not that I expect him to run around half naked for much of the game, just sayin'

    The other two pictures you linked from D2 have a nice balance between realism, shine, and bulk / spikes etc, imo although they could be improved upon considering they're really old.

    The other pictures from your newer post - the barbarian looks awesome in my opinion. Still pretty bulky and detailed, while keeping the colours somewhat matching and leaving some areas free to be smooth and reflective, showing it's actually plate.

    The green sorceress is kinda weird, but at least she matches.

    The druid.......dotdotdot.. yeah he's ugly >_< d2 wasn't perfect :P That isn't the general style they went with or that people enjoyed though. I'm concerned about the general style more than the oddball occurances that happen less often.

    Just another thing, not a complaint though. Asymmetrical armor rocks! I hope we see more of it
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    posted a message on Φ Game Graphics - Please keep all DIII graphics discussion here
    Quote from "Genesis" »
    A person cant post links until at least 10 post count

    Good point about the texture of armor, shinyness etc
    But when it comes to the large size and chunkyness of the armor, I think thats part of Blizzards new take on Diablo
    "Stylization over Realism" and "Big things give you an Epic feel" where 2 bullet points in the art and lore panel presentation at wwi08

    Remember, so far Diablo 3 is pre-pre-pre-pre-pre alpha

    Ahh, didn't know about the 10 post rule, thanks.

    Yeah. I realize they're doing a new take on Diablo but they're taking it a bit too far in my opinion. Having it stylized or things a bit bigger doesn't mean they have to stray so far from the basic things many people loved or make it look ridiculous.

    I also realize it's pre-alpha, which gives me confidence that they still have time to change things like this ^^. Best to nip it in the bud rather than wait until it's the standard.

    For the guy telling me wow is great, that I'm jumping to conclusions, and that D3 isn't the game for me:

    I've loved every Blizzard game EXCEPT WoW. All the Warcrafts, Starcraft, and Diablos especially. I've wanted a continuation of the Diablo series in it's true spirit, yet upgraded, for a long time and more than any other game. So go to hell.

    I can only give feedback on what I've seen, not what I haven't seen. I make no pre-emptive judgements on whether the rest of the armor sets are just as ugly or better.
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