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    I think the Assassin had too much potential to not get re invited back... I like the idea of a ranger, utilizing traps, bows and hopefully some martial arts combo's.

    I definitely think the druid is out, but I also think the druid is basically fused with the necro to become the witch doctor.

    -Witch Doctor (Necro/Druid combo)
    -Elementalist (Sorc)
    -Ranger (Amazon/Assassin combo)

    I'm most interested in the elementalist and potential rogue/range, the Paladin will have to have something seriously awesome about it to make me interested.
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    Quote from "cassy913" »
    i hate blizzard:mad:

    Clearly not, or else you wouldn't have bothered to create an account and watch out for all the latest information on one of their up coming titles.
    For something we have literally heard nothing about what did you seriously expect? it to come out by Christmas? O.o

    I am just so happy it has been announced now we can start getting fed information and look forward to new big announcements (new classes/alpha/beta etc.) I couldn't actually care how long it took... Blizz have yet to disappoint on a game.
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    Please keep all current skills and classes discussion here, thanks. ~Atrumentis

    Well we know what 2 are and that there will be 5. A likely place to look to start guessing would be Diablo 2 Characters.

    -Barbarian is obviously in and looks pretty copy/paste with a few new toys.
    -Necromancer, always a little out of place, but looking at the new witch doctor, has a lot of similar traits (summoner/curses) and spells (confusion/raise dead/corpse explosion)

    This leaves the others. Druid, Sorceress, Assassin, Paladin and Amazon
    Out of all the remaining ones I believe that the Sorceress is the next mos likely to be brought in, in some form of elementalist. Everything seems rather Shamanistic so I wouldn't be supprised if they were literally brought in the form of a shaman.
    My next guess would be an Amazon, seeing as a ranged attacker (bow/Javalins) is usually one of the most popular ones, it suits the current theme/feel. There is a possibility it might be combined with the Assassin, which is just a random idea. I believe it beacuse the amazon was always rather plain (spam multishot/straffe/guided arrow/lightning java depending on build) and the assassin was quite interesting but not as desired/powerful. I could logically see Martial Arts and Traps mixing with Bows and Javelins... Be interesting to get charges off shots and then release them with say a melee attack for a powerful effect.

    That just leaves Druid and Paladin, and possibly Assassin. I honestly thought the druid was pretty bad/boring and never got far with one (made one were wolf with elite rib cracker once, was average) and Paladin was also lacking, it was pretty much go hammer or go home. I actually think the way the witch doctor works, it is like Druid combined with Necro, making it likely the last one will be a Paladin, but hopefully a more righteous arse kicking one than the one from Diablo 2.

    What does everyone else think? Any ideas?
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    Quote from "rissmau" »
    1 - Why D3 is Cartoon designed ? :(

    Well... it's a Blizz game, of course it's cartooney >.>... However there was some nice gore/blood effects, personally I would like it to go darker, and look a little more Gothic. But then as a business, that would scare away some customers and make parent's less willing to buy it for their kids/let their kids play it... So it makes sense to cartoon it up and make it a little friendlier.
    D2 was plagued by a totally hacked economy because it was on BNET. Everyone had the best gear because of hacks, bots, and dupes. That was fine before World of Warcraft but if given a choice between WoW's clean economy and a hacked D3 BNET economy, there's no doubt I'm choosing WoW. What will you do differently to ensure that the D3 economy is not wrecked? I will NOT buy this game if you cannot guarantee a clean economy.
    I agree here, I really hope the market doesn't get thrashed with retards who hack/exploit the game. It makes it fun for them, but in the end they kill it and make it boring faster than if it went at a normal rate/difficulty. Also I would like to see measures to prevent bots that spam advertisements for buying stuff with RL money.
    Questions I want to know are.
    1) Will there be the classic Normal/Nightmare/Hell Difficulties
    2) Will Hardcore mode return?
    3) Will there be the option to retrain "talents"/spells?
    4) Will there be any healerish classes/builds.... the beauty of being able to engage in a long epic battle means that either the enemy has a billion life and hits for 1.... or you have the ability to regen life. Previously it was all about mashing the Health Potion button, but how will this be balanced now?
    5) I hear that there is less spam clicking but the same destruction from D2, does this mean spells/abilities will cost more, have bigger cooldowns but do more damage/hit more targets?
    6) One of my favourite things from Diablo 2 which didn't get any advancing beyond the expansion was being able to craft item with desirable stats + random modifiers in the horodric cube (orange items). I felt this could have been furthered better, will there be something similar in D3?
    7) About loot in general, I am hoping there is a lot more emphasis on random modifiers on stat drops, Rares/crafted items (chance for 3-8 random stats on an item) were imo what made Diablo more interesting compared to say WoW where everything is predefined. Is this the case? Or will you be adopting WoW's loot system into here?
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