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    Just on browsing...the wow hate is so...childish...seriously. Any true game critic or analyzer would appreciate the mechanics that WoW brought to the table in terms of trade and what not. WoW has revolutionized the MMO world for that specific reason- the storyline is both epic and insanely well integrated into the quests and minor storylines set throughout the world.

    It's a work of art in motion- again I quit wow because of how the game was narrowing into a set pattern- but I still hold that it is possibly one of the best laid out games in terms of basic game mechanics and complexity.

    You just can't beat that shit- and people could learn to appreciate some of these points and hope that they get carried forward to Diablo to help improve it.

    Guess its more of a fad to hate wow than actually consider how well structured it is as a game...
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