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    posted a message on Questions concerning the future of Diablo 3 and the series itself.
    Since Starcraft 2 was chopped up into a release with 2 additional expansions, how do you guys think Blizzard will handle Diablo 3? Let's refrain from discussing the plot implications too deeply or talking about any spoilers that are out there. I just want to hear what everybody's guesses are.

    For the hell of it, we can also talk about the possibility of Diablo 4 as a sequel. Sure, it might be too early to predict what will happen, but I think it's worth a second poll question and some discussion.
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    posted a message on 2008-2011 WOW
    I guess I should be a goofball and say that the only real difference between both videos is the fury resource globe! :P
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    posted a message on Need advice about the D3 CE
    Quote from Kodachii

    You guys think it's worth it? Supporting blizzard is cool, wings are kinda cool (lol mounts)/special dyes are cool and a portrait for sc2 would also be cool. I'm not a huge fan for the usb drive as it's actually just a small fraction compared to what I have and I need to be mobile and minimalistic anyways(don't need more crud on my table), and most of the digital content can probably just be added to your libraries straight from your hd provided you even own the game at all and can navigate around.

    I'm torn. I think I'll bite though.

    I've gotten CE's for the vanilla Blizzard games. I think Burning Crusade had one at least. Blizzard CE's haven't been super expensive in the past. Consider that most new games cost $60 as well.

    The price will probably stay at $100. I think the stuff in D3's CE is worth the buy. If you bothered with the 1 year of wow plan, the extra 40 bucks would go towards paying 4 out of those 12 months off as well (1+1+4+6 = cheap method of payment.) Now if you were asking about something like the Skyrim CE that was $150, that would be a completely different story. Paying 90 extra bucks on a decent dragon statue that sits on a really crappy plastic rock -> pretty bad deal.

    In my honest opinion, the last truly great Blizzard CE was Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos. The artbook for it was really amazing and a labor of love, along with the other extras. The other CE's and this one are still worth the money though.
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    posted a message on 'Known Issue for Game's Release'
    Quote from CygnusVismund

    Quote from dnavarre

    Actually, we aren't getting closer...I just saw this. The game got pushed back to the second quarter of 2012. :QQ: Video.

    Wow... never been so happy to get Rick Rolled.

    Until the game actually does come out in April, May or June. Then you will have seen the irony. :(
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    posted a message on Bastion
    I'm playing it a little bit as well. I'm wondering if this game is more fun than the D3 beta currently is. They have some fun fight mechanics and the monsters are unique but simple to understand. You have to move around a lot while dealing damage. Plus there's a built in optional difficulty system where you can increase the difficulty up to a certain point. I think D3's only flaw is that the difficulty mode is used to create more content as opposed to making the game more difficult on demand. I wish it was more flexible.
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    posted a message on what will your follower be?
    Quote from Hans

    It will depend on the mood I am in.

    Scoundrel with my barb probably.

    As much as people say they care more about being with friends, almost everyone plays the game on single player and eventually gets bored before hiring and decking out a mercenary at least once. :P
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    posted a message on Darker colors in Diablo 3 (Direct3D filter)
    Quote from straightup

    Quote from Fromtheshadow

    For all you guys who do not like that.
    This post is for People who were disappointed in colors.
    No one force you to use this, you don't have to discriminate an author.
    Second it is not a mod. For example I can do same changes by
    my monitor where I can add blur sharpens etc. and color temperature etc.
    and get what I like. Or in my video card not a big deal.
    But again, some one put effort in this, respect that.

    It is interesting. I would like to check this. If I could ofc :-)

    Wuuuuuuuuuuuuut? It's called discussion.

    While I do like the filter, I think players that are yearning for effects like this completely miss their mark by not knowing what they are asking for blizzard to do. Players looking for a darker feel to D3 should be requesting a lighting system that has a lot more contrast, along with the player(s) and their followers to be independent lighting sources.

    D1 has its own gothic feel, because of light sources and vision restrictions. Now, if you aren't looking for that in particular, then this filter might help give you more of a D2 feel, but it will make the ui look dull.

    Man, I hate to really say this, but I honestly feel like this series just looks better in 2D. I know this sounds random, but I don't know. lol. WoW has really tainted how Blizzard handles 3D modeling, imo.
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    posted a message on D3 gameplay too slow, TL2 more intense?
    Well, as much as I don't want to derail whatever conversation is currently going on in this thread, I thought this TL2 track from Matt Uelmen was pretty awesome.


    As for talking about TL, the game didn't hold my interest more than 10 minutes, but it still doesn't mean it was a bad game. It was more about reviving a stagnant genre that hasn't really been done right the past 10 years by making a casual game. To me, TL1 was the casual gamer release that made Runic Games some money, and now TL2 is something more serious.

    I think I'll speak for most people that post on these forums when I say that we all want a good Diablo-tyoe game that has a mix of replaybility, good game mechanics AND a dark gothic feel to it. I haven't been covering TL2 much, but TL is just too cartoony for me. Cartoony worked for WoW, but all we really want a good dark and gothic monster-bashing good time.

    People might enjoy TL2 for a short period of time, but it probably won't be enough. The worst case scenario is that TL2's gameplay will be better but its enviroemnt will suck compared to D3. We won't have the best of both worlds. :(
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    posted a message on Will we ever see a mod like Median XL for D3?
    Quote from Azjenco

    Calling attention to their popularity is a very odd thing to do though. Mods aren't really super popular. I bet you more than two thirds of the people who bought D2 never ran any mods, especially mods that changed the game in a major way such as Median does.

    Well when I first made this thread yesterday, I basically made the poll with the height of popularity that Median XL reached, in mind. Median is just a mod that most hardcore Diablo fans have heard of. Of course, most casual fans have never touched a mod that alters the core game. I just wanted to see what everybody here thought about the possibility of a mod like or on the same level of Median ever being developed. I wasn't asking if someone would ever come out with the next Counter-Strike or DotA based off of the Diablo 3 client. Haha.

    Like I said, I don't know much about mod'ing or programming, but I would imagine the game client will have to at least be cracked to bypass the battle.net integration. Diablo 2 didn't expect you to always be connected. So yes, even though conversion mods were like private-server in their own right, they still only had one obstacle of coding and creating the actual mod. You didn't have to contend with battle.net integration or the entire game being coded to interact with it 24/7.
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    posted a message on So, which class will be used the least?
    I voted demon hunter. Although WD was pretty boring when I played him during Blizzcon so these votes dont surprise me.
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    posted a message on Will we ever see a mod like Median XL for D3?
    I don't know anything about programming or making direct mods of games, but I'm wondering if it will be possible or perhaps too difficult to make a conversion mod for Diablo 3.

    Do you guys think we will see total or partial conversion mods for Diablo 3 like we saw for Diablo 2 or even Diablo 1? Will Blizzard present restrictions for mod'ers to fully mod D3? Will it be possible to overcome any of those said obstacles or will anyone even bother?

    It's my understanding that you will need to play while connected to battle.net, so will that make creating a conversion mod too difficult or even illegal?

    I just wanted to hear your thoughts and opinions on the subject. Of course, I for one would like to see people make these kinds of mods and see them be motivated and enabled to accomplish such fan-driven projects.
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    posted a message on Is Blizzard loosing its grounds?
    Nobody has hacked anything. If Blizzard is losing ground, it's because of them putting more of the game client into the testers' hands.

    If anything, you could just blame Blizzard for putting data in our hands that has nothing to do with the beta content. I mean, with starcraft 2, putting something like unit models and icons into tester hands isn't a big deal. Putting stuff like waypoint data seems like something coming out of left field. Maybe even lazy or careless.

    I personally feel like the mods on this site made a slight mistake by making such a big front page post about this stuff. They could have pointed towards a spoiler thread on their forums instead of making a full blown front page thread with several things to click on. I agree with the above poster saying that they will have to avoid large portions of this site for fear of seeing spoilers now. I immediately was a big fan of this site the moment they handed off the diablo 3 domain url straight to blizzard, but I feel like now I have to avoid most of the site now and I can't enjoy it.

    If Blizzard is going to lose ground over anything, it would probably be the possibility that they are starting to make games that have a lot less replayability then their legacy titles. Keep in mind that D2 never had a level editor and that even if they did bother to add one, it would be no less restrictive than SC2's current editor and map hosting capabilities.
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    posted a message on Beta is too easy? yeah, D2 LoD act 1 normal was soooo difficult...
    I know that they have buffed the Skeleton King and that they have been nerfing the damage on all skills recently, but I felt the need to reply to this thread. I have a huge problem with the OP's point and sarcasm.

    Act 1 wasn't never super difficult, but you're completely comparing apples to oranges. Why? Because you're talking about LORD OF DESTRUCTION act 1, not vanilla Act 1.

    When they added new classes and new items, the game was more streamlined and even gold was easier to come by. I believe they also added things like poison charms when LoD hit, and those particular charms were overpowered. LoD Act 1 was faster and more fluid than vanilla was.

    New players that happened to pick a non-op skill order in Diablo 2 while first picking up the game had a decent challenge in Act 1 and ran the risk of dying a couple of times.

    I remember having to run around at least a little bit with Blood Raven, because of her zombies and her having a decent amount of hit points while shooting at you from range. Sure, she wasn't super hard, but it didn't feel like the skeleton king with some gimmicky skeleton summon. The skeleton king fight pre-buff felt like an easy low level wow boss with gimmicky abilities being used on cooldown.

    Fallen were easy, but at least annoying to kill, because of their unique fleeing mechanic and res'ing as well. they were at least interesting to kill. As for the Blacksmith, he wasn't no Butcher but he had some hit points. Andariel? She was pretty dangerous to new players, but we haven't seen her equivilant yet.

    People aren't scared of an easy Act 1... they are scared that they will blow through the whole storyline very fast, which cheapens the game, makes the storyline less enjoyable and also kills the replay value quite a bit. People don't want to mow through the game and learn what happens, then have the sudden urge to not play through the later difficulties.

    Imagine if you waited 10 years for a game, then found yourself putting the game down immediately after one sit-in and then automatically finding yourself going to play Wow, Skyrim, or MW3 again (or any other shooter you're into, I'm not a MW3 fanboy I swear! lol)
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    posted a message on Difficulty Across the Modes
    There's no need to apologize for your post, Magistrate. The writings on the wall and nobody's going to blame you for posting about a video and an interview talking about the game being too easy. You've been waiting for this game for an entire decade, you're entitled to your opinion. This dev team isn't the same team that brought you D1 and D2, even though those same old timers later made games that were big flops. :P
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    posted a message on Beta Key Contest #3
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