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    posted a message on So, Mass Effect 3 before Diablo 3?
    Maybe Mass Effect 4 before Diablo 3? :P

    I couldn't get into Mass Effect, mostly because my computer was crashing for a funny reason during the very start of the game. I never bothered to play the sequel as well. A handful of people have told me that Knights of the Old Republic was Bioware's magnum opus and that Mass Effect was great, but not nearly as great as KotOR. I never bothered to finish Dragon Age 1, even though i enjoyed it and I loved Baldur's Gate 2. It was fun to see DA as a new spinoff on things.

    As for Diablo 3's replayability, I'm not entirely sure if it will have any. I'm just not convinced. Back when Diablo 2 came out, I remember playing D2 and Everquest. Everquest had a lot more content being an MMO and all, but I still liked both games. There were a few other good games back then, but those were the big two for me. Nowadays, things are different. There are just SOOOOOO many more options for gamers. We're almost jaded and spoiled because all of the great games out right now. 2011 was a VERY good year for gaming. Saying that Diablo 3's replaybility will match D2's might be a little shortsighted and set you up for a big let-down.

    I clearly remember playing the crap out of Starcraft 2 at a previous Blizzcon and not Diablo 3. Also, I clearly remember playing the shit out of Starcraft 2's beta, but on release I only did one campaign playthrough on release, a couple of custom games and a single 2v2 ladder match. After that, I used SC2 as a messenger to message my old WoW buds when I wasn't paying for WoW. That's it. Never played SC2, at all. The single player campaign was enjoyable and I liked it's design, don't get me wrong. The game wasn't bad, it just didn't hold my interest.

    I could honestly see myself just playing Diablo 3 for one playthrough before I get bored of it and just play another game. I definitively can say without a doubt that I wouldn't trade my Dota 2 beta access for Diablo 3 beta. I just can't see myself ever doing that. It would be a very dumb decision. I think for most gamers that game across genres, there's probably only 5 hours worth of true gameplay in the Diablo 3 beta and easily over a 50 hours worth of content in DotA 2 beta. For more hardcore multiplayer gamers, it would be over 500 hours of gameplay in DotA 2 currently,
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    Release date now. It would make me feel so much better knowing that the Diablo 3 dev team put their big boy pants on and show that they are sticking to an actual game plan.
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    Quote from darkensign

    %chance to miss didn't add anything to D2, and would often slow the game down, while also hurting build diversity. I'm glad it's gone in D3.

    Tell that to WoW raiders that have been raiding for the past... 7 years? Sure, people will tell you that hit is gay or lame, but it adds another hurdle to increase a game's difficulty.

    And how would not needing any dex HURT build diversity? You're saying that dumping into one primary stat HELPS achieving build diversity?

    I felt like on some D2 characters, occasionally putting points into dex was a nice balancing act. It was a lot more interesting then dumping into one stat.
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    Those poor bastards could only put cinematic footage in their video. I feel bad for them.

    I'm not really upset that they didn't put it on the list though. Don't be surprised if a handful of critics give D3 less than stellar ratings. The last time around, idiot websites such as gamespot gave D2 a lukewarm score. The game is still playable more than 10 years later.

    This time around though, I think any low ratings will be given out just because game reviewers prefer a certain type of game, and waiting this long for D3 won't really help them being jaded about the genre. Not trying to defend them, but eh.
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    posted a message on New Razer A-RPG/MOBA Mouse
    I never understood why people need these kinds of mice. I guess it's fun to try new things? I bought a pricey gigantic kode5 mousepad once for the novelty factor. I'm a big MOBA guy. but the only problem I have with controls in DotA 2 is how its a major pain to bind Mouse_3, not me having an uber mouse.

    I could understand why maybe a hardcore WoW healer player could use one of these things like the Naga Epic, but in other games? It doesn't necessarily increase your apm or improve your micro.

    Edit - To answer the op, it's mostly what the others have said. Shape is the real deciding factor. Personally I think any mouse with Mouse_4 and Mouse_5 will be sufficient for any game, but this "Hex" would be fine for DotA 2, LoL, Diablo 3 and some other games. So expensive though. I'm happy with my microsoft mice. Each one lasts me at least 4 years, unlike other garbage like headsets and other stuff.
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    posted a message on I went crazy waiting for Diablo III
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    posted a message on Poll; will we see unicorns?
    Yeah, I'm guessing the dev team will react to being blasted over the whole "Blizzard 3 is too colorful" thing then be try hards about being in on the joke. So you'll probably end up with a secret level, similar to the d2 cow level,

    It would be a ridiculously colorful zone wthat resembles candyland and it would have unicorns, attacking bunny rabbits and other random cuddly mobs that attack you in packs.
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    posted a message on So when does patients end?

    If Luke listened to Yoda, Cloud City would have gone to shit, imo. lol

    *Insert joke about Destiny and plot progression here*
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    posted a message on LF lvl 1 Skele King Farm Friends
    Quote from Ardikus

    Quote from Phearon

    What's the point in farming? All will be deleted.

    What's the point of anything? We're all going to die.

    If only life could be as easy as the Diablo 3 beta. :( lol
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    posted a message on Intellect = Intelligence?
    Same thing. Just a label, really.
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    posted a message on Simple Spell Tooltips Live, Blue on Patch 10,Beta Level Cap, Vote for D3, Weekly Roundup

    I have to wonder if I am the only one put off by the thought that this game, and its design changes, are possibly being influenced in some way by the desire to make it simple enough for mothers and grandmothers........No offense, but is this really what we are after? This isn't farmville, words with friends, or indeed any other casual game played on FB to fill in time - it is mean't to be a game that die hard fans, and less die hard fans, or at least 'gamers' have been waiting years for. I don't like the idea that D3 is somehow being touted as the intro game for those wanting to learn how to play action RPGs.

    I talked to a few much older gamers in WoW a couple of months ago when I was leveling a character to kill some time. We're talking casual players such as adults from 40-60 that enjoy WoW for a number of reasons. I mentioned Diablo 3 to them and they started asking me questions about it and I was explaining to them a handful of things they are changing about the game and about the content in the beta right now.

    I gave them comparison about tooltips and what we have as boss fights to the same features and content they have in WoW. After I gave them those comparisons,they all gave me the same response:

    "That kinda sounds boring and easy. I might just stick with WoW then."
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    posted a message on No BlizzCon in 2012 - Battle.net World Championship
    Too bad there's no more Warcraft III. I'm only mentioning that seeing as though we now only have two games to watch.
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    posted a message on I want THIS to be MY Diablo 3! (Now with pictures!)
    Quote from Gryzorz

    To balance my post, I would say that you should separate "isolated ideas", which can be great, from "stats/global system ideas", which require to think it with the balance and evolving concerns in mind.

    I guess I can do that, since you asked. Maybe I could add some pictures since I really pissed off some people with the tsunami of text. I'm perfectly cool with that angry reaction but yeah. lol

    Quote from chaoslux

    If you saw a hundred streams of people clearing Act 1 Normal in Diablo 2, you would find the game "boring and in need of change" too.
    There aren't any sort of urgency except maybe in Act 4 as far as normal goes, and that was the end of the game back when it was released.

    I haven't watched that many streams. I'm really looking at the nuts and bolts of the game's design, it's actually less about Act 1 and more about what I think would be long-term implications. I also played the "game" in 09 and my first thread on these forums were my impressions. I'll link it if you want me to, but that version of the game is long gone anyways. Some of my concerns still exist currently in beta, but oh well. It was a much more mature and careful critique of how the game was 2 and a half years ago.

    Quote from kurlie

    1. What happens to the mouse buttons? 1-6 are skills, does this mean u can have 8 skills(left and right click) or 6 and the mouse does something different?
    2. If u have different types of special potions, then how do choose which one you use?

    1. Should be in the hotkeys section. I would have 10 hotkeys, all fully re-bindable. This means you can bind any skill to either mouse keys or keyboard keys, while still hard coding the game to move upon mouse clicks. They can design the UI any way they want, I just felt like there should be 10 fully customization hot keys. I don't like the idea of limiting a player, especially since the D3 team will not be supporting mods. I didn't complain about that in my OP, but we need to remember mods will be a no-no.

    2. You simply have those potions in your inventory then click and drag them to a hot key. Any of the ten hot key slots you want could be a potion slot. 6 for skills + 3 for potions of 3 types + 1 for an extra hotkey of your choice. Blizzard needs to remember that people weren't too stupid to hotkey things in WoW. Every player was able to learn how to do it and they did it. They could easily modify the UI for a console release and STILL have console players play with PC players. A simple Ui change would not prevent them from hosting a multi-platform game. If they can't pull it off, shame on them. Trendy Entertainment did an amazing job doing it with Dungeon Defenders.
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    posted a message on Diablo II's evolution happened in the open, why are we stalling on Diablo III?
    I have one thing to say to all of the guys who say that it's a good thing Blizzard doesn't listen to the "Release the damn thing" guys.

    With the future of Blizzard's new MMO totally uncertain, let alone hoping it will actually come out and us getting a release date within the next 3 years, a lot more is riding on Diablo 3 then you think. You can disagree with me and call me an alarmist, but there's another thing to add on top of that. A good number of people already have handed Blizzard dollars for this game, not including rain checks and pre-orders. It's really just time to man up and release the damn game.

    On the bright side, WoW may be losing subs but it's still a good cash cow for Blizzard. Also, SC2 will release two more titles within the next 3 years (4 at most? I wish the best for the SC fans.)

    The problem isn't that some of us are crying for a quick release, the problem is that some of us believe that they WILL NOT be able to make this game any better than it is now with more time.

    Some of us just feel that the game will not get any better with any more time. It just won't get any better. They've had plenty of time to test different systems. Just release what it is within a handful of months. It is what it is, you know?

    That's all the op is saying. Just release the stupid thing and patch it with revisions later. Hell, if I was a stockholder with zero knowledge of the gaming industry, i'd be saying to myself, "Why don't they just release this game? The kids will buy the first one no matter how bad it is? Plus my son is really excited for it..."

    Quote from Ferret

    People always differ in opinion when it comes to how a beta should be set up. It really depends on what the developer, in this case Blizzard, is trying to achieve with its beta. Sometimes, there are reasons why a studio doesn't want everything to be tested into its last detail. You just have to trust Blizzard when it comes to this, because you're looking at it with a biased opinion - you want to play the game now, regardless of how far along the game is and Blizzard's interpretation of when its done. It can be frustrating, and I doubt there are too many people on this site who don't await the release eagerly as well.

    I've mostly heard that Blizzard wants to stress test servers with this beta. With other Blizzard betas i've gotten different vibes. SC2? Server testing and intense balance changes. WoW betas? Fixing bugs mostly. I just feel like the D3 beta is primarily a server testing tool. That's just how I feel.
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    posted a message on BETA10 Things you miss already.
    Farewell, Mr. Bacon?
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