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    While I don't exactly have an issue with split farming. I still think it is a crappy "best way" to play the game(outside of rifts). So lets just forget about the split farming aspect for now.

    What about the "everyone gets a leg" part?
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    People don't split farm for legendaries true. But there is a change to caches coming that will make the difficulty you are on matter. So most people will be moving to doing their caches on torment 1. Split farming is a problem because telepoting to an area someone else has cleared to check for a star is exciting, yes, but doesn't feel nearly as excited as when you see the item drop yourself. On top of that, the opportunity to get items you want would be 4x more likely if you stay together, regardless of what your goal in that instance of the game is. I feel this is probably enticing enough to end split farming just because of better options being available.

    I think some split farming will still happen but I feel it would add some question as to weather it is the best way to go about it or not. Having the best way to farm for anything be in heavy debate is good for the game. Because it goes to show there are options. Many people will still stick to split farming. Many won't because the opportunity that SOMEONE in your party will get an item worth trading for, and having a much higher chance you will have something to offer due to getting a legendary at the same time will really promote options in how you should approach the main day to day goals of the game.
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    So I had this idea that will solve split farming and also offer a lot more opportunity to obtain items through trade. a few changes are necessary to make this work.

    • Remove the "global drops" where you can pick up any legendary that dropped for you in the entire act. even if you are not in the zone, or anywhere near the kill.
    • Require the same distance as the party buff to be eligible for Legendaries generated by your party's actions.
    • When a legendary drops for a player, the mob/object that dropped the legendary will drop a legendary for every player that is within the party buff radius(what legendary drops will still vary for each player).
    • Change Smart drop to calculate on ID instead of on drop.
    • Nerf legendary drop rate for those within the parties radius so this does not turn into a 300% buff to legendary drop rate, You should still have the highest legendary drop chance when in a party of four so keep the nerf reasonable and keep solo legendary drop rate the same.
    • The name of the legendary should be on the unidentified item
    This will cripple the viability of split farming, without an overall nerf. It will vastly increase the opportunities to make valuable trades among your party members. Thoughts?
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    I would be willing to bet the prices will be at an all time high on the 15th-16th. This is payday for a lot salaried individuals. And salaried individuals tend to have a bit more spendable cash than hourly. Especially on the 15th paycheck when rent/mortgage is not due
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    Loot 2.0 is great. Many of you are wearing gear from a game ruined by an AH so you can't find any upgrades. Many others have not played D3V enough to get BiS in every slot because AH centered gear was horribly unfun. This will balance out for many of you at level 70. But I certainly hear your anguish that to fix the game for yourself you must buy it again. Blizzard certainly could have offered a %discount per patch you played or something like that. 80% off if you played every major patch.
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    Quote from IgnatiusReilly

    Not enough pictures.

    Sorry I have a skill of -2 with photoshop. If anyone is into my ideas and can shop some decent photos showing these ideas I would be willing to pay some d3 gold.
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    Another rune slot idea.

    Skill: any
    Major Rune version: Instead of Stat X this skill is now governed by Dexterity and can be used with a ranged weapon.
    Minor Rune version: Instead of Stat X this skill is now governed by 1/2 of your Dexterity and Stat X combined.
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    Quote from Mackie

    This just makes me think of minor glyphs from WoW, they got changed in MoP i am sure as some became mandatory while others became pointless.

    Quote from Sadeiko

    Skill: Ancient Spear
    Major Rune: Major Grappling hooks.Throw 3 spears. Each spear will pull back the enemy that it hits.
    Minor Rune: Minor Dread Spear: Gain Life equal to 30% of the damage inflicted.

    One such as this for example, 30% of damage inflicted would be a healthy amount of HP back. What other minor runes could compete with this?

    I think it sounds like a decent idea but not in a way that it would be such a huge change. Maybe if it had animation changes etc, that could work very nice.

    I just took a flat 50% of existing runes. As this skill has a 10 second cooldown and already has an existing rune for 60% life returned I don't think its too far fetched, although this would multiply 3 fold so runes would have to be completely rebalanced and rather than a flat 50% buff they would likely have to be individually balanced. This could be represented by a 'major rune affect' 'minor rune affect' tooltip, and balanced as such.

    As far as it not being a huge change, That is why I introduced the idea of a 6th rune that, for many skills, not all, would add a way to change the primary stat(s) that govern it. This would allow for whole new builds via itemization.

    One thing I have not come up with a solution for is the threat this would have on legendary weapons. Any weapon, barring class specific weapons, could be so good, that players will just utilize the stat governing runes to make use of a weapon that is very good for another class. If not balanced properly this could have an effect of several classes having the same weapon as 'best in slot'
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    The minor runes would be used in addition to the major runes.
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    This idea has been formulating for some time. I have considered several possibilities to work runes in ways that allow you to attach multiple runes to a single skill.

    I would like to see the current skill rune system split into Major and Minor Runes. Major runes would be identical(with some obviously needed balance tweaks) to what we have now. But additionally I would like to incorporate Minor runes that would have 50% of the potency of the major runes.

    Skill: Ancient Spear
    Major Rune: Major Grappling hooks.Throw 3 spears. Each spear will pull back the enemy that it hits.
    Minor Rune: Minor Dread Spear: Gain Life equal to 30% of the damage inflicted.

    To add to this I would like to see each class get 1 additional rune option bringing us to 6 rune options per skill. The main reason for this is to allow, where appropriate, Runes that change the primary stat that an attack is based off of. These rune slots would also need to buff the skill in some way so that it does not feel like a wasted rune.

    The combination of these two things blows the build possibilities sky high.

    2 Examples:
    Skill: Ancient Spear.
    Major Rune: Major Mind Spear - Your weapon becomes a phantasmic spear, Increasing the damage to 205% weapon damage. Intellect replaces strength when calculating the bonus damage to this skill.
    Minor Rune: Minor Skirmish Increases Fury gained to 22

    Skill: Ancient Spear
    Major Rune: Major Dread Spear - Gain Life equal to 60% of the damage inflicted.
    Minor Rune: Minor Mind Spear - Your weapon becomes a phantasmic spear, increasing the damage to 210% weapon damage. The bonus damage to this skill is now determined by 50% of your Strength and Intellect combined.

    This would have to be an expansion idea as skills would have to be substantially re-worked to accommodate

    One potential problem I could see with this idea is a single weapon could end up being universally amazing for all classes, This could be remedied by not all skills being able to be transformed to all primary attributes.

    I would love some decent discussions on this topic. Also I would love to have anyone who is able to help me flesh out this posts with some photo shopped images.
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    posted a message on Core Attribute Changes to D3
    Havn't looked anything up on d3 since blizzcon so I got this and the gem bomb dropped on me tonight. Between skill runes and gems I think you'll start to see a lot of choices open up.

    For instance I think I just came to a class decision on launch. Sword/Board barb stack every item I find that has defense on it and socket it with emeralds(except weapon in our current iteration of the game)

    However Defense stat does have an issue with it. If it is a static number that is fine, if it is a % then it will obviously have to suffer from level scaling which makes it completely boring as a stat before hitting level cap. But on further thought that happens with every stat except attack. I would like to see this changed for the better. It really is not fun seeing "you've reached level 13, health and all your stats went up but your stats are now worth less"
    essentially you are now weaker than you were at level 12, but congratulations anyway. I'm hoping this is countered by appropriate level mobs dropping higher than your level gear. so you always have that "Next level I get to equip some sweet loot" feeling.
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    posted a message on *ANNOUNCEMENT* BlizzCon Ticket Contest - Class Skills Contest!

    Bloodthirst tree
    for some rituals became addictions,
    the need to feed overwhelmed all other instincts,

    demonic tree
    for some curseblods they have neigh but
    turned into demons themselves.

    Command tree
    The first to feast before the curse, their commanding presence,

    bloodthirst tree
    Terror's curse has caused what was once a ritual to become an obsession causing you to feast on both your living and slain enemies. Your thirst never satisfied.
    tier 1
    *living feast 15 ranks
    feast on a living target causing x damage and y bleed damage over z seconds

    *blood thirst 10 ranks
    for x seconds after you kill an enemy your attack speed is increased by y but your
    defense is decresed by y

    *canablize 1 rank
    feast on fallen corpses regenerating health

    tier 2

    *serrated fangs
    increases damage and duration of bleed affect cause by living feast by x%

    *regeneration 15 ranks
    your demonic transformation has given you enhanced regeneration

    * Your demonic transformation has granted you inhuman regeneration, regenerat x health
    every y seconds

    tier 3
    *Taste for blood 5 ranks
    your caniblize now also regenerates your combat resource

    *killing territory 5 ranks
    when standing among enemies you have slain your damage is increased by x%

    *stake your cliam 5 ranks
    driving a stake threw slain enemies will prevent both friend and foe from
    utilizing the your stake in corpses. enemy corpses will remain on the battlefield
    while active. lasts x seconds per rank.

    tier 4
    *quiet meal
    reduces the amount of defense lost when using blood thirst by 20% per rank

    *devour 15 ranks
    increases the speed at which you regain health while canabilizing corpses higher ranks
    will also allow movement while canablism is active(top 5 ranks 20% move speed at rank 11
    100% move speed at rank 15)

    *blood surf 15 ranks
    leap on targets, raking flesh as you move to your next target
    causing them to bleed for x damage over y seconds, then leaping to another target
    (successive ranks increase the number of targets and the damage)

    tier 5
    *hemophobia 5 ranks
    your bleed affects have a x% chance to stun your target for .5 seconds each time they take
    periodic damage

    *blood piercing 10 ranks
    the blood of your enemies increases the affectiveness of your weapon strikes penetrating x%

    *hemophile 15 ranks
    the sight of your own blood does not intimidate or slow you down
    damage from bleed affects on you and your allies by x%

    *tier 6

    *bloodbath 15 ranks
    Increases the damage of all bleed affects by x%

    *blessing of blood(requires 5 points in hemophile) 1 rank
    your hemophilia ability now reduces the affect periodic damage from all sources

    *lasting blood 1 rank
    the affects of killing territory will now follow you from battle to battle
    can not last longer than 15 seconds

    Demonic tree
    While some chose to resist the curse diablo brought to the fallen and inadvertently the curseblood, there are those that chose to embrace it and strengthen their will and combat fortitude
    Tier 1
    Embrace of the fallen 15 ranks

    *increases movement speed of you and your minions by x

    *detect demons 5 ranks
    displays demon within x yards on minimap

    *exploit weakness 15 ranks
    increase damage dealt against demons by x%

    Tier 2

    *softspot 10 ranks
    increase critical strike chance against demons by x%

    *know your enemy 10 ranks
    increases chance to hit all enemies by x% and increases critical damage
    to demons by y%

    *corpse armor 15 ranks
    while standing among slain enemies your damage taken is reduced by x

    Tier 3

    *spell deflect(requires shield) 10 ranks
    1 charge per rank
    while active will deflect 1 spell cast by an enemy, the spell will be redirected in a random direction and may hit another target

    deals damage knocks back enemies in front of the attack in a cone, causes double damage to demons

    gives x% chance to parry this will often cause your next attack's speed to be doubled

    Tier 4
    *Demonic knowlege 10 ranks
    Increases your maximum resource by x

    *Embrace of the goatmen 15 ranks
    While weilding a 2 handed weapon you have a chance to decapitate the target causing x
    bonus damage

    *veteran warrior(requires 10 points in softspot)
    your softspot now works on all targets

    Tier 5

    *embrace of the knight 15 ranks
    your attacks will x% addional arcane/fire/frost(whichever the enemy is weakest to)

    *spell reflection 1 rank(requires 10 points in spell deflection)
    your spell defleciton will no longer go in a random direction instead it will be returned directly to the caster

    *demonhide- requires 15 points in demonic skills
    Increases total health by x%

    Tier 6

    Vengance of the fallen
    your force blow ability now causes enemies to collide with eachother dealing bonus damage as enemy weapons pierce their own ranks.

    Embrace of the finger mage 10 ranks
    Fires several bolts of energy draining resouces from enemies unlucky enough to feel its wrath.
    Drains x%

    Voice of terror 15 ranks each rank reduces the cooldown
    Causes all enemies within 10 yards to flee from the attacker. Enemies that run into barriers in their path will attempt to claw their way through it damaging themselves. This can have a devastating affect if that barrier happens to be more enemies or an environmental hazard

    Command Tree

    Tier 1

    *Power Corrupts ? 3 ranks
    33/66/100% each rank

    When fighting a group of monsters with a leader among them, you gain the same benefits as their underlings

    *Summon Fallen ? 7 ranks

    Summon a fallen imp

    *Cripple 5 ranks
    2.5% per rank
    Cripple a target reducing their movement speed and attack speed.

    Tier 2 ? 10 ranks

    *Restoring the fallen
    Increases the health of your minions by x%

    *Demoralize ? 3 ranks

    When fighting a group of monsters with a leader among them, the bonus affects granted by that leader on his minions are negated

    *feeding the ranks

    Gives your minions the ability to cannibalize corpses to regain health

    Tier 3

    *Summon Lunatic 10 ranks
    additional ranks increase life, speed, and explosion radius

    Summons a fallen lunatic that will destroy itself doing a portion of its own health to enemies around it

    *Resurrect ? 1 rank
    Passive ability that will resurrect your fallen minions(does not work on Lunatics)
    can only occur once every 10 seconds

    *Spell steal 15 ranks

    Steals one spell from an enemy demon

    Tier 4

    *Summon Imp Hound 7 ranks
    each rank adds 1 hound

    Summons a hound that your imps will mount, increasing that damage and speed by 25%

    *Command 15 ranks
    each rank improves duration

    Take control of target demon.

    *Take lead
    Your restoring the fallen and power corrupts abilities now effects your minions and allies

    Tier 5

    *Summon Riding hound ? 5 ranks
    requires 7 points in Summon Imp hound

    Summon riding hound increasing run speed by 10%/rank however you can only use the hounds charge ability
    Charge ? temporarily increases run speed by 50%/rank and knocks lesser enemies aside stunning them for 2.5 seconds
    *Lightning enchant(only one enchant can be used at a time) - 15 ranks
    Each rank increases bolts generated

    Makes your fallen lightning enchanted.

    *Fire enchant(only one enchant can be used at a time) ? 15 ranks
    Each rank increases %health dealt to enemies when killed

    Rank 6

    Master commander 3 ranks
    Greatly improves the effect of Power corrupts and Demoralize(does not increase player effect of Power corrupts)

    *Lightning inferno 15 ranks

    *Summon Shaman - 15 ranks
    Summons a fallen shaman that will heal and resurrect your minions.
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    posted a message on *ANNOUNCEMENT* BlizzCon Ticket Contest - Class Lore Contest!
    The Cursebloods

    A lesser known tribe hailing originally from the jungles of Torajan. Their denial of the faith of Mbwiru Eikura, and more so their cannibalistic nature resulted in their forced exile from Tenganze. Their exile, brought them to their new home across the Kehjistan desert to the swamplands however their persecution was the least of their worries, as within their newfound homeland a far greater threat existed, whoes ties to their fate would affect them in unimaginable ways for centuries to come., rumors spread around their new homeland that Belail and his mighty demons walked sanctuary nearby leveling small viliages and burning them to the ground without reason or method. The exiled as they were, at this time known , had no fear for men, nor fear for demons.

    And thus began a 4 year war with Belail known now as the cursed war. Lesser being with 10 times the ranks the exiled had, could not have dreamed to survive the war that was waged. Unlike the other Torajan tribes, their full dedication to the phsycial realm without the destraction of spiritual rituals, along with brutal training, gave them a tactical advantage and made them a formidable match for belails minions. While the war taxed, and nearly decimated the entire tribe, an unexplained event changed everything.

    While a fierce battle wore on, the unending numbers of demons. began to wear on the few remaining tribesmen, without warning Belail and his demons began abandoning their positions and drawing back into the mountains. The exiled took chase, for they had nothing left to lose and every victory would feed their ranks and fuel their bloodlust. Most of the demons managed to escape however, those that were caught displayed a metamorphosis believed until recently to have not been witnessed by any mortal. Belail's minions, mighty and overpowering in stature crumbled in the hands of the mighty exiled warriors. The strongest minions of Belail became frail and weak letting out impish cries as their bones, which could once not be broken by the heaviest mace, crumbled in the exiled's bare hands.

    This was yet again the start of another dramatic set of events for the exiled. The event that gave title to the war. An event so dramatic and life changing, that the lesser known exiled tribe would be far more than a drunkard's babbles. Shortly after their sudden victory with belail and his minions nearly all of the exiled became ill. Some lost all strength and were killed ritualistically in an attempt to rid the once mighty tribe of any weakness, but while the weak were sacraficed, those that did not immediately appear to fall prey to the untimely curse, would become something different...

    The few remaining exiled that were able to resist the negative effects of the very curse that carried their victory, were changed, each metamorphoses different from their brethren Some were able to turn it to their advantage, to manipulate it and strengthen themselves. Others still became blinded by bloodlust, the canibalism that was once a ritual of battle became an insatiable addiction. The leadership among the exiled, and those who got first feast at battles end, discovered that their presence on the battlefield had a far more dramatic affect than any battlecry or drum of war could accomplish. Finding direct control of their demonic enemies both psychological and physical.

    The exiled tribe, going forward, thought little of their forced exit from their homeland. Those past events bared little remembrance, on the hardened, fearsome, and bloodthirsty as ever cursed tribe. And thus the survivors, of exile, war, and battle with hells demons themselves came to be known as the Cursebloods
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    posted a message on Diablo II, Battle.net, and Cheating- An Iron Fist or Empty Promise?
    Quote from "sonicpld" »
    Using 3rd party software and cheats like Maphack , bots, TP PK and so on ... make the life much colorfull.
    Anyone saying the opposite just do not understand psychology and searches of players.

    Yep cuz I play buttom mashing click fests for the psychology aspect.

    As far as "searches of players" I really don't know what that even means so congradulations on proving your point, here is a cookie ^(0.0)
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    Unfortunatly this is a mere warning. they DO have a legacy team working on diablo 2, but you also have developers, QA, and somewhere in there fit in cheat/hack prevention. based on the speed of this patch I wouldn't say the Legacy team is no more than 12 people. and thats being generous. I could be very wrong though. Bashiok has been very vocal lately and this sounds like something he might answer.

    The point im making though its a job thats way too big for 1-3 people but, even though blizzards treats their legacy games with the same tact as nintendo which is saying an unspeakable amount. Having a team big enough and bright enough(hate to say it but working on an upcoming/current releas title is very likely seen as a promotion. And when is the last time you saw. "entry level designer" anywhere on blizzards website?

    **edited to respond to constructive critism**
    link to my theorycrafting: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capitalism
    Adding in orignal programmers, designers and the bnet team, and subtracting artists(I'll admit I have some reservations about not including this, mainly I don't want my hopes to get up too high as to just what content they are adding) the total number of people amounts to 18 on the orignal game from ground up. the nubers I came up with are pretty logical imo.

    The link to these numbers can be found right next to the cinematics button on your d2 start screen entitled "credits"
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