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    so now that the default stock potion is infinite (amazing change, very glad it happened) i find myself not wanting to use the legendary potions at all. the effects they give are so minimal i would rather just not even use the inventory slot (which is saying something considering the thing is a 1x1 slot lol).

    i dont think the potions need to be buffed or anything. i think a simple fix would be to let me just put the potion into my bar. by that i mean, rather than just equiping the potion and keeping it in my inventory, let me put the potion in my potion slot on my bar as if it was a helmet or weapon.

    your thoughts? is it just me that doesnt even ID or pickup potions anymore? lol

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    I hate to admit it, but you are right.  I don't like that you were so offensive in your post, but what you are saying is correct. There is a huuuge disconnect between the game developers and the community. I do believe the devs are very out of touch with their own game. They play it but they have never reached paragon 500 or tried to post a top rank on the leader boards. They play this game casually, and to their credit so do alot of other people. But at the same time there is a still large player base of dedicated players who spend 10+ hours a day. Lets say there is only 100 dedicated players (for examples sake) these 100 players represent a huuuge portion of the community because they stream their gameplay and post YouTube videos for 10,000s of people to watch.  This is diablos ONLY source of advertisement. Casuals won't come back every season if they do it see people like quin, alk, gaby, mc, wudi, shin, modz ect having boat loads of fun as well. Even the player who plays 1 hour a day has access to the builds of the top players simply by pressing shift L and inspecting someone in the top ten. The select few dedicated players may not over populate the community but they represent 100% of the community in terms of the influence they have over the player base. GAMES MADE FOR CASUALS DO NOT LAST. this is diablo, not Tetris!!(though klankster might have a hard time telling the difference Kappa)

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    Cluster bombs is way stronger than people realize. It really shines when u are doing high enough grifts that you have enough time to set up all your sentries and stand in a corner blasting. Cluster bomb offers more sustainable dps than lfb as lfb has a very small impact range. Cluster bombs can spray dps over 10+, 50+, 100+ mobs with no problem if they are grouped well.  Lfb starts to lose dps once u hit around 15-20 mobs because they ussually can't be grouped tight enough for the range of lfb to hit everything. Also the first time people use cluster bombs they ussually don't like it right away cuz it requires some getting used to. You have to stand (and place ur sentrys) close enough to the mob so the cluster bomb goes over the mobs head at it's highest point. When doing this, you can hit the same mob with every grenade equalling out to a bit more dmg than loaded for bear. It really shines vs high hp large density tho. (And obviously only in group)

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    Quote from Sawubonaยป

    Nobody really cares about seasons bro.

    ^^ this is my point exactly. i want blizzard to take seasons seriously and make us care.

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    Hopefully this doesn't sound like baby rage. QQ

    last season they broke leader-boards with a patch 2 weeks prior to season close. this season they broke leader-boards by letting 2 groups use sever and removing it right after for the rest of the community to try. last season they dragged s1 in the mud for about 5 months and this season they don't even give us 1 and 1/2 months. with ancient weapons being so crucial and the amount of rng they cram down our throats you would think they would at least give us the time to grind out our gear before attempting to push leader-boards. idk, i never expect to be rank 1 in anything but i enjoy pushing for top 50. and when i see how poorly blizzard handles the seasonal leader-boards it makes me rethink why i am even bothering... its almost like the leader-board means nothing to them, they just want to roll a dice and see who comes out on top, and they will say "that was cool". but a lot of people out there take the competition of seasons very seriously and spend a lot of time pushing to be the best (and even more people enjoy watching them and encouraging them to keep trying via twitch/youtube)

    randomness is fun and all but i think there has to be some sort of consistency here if there is to be any competitive spirit.

    season length needs to be consistent please. 3 months would be a perfect time but please give your suggestions on season length. the biggest problem here is last month we had 5 months to gear and a months notice b4 end, this season we had no idea how long it would end and only 2 weeks notice. no one was ready and now everyone will be scrambling to post their clears. give us notice at the beginning of the season please

    IF you ARE going to make seasons short from now on than you at least need to remove the rng and importance of ancient weapons somehow. this can be done in multiple ways. don't let the damage range on weapons be affected by ancient roll. allow a way (that involved grinding with NO rng involved) to upgrade a non ancient weapon into an ancient weapon. you could even allow ALL stats on ALL gear to roll 30% higher, so at least someone with an ancient ammy can compete with someone who has an ancient weapon. (i think option one is best) (also i got my ancient weapons, I'm not crying cuz i didn't get them I'm crying because it doesn't make sense)

    stop changing things in the middle of a season! if you mess up and allow something broken to slip into a season than you should bite the bullet and let it play out! let everyone use it and attempt to post ranks, or let no one use it and removes ranks posted with it.... there should be no in between, wtf? isn't that common sense?

    just to clarify, i LOVE diablo, i have been playing d3 since vanilla launch and never put it down for more than 1month at a time. I also played d2 for over 10 years before that! I'm going to play season 3 no matter how bad it is. i don't want to just post blind rage on forums, i want the game to be better. and it has the potential, my thought is - if enough people like me post this stuff to show blizzard the potential than maybe one day they will live up to it.

    i would like to hear everyone's thoughts on this that's why i'm posting my QQ.

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