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    Quote from "Atrumentis" »
    Why is everything always good vs evil? Why do we always get presented with a so-called perfectly good hero, and he always just so happens to have a perfectly evil double? What is with people's obsessions with polar opposites? Why do so many people think in black and white?

    What does it even mean to be good? Its obviously a matter of perspective.

    congrats, you're on step 1 of waking up from illuminati propaganda - i mean... what?

    in all seriousness though, good and evil are both perspective and "black and white."

    on the perspective side is order and chaos. think of order like a dictatorship - theres an absolute authority that controls everything, usually giving no freedoms to the people, but keeps them safe with laws and a domestic force for protection - keeps everything in order (duh). the people don't have many social freedoms but live comfortable.
    chaos is like a world without laws. you can live peacefully if you choose with your freedoms, but that doesn't mean everyone else will, and they will probably hurt you to benefit themselves. that's true chaos anyways, though even hell is able to have some order to keep armies together and the prime evils at the top.
    conclusion: too much order = bad, too much chaos = bad. middle ground? probably good, but it depends on how much order you think is good/bad and how much chaos you consider good/bad

    now on to the black and white! good is obviously peace, loving, joy, happiness - any word associated with positive emotions and actions. why? because it makes you feel good and is good for others! if you are a person who lives closer along these lines, you're probably going to be a good guy
    and evil is anyone who inflicts pain, suffering, yadda yadda.... so on so forth. but TRUE evil would disguise itself as a benevolent being and mislead everyone until a sudden moment where they are in full control - order? ^_^
    christianity - you have jesus. a good guy who is peaceful, loving, compassionate. then you have the guys that made his church which basically said "look, jesus was a good guy - if you don't like him then you dont like good, ergo you are evil. oh and by the way we are the only ones who can speak to him so you must do as we say"

    and THAT'S how you get your paladins who kill without question!

    game worlds use archetypes like your cliche paladin and his nemesis because they are the most simple to explain. otherwise you get a crazy complex world like the explanation i just gave you.
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    posted a message on Trading On The Battlefield? Yes or No?
    voted yes. it only takes away from the action if you stop to do it. this is ofcourse, assuming that ALL trading is done on the battlefield, getting rid of towns and their merchants, which i'm pretty sure blizzard isn't doing.
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    posted a message on Bestiary Update: The Unburied! Plus, New Concept Art & Screenshots.
    i was thinking that the big romanesque building in the background is the rogue monastery as it is in what looks like a mountain pass. i know it wouldn't be that close to tristram but it's just a theory. the church in the middle ground with the tower could be the cathedral of old tristram and everything else is new tristram (also just a guess, though i like the evidence put forward from your argument). maybe it's not even tristram at all. it could be Bramwell or another town in the same region.
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    posted a message on King Leoric Is back?!
    i couldn't start a new threat, but there's a new undead monster on the diablo3 site too.
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    i don't think it's necessarily that he's a bad president, but the fact that his 'blind' avid followers haven't followed through with his hopes: he wants americans to wake up and start taking care of themselves and making the country a better place but still an amount of the population are relying on the government for welfare and aid and not doing $#!7 for themselves. and theyre the ones who worship him like a saviour....
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    Quote from "Epic" »
    this thread to me is meaningless in my opinion blizzard does a fairly well job in balancing characters. i actually think its a really cool skill it has many applications, and who knows it has the same chance of sucking as it does being OP

    with that said, rumor has it that the wizard will be able to become super saiyan uppon reaching level 99 and has a whole skill tree including Kamehameha and destructive disks of death. but they might put it off until the expansion: Diablo 3: Myth of the Dragon, apparently focusing on the nation of Xiansai.
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    posted a message on 13 year old accidently the whole girl....
    one word: woof.

    'nuff said.
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    posted a message on Blink 182 Back together
    Blink-182 has been one of my favorite bands ever since I was just a kid, and I'm pumped for their reunion!!! +44 is okay but a little too electronic and I haven't really given AVA any listening time (maybe I should).

    I am a little skeptical though, because everyone's still in their other bands respectively and idk how blink-182 reforming affect those bands and their fans. I'm sure blink will still sound like their previous album, a more matured alternative rock since they've grown up from their toilet humor back in the 90s. not a bad thing though, since i love all their albums. i'm also a little worried about Tom with the other guys but if they say everything is mended then it shouldn't be a problem, right?
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    posted a message on Vigilante
    the wizard is already technically a 'vigilante' or a magic-user gone rogue. i do like the ideas you put forward though. maybe the idea of a pirate of some sort of thief.
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    posted a message on Obama Funds Stem Cell Research!!??

    but seriously as long as it doesn't lead to anything ridiculous such as human cloning (like Edi mentioned) or the splicing/mutating of humans, i'm good. the future will be fun!
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    posted a message on Rough translation of the incantation.
    Quote from name="dub Lucifer" »
    Look somewhat familiar>>>>>>?????

    i already posted that in the other thread......

    anyways, the diablo image to me seems to represent the layers of heaven/hell.
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    posted a message on Official Site Confusion
    this was in my history book. look familiar? there's similar images in the journal also related.[ATTACH]1499[/ATTACH]
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    Quote from "Kenzai" »
    unwritten law, thats really too much. The possibility of having a character thats even "only" %99 human is slim. How i see the OPs idea as possible, is something like maybe demons having "interacted" with humans somewhere causing some of them getting demonic abilities. Not openly half demon or something.

    We know for sure that D3 wont have anything openly inhumane as a playable character, but the core idea of a person with demon influence or anything like that opens so many nice and unique class possibilities that i dont want to just say "hell no to angels/demons as a class".

    BTW those light/dark items thing was just a rumor before D3 even got announced, not? You can forget about those i think.

    i see what you mean. the whole light/dark items is still somewhat of a possibility as item types that dont have any particular effect except changing your image. its like the edited black and white items from D2: sure most of them were hacked items, but they did make your character look cool.

    as for something new and unique... i find it a little hard since most ideas for a fantasy rpg have been though up, atleast ones that could apply to the world of diablo without being ludicrous.
    the only thing they can do is new skills really.

    i have an idea for the warrior, although to make it 'new' you would have to change the name.
    he would have skills for making and repairing his own items (like in d1) but with some other new skills like pioneering that helps with exploration and finding items (also MF% etc.) setting traps... hell you could have him find a way to control demons and call this character a "hunter" if you wanted. too busy to explain more, my 2 cents.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 and buildings... (including dungeons)
    Quote from "Num3n" »
    we were shown no example of this magic in d1 or d2 even though we visited heaps of important places. there are no dwarves in diablo :\

    Btw nice to see you around again Daemaro

    that is architecturally impossible in almost every case shown so far. in d1 and d2 what we were shown would be very possible to build.

    and now no doubt someone would say "UR WRONG IDIOT REMEMBER ACT 5 BAAL'S ROOM!!" first off the ceiling appeared to be very low and the endless pit we saw could easily have been created by natural rock formation. then simply whoever built the worldstone built around it and made it look nice.

    well yeah i didnt say it was possible, just a way at looking at why blizzard chose to make it look that way. it still baffles me as to why i'm looking at a huge pit when wandering through a church's corridors...
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    posted a message on This is where democracy fails...
    Quote from "Murderface" »
    Erm, electoral college anyone? The problem with that is you're pretty much making an express lane to corruption via wealth. The only thing that needs to go is the media. Fucking manipulative bastards. Nothing about the election should be televised. It subverts the need to research and leaves everyone feeling like a political savant, when really, they're just a tool.

    I think that politicians should be forced to live the life of a monk, totally dedicated to serving his people. He may not have any worldly possessions, he must live within the confides of a monastery (government building). and he must be fed meager rations. This is the best chance we have at creating a utopia not driven by greed but hope and love.

    it reminds me of barack obama a little. he wants to make everyone happy and live peaceful lives. unfortunately it's unrealistic since you will always have bad people.

    the solution is fixing the media. i think the people are way too disillusioned and brainwashed and are manipulated so those in power get away with crimes much better. instead of waking up in the morning and watching news about what the f*ck britney spears is doing this time and actually watching news about the progress of those in power would help. infact, i say no more secrecy. leaders must be watched at all times and no secrets held from public view.
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