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    I completely understand the idea of a dark mood. But when I see people post stuff like this (or this or this), they have changed nothing but color.

    If they want to ask Blizzard to add different details or textures to change the mood, that would be a different discussion.

    Ahhh okay! Ya just turning down the saturation. I can understand how people dont like that. I kind of like how when its done the red and purple stands out more. Ya I they could use the colors they have but more so-change where they use the colors. I would actually like to see more greys but only because I think it would look could with contrast against some of the brighter colors. Theres also the fact when you see the lootable corpses they look nothing like the ones in D2 all bloody and what not.

    In the end I think blizzard will change it but it will probably be things like the character model, textures and more random blood on the ground not so much the saturation like people want but in the example you do tend to get a foggy look look and I wouldnt mind seeing stuff like that in the game.
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