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    Quote from "Siaynoq" »
    You know I'd be hitting EVW-A as well. But we seem to have a peace treaty with them for whatever odd reason.

    I guess DeMolay never cancel it.
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    Quote from "Zhar" »
    Lol, whats wrong with expanding your characters history ?
    You're not being a conformist, you're making it more interesting to read.

    edit: Just read it, it's pretty damn good aside from some spelling/grammar mistakes, I could clean em up for you if you want. (I'm good with that kind of shit)
    I really liked the part at the end when you said "the skull knight has other plans", real fucking ominous, will offer up some interesting twists in our game :D.

    Sure, all help would be appreciated, is the first time I'm doing an rp. ^_^
    I was planing on revealing more about my character later, that's why I didn't want to reveal a lot now.
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    wtf kind of build was that lol, ill dubbed it pussy_barb
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