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    I only found a menagerist once on PTR and didn't get a chance to check the icon on the minimap. Does anyone happen to have a screenshot of the goblin icon as it shows on the minimap? Or does it just look like a regular goblin icon?

    Edit: found it on reddit!

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    Beware: Someone is going to come in here and have something to say about "you don't have to play the meta" etc etc and all the other stale discussions that come with it, but it really does get boring not being able to play what you like while still being competitive and being able to play with others without scrutiny (just in general).

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    Quote from Chainer88»

    Anyways have fun with your little witch hunt and feel free to nerd rage at my post = D

    Ask and ye shall receive.

    Quote from Chainer88»

    So I'm rank 1 paragon NA now at 3130 by playing 16 hours a day on average. Got Rank #1 4 player and 2 of my team got banned so I guess my 4p clear should be removed?

    Absolutely. Reasons have been outlined in this thread shortly after the post that incited you to give such a response. Continue on for further explanation.

    Quote from Chainer88»

    It's not the players job to be the botting police lol.

    First off: I could be wrong but I don't think anyone was implying it was a responsibility, however you can refer to what Bagstone stated earlier about top players running in groups. I absolutely agree what he had to say. Secondly: When someone with as much popularity/notoriety as yourself makes it a point to broadcast their play sessions to the public (and respond to the community even though no one was implying you were a cheater as far as I can recall) then yes. You should be taking into consideration what kind of players you're running with.

    Quote from Chainer88»

    The root problem is the paragon system giving too much bonus damage to anyone who can and is willing to play all day, everyday.

    This has already been addressed in several discussions how it's irrelevant to the ban wave or botting in general.

    Quote from Chainer88»

    If anything botting makes the game better.

    In some ways I agree, but nothing excuses cheating. Also, you do realize how bad this makes you look right? It implies that you advocate/participate in/practice botting.

    Quote from Chainer88»

    You should be able to play this game 6-8 hours a day and not feel like you are at a huge handicap because you are doing 70% less damage than the top paragon players.

    You get out of the game what you put into it. If you have to cheat to get more out of it then you are in the wrong. If you are comparing your accomplishments to cheaters then I suggest you avoid that like the rest of the legitimate players.

    Quote from Chainer88»

    Not only does this make people feel like they can't compete but it also splits the player base where groups of people only play with others around the same paragon lvl for efficiency reasons.

    In a hypothetical scenario where botting and cheating doesn't exist, people will always seek to play with those of equal skill. When it comes to video games based around gear and stats those two factors will always affect the initial impression when deciding when to play with someone or not. There is no way around it.

    Quote from Chainer88»

    I hate to speak the truth but you guys think this ban wave fixes the game are wrong.

    Fairly certain (could be wrong) that that was never expressed explicitly nor implied. In fact most here are stating they are glad it happened and it's a good way to respond to the concerns of the community.

    With all that said, you probably should have kept your thoughts to yourself. I considered you an OK guy and a legitimate player until you posted this. I still think you play legitimately, but then again I'm not going to watchdog you and I don't really have much time to pay attention to streamers in general. However, I was expecting a little bit more intelligence from you. A game that's designed in a way that you don't agree with doesn't mean it's flawed and it never excuses cheating. But everyone is entitled to their opinion I suppose.

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    Me and my 2's partner were rank 118 as of last night. Now we're 99. It pays to be a legit gamer up in this hizzy. :Thumbs Up:

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    Quote from Inubi»

    2nd bonus from shadow is gonna get nerfed to about 1000% i think

    It's not out of the realm of possibility. What a lot of people tend to forget is that the benefit of shadow is you can take out a pack of mobs single target ALMOST as fast as someone running only AOE in higher GRs. To bring this playstyle to fruition and get it into more practice oversights of mechanics have to be corrected and some stuff has to be balanced to fit that mold. Buffing sets, nerfing static charge, killing heal monk and globe support, and nerfing twisted sword as a round about way of resolving the issue of twisters glitching in walls for a few examples). But I do agree with you that it along with other sets might be balanced down a bit since blizzard has made it a point to overtune numbers during PTR for testing. The problem is that a lot of these oversights aren't caught during PTR because top-end runners purposely don't finish their GRs while testing these builds to keep them secret and then run them a few weeks into a season to give them an edge over someone that was gearing for something else (static charge and broken promise U6 as a diversion were prime examples of this).

    Quote from soulzek»

    We're getting to the point where power creep is so massive during the same season now. LOL

    sooo, GR 350 by the end of the year?

    If I remember correctly devs previously stated they were looking to keep it around the GR 100 mark. To facilitate this, globe support is getting burned, damage reduction is getting a minor buff through legendary gem changes, ignore pain application to party members is cut in half, and some set bonuses are getting buffed. The theory is that they've done this to try to balance out a parties support to DPS ratio and incentivize top and mid performers to try heavier DPS comps.

    Quote from Kisotu»

    Why is M4+S2 better than M6?

    It's more powerful if you are focusing a build around chakram because the sword of ill will increases chakram dmg based on the amount of hatred you have which ties into the 2set of Shadow's Mantle that increases your damge by 1200% when you have a melee weapon equipped. I suspect that this is the reason why they are buffing the damage per sentry to either match it to M4S4/M4S2 or makr M6 a clear choice. M4S4/M4S2 is probably the reason we haven't seen a buff to the Sword of Ill Will. It's kind of weak if you use it with S6 unfortunately. Which is a shame since chakram is one of the few offensive skills you can use with a melee weapon. :(

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    I say this as delicate as possible. You guys are playing a game expecting something out of it that it wasn't designed for. It's designed for people that love the grind and love the journey to the end game (the point where you get to grind). Instead of putting up a complaint that the game needs some changes that would divert the game from the audience it was intended for you should probably move on to another game.

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    posted a message on What about a new mode of play for the anti-paragoners

    I can see the appeal considering how challenging it would be, but it would get really boring really fast.

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    posted a message on Have you reported botters before
    Quote from PTXAA»

    Well... guess we didn't saw the same Bots.

    If well programed like the ones I saw, they can push a char to 100% effectivity. By this I mean using the right skills in the right moments for max dmg (Combos), keep max stacks up on skills/gems (Taeguk gem), skip mobs when is not worth killing them, dodge things like explosions, etc... and the list keeps going on and on.

    A human can do that, sure... but not with 100% accuracy or 24/7. You will always fail or click the wrong skill sometime.

    That's why I say Bots are OP.

    Maybe a way for Blizz to find these cancer people, was to check accounts that are online and playing for more than 24h straight... I'm just saying...

    The more and more I hear about it I'm starting to be in favor of it. It would at least work for seasonal botting and they can apply it to normal as well. They would have to make a monitor of some sort to reset on each new era that the play time can not be more than minus 10 hours of the season total after x days or something along those lines and then have it trigger an internal e-mail or ticket of some sort to prompt an investigation.

    The only problem I can foresee is the details. How long is too long for a single person to play? What's the right choice for that? Does internal tooling allow for a hook into player stats to trigger an investigation notice? SO much stuff to think about when creating a tool like that with a lot of gray area.

    And then comes the even bigger problem. If they ever implemented something like this they'd never be able to tell their customers about it. Because among the honest and do-good customer base is the people that still want to bot. Once you tell cheaters how a system works it gives them insight on how to reverse engineer it.

    So the decision:

    tell the customers to quell the outrage and overall please the customers that something was done about it at the cost of the system becoming cracked and having to constantly revamp it until you run out of options.


    Don't tell the customers to allow the system to work efficiently as possible for as long as possible slowing the cracker creep at the cost of leaving customers outrageed for the better sake of the entire game eventually resulting in a lower player base.

    Tough decision.

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    Quote from Manel171»

    So, who's the best supp for a 2 or 3 GR? im playing with a friend, and sometimes my gf, and i like to do a nice sup for them..

    WD support is good if they are lacking in damage/they have a good ammount of toughness already to servive on their own.
    WW/Sol barb is an al around good build if you are running with heavy aoe that will benefit from tight grouping and provide CC immunity.
    Globe Barb: if your running with a DPS that's dependant on globe pick up for power increase or has very very very low recovery but high damage (glass canons)

    WW/Sol barb is an al around good build that's easy to play with and it makes it easier on the other players since you can keep everything in one place easier than other support classes allowing your party member to just stand there and damage away without a whole lot of worry of getting smacked in the face to death.

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    posted a message on So we must play seasons to gain more Stash space?

    One thing you guys have to consider that I'm not seeing mentioned the entire time since the stash space was mentioned is how taxing it is to a server. Giving you 5 more tabs all at once for all the accounts is a lot of stuff to store on a server. I'm guessing it falls in line with their plans to expand their server space.

    I can see the point everyone is making but I myself like to earn my rewards, that's just how it's always been in diablo.

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