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    Quote from PTXAA»

    Well... guess we didn't saw the same Bots.

    If well programed like the ones I saw, they can push a char to 100% effectivity. By this I mean using the right skills in the right moments for max dmg (Combos), keep max stacks up on skills/gems (Taeguk gem), skip mobs when is not worth killing them, dodge things like explosions, etc... and the list keeps going on and on.

    A human can do that, sure... but not with 100% accuracy or 24/7. You will always fail or click the wrong skill sometime.

    That's why I say Bots are OP.

    Maybe a way for Blizz to find these cancer people, was to check accounts that are online and playing for more than 24h straight... I'm just saying...

    The more and more I hear about it I'm starting to be in favor of it. It would at least work for seasonal botting and they can apply it to normal as well. They would have to make a monitor of some sort to reset on each new era that the play time can not be more than minus 10 hours of the season total after x days or something along those lines and then have it trigger an internal e-mail or ticket of some sort to prompt an investigation.

    The only problem I can foresee is the details. How long is too long for a single person to play? What's the right choice for that? Does internal tooling allow for a hook into player stats to trigger an investigation notice? SO much stuff to think about when creating a tool like that with a lot of gray area.

    And then comes the even bigger problem. If they ever implemented something like this they'd never be able to tell their customers about it. Because among the honest and do-good customer base is the people that still want to bot. Once you tell cheaters how a system works it gives them insight on how to reverse engineer it.

    So the decision:

    tell the customers to quell the outrage and overall please the customers that something was done about it at the cost of the system becoming cracked and having to constantly revamp it until you run out of options.


    Don't tell the customers to allow the system to work efficiently as possible for as long as possible slowing the cracker creep at the cost of leaving customers outrageed for the better sake of the entire game eventually resulting in a lower player base.

    Tough decision.

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    Quote from Manel171»

    So, who's the best supp for a 2 or 3 GR? im playing with a friend, and sometimes my gf, and i like to do a nice sup for them..

    WD support is good if they are lacking in damage/they have a good ammount of toughness already to servive on their own.
    WW/Sol barb is an al around good build if you are running with heavy aoe that will benefit from tight grouping and provide CC immunity.
    Globe Barb: if your running with a DPS that's dependant on globe pick up for power increase or has very very very low recovery but high damage (glass canons)

    WW/Sol barb is an al around good build that's easy to play with and it makes it easier on the other players since you can keep everything in one place easier than other support classes allowing your party member to just stand there and damage away without a whole lot of worry of getting smacked in the face to death.

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    Quote from ReallyMeanBear»

    It takes time for blizzard to identify botters (I mean accurately) BUT... they will get banned eventually. We've already seen it in the past, there are several "ban waves" during seasons. People might be already flagged as bot-users but they won't get kicked until the next ban wave, and I think a majority of them will be.

    Why does it take so long to get rid of them? I don't make any accusation here but this is what I think: Bots are actually makes money for B.... Firstly, they bring a lot of advertising to the game (just look at all topics about them), secondly when bot players get banned what do they do? In most cases they will buy a new license $_$. What a good deal for B. don't you think? Just look at what happens for WoW botters => they just get a warning and a temporary ban. Why? because if they were permanently banned, they wouldn't pay their xx $/month. 2 games, 2 different punishments, coincidence...?

    To keep a d3 bot player buying licenses, you shouldn't ban him too often. Just program 2 or 3 banwaves a year and maybe 40, 60 ...80% of them would buy a new d3 licence after getting banned permanently.

    That's why I think bots won't ever disappear completely. Again these are just my thoughts, I don't make any accusation here nor I have proof of any of this.

    I can't remember vanilla but for RoS they haven't had a ban wave for botting, only for hellfire amulet and bloodshard exploits. I may be wrong so feel free to link to a blue post stating a ban wave went out for botting.
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    Quote from iberion»

    There are many builds missing for crusaders if you're using the build search function. For example: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/50-shotgun-condemn-control-new-version-out doesn't show up if you filter for Crusader and order the builds by rating.

    The build search by default has "top-week" set for the filter. So if it was created over a week ago it won't show in your results. The build was created Jan 12th and your post was from the 25th which is 12 days after it was posted/last edited.
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    Quote from Reshovski»

    That form is not for botters. If you report botters nothing will change. Blizzard still haven't solution for botters and can't ban them. I expect eventualy in future expansion Blizzard make some changes and start doing something about it.

    It absolutely is for reporting botters, cheaters, hacks, explots etc.


    You can do a quick search on it but it's the main report hub for cheating for all of their products (it's not just for WoW, or just Hearthstone etc). Community managers constantly tell people to use it.

    Quote from Psyborg»

    This "bots do not affect me" thing has to stop.... Only an ***** (or a botter, well it is the same :) ) cannot understand that bots affecting EVERYONE in the game...

    That's not what the poll is for. It's for the comparison of complaints vs reports from players. I was actually expecting the majority to say that they had reported it to the hacks team but so far it's not looking that way.
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    Quote from Hans»

    I have never played a public game and only have played with people I knew.

    I did report account spammers looking for friendships when the auction houses were active to sell gold. At one point I think I was doing that about 10 times a day.

    Also I do not play this game that much since for the most part my 10+ years of playing Diablo 2 has left me for the most part Diablod out.

    lol! I can't believe I forgot about that. logging on in the morning to have 5 friend requests waiting from user sdeikju, sdaiudfh, sdfuydbfta, dfhgysg, and fhfueyt. ahahaha god that was the pits.
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    posted a message on So what other games are you all playing???
    Quote from Hasloa»

    Quote from chadwx»

    Im sure you heard it before but poe is what d3 should of been. You actually have to have str to yeild a 2h mace, if you take off your weapon your dps doesnt fall to 0 etc.

    Its a lot harder, you lose xp for dying and have to put thought into your char.

    I don't really get the "PoE is what D3 should've been"

    Because a lot of people expected d3 to be what d2 was to D1. They expected d3 to have very similar mechanics to d2 with just a graphic overhaul. It's probably better to say "PoE is what d2 would have looked like if it was released in in 2010".

    I like the look of PoE but I have a hard tiem getting into any other games when I already have so much time invested in WoW and D3. That and I have a hard time getting behind a game that's basically a reskinned version of diablo with a tech system from a final fantasy game. Games derived from combining systems from other games tend to have a short life span. It does look very appealing. But......I....can't.....stop.......farming!

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    posted a message on Have you reported botters before

    Just a simple poll made out of curiosity to see how many people have used the hacks report form before to report a botter.


    Feel free to comment. Please keep it constructive though and let's stay away from demeaning, belittling or namecalling.

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    posted a message on Extra stash tab after season ends

    Only what you gain from a season is rolled over, so if you don't earn the stash tab on a seasonal character it won't roll over to a normal account. It hasn't been confirmed if it will be available through some other means after the season is over though.

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    posted a message on One week and botters are p900+...

    I should save this to a file or something:

    They ban botters on a case by case basis and will not announce ban waves unless it's due to an exploit. Very rarely (has happened before) will they announce a wave of bans for botting. On a even more serious note. It's none of your business what happens with other peoples accounts. They do however Ban people every day. This is apparent by visiting the forums for the bots you are worried about. People complain about being banned for using a bot on their forum all the time. You can do something however. You can report it to their hacks team and they will investigate it. http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/submit/hacks.html

    Botting is a big problem apparently. But speaking from experience. Paragon 800, botting, map hacks and HUD overlays are not required for ranking in the top 50 mid-season. Time, effort and skill accounts for most of that.

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    posted a message on So we must play seasons to gain more Stash space?

    One thing you guys have to consider that I'm not seeing mentioned the entire time since the stash space was mentioned is how taxing it is to a server. Giving you 5 more tabs all at once for all the accounts is a lot of stuff to store on a server. I'm guessing it falls in line with their plans to expand their server space.

    I can see the point everyone is making but I myself like to earn my rewards, that's just how it's always been in diablo.

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    Quote from paradontax666»

    It says (2.4,all wings) So,where are they?

    I want 0:17 so bad..

    They say 2.4 because they were datamined from files available for 2.4. They may or may not be available. The only confirmed wings for 2.4( or 2.4+) or the wings of the betrayer(they look like Illidans wings from wow), the set dungeon wings( they look green and match the seasonal transmog rewards) and the mercy wings that look like the wings from a character from overwatch). THe rest are either set for a future release that is unannounced or possibly available for China only since they have micro transactions.

    edit: The Andariels wings (they look like the talons from the Diablo 2 character Andariel) are also confirmed for a future reward of some type so it's probably not purchasable.

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    Quote from igorkrnic»

    Summon all followers and make 4 man party ;)

    That's along the lines of what I was thinking a few weeks ago, and it's great to know someone also thinks this is a workable idea. I would say give followers all the item slots your hero has. Additionally, you can choose how many followers you can have active, and the game's player difficulty scales accordingly.
    The Asheara's gear does something similar to this: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/artisan/blacksmith/recipe/ashearas-custodian
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    Like a templar Spear and shield set

    set bonus 1: Reduces all templar cooldowns by 50%

    Set Bonus 2: Whenever you are stunned by an enemy the templar will stun that same enemy for double it's duration.

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    Follower set pieces.

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