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    0-10 is Blizzards introductory mode where only doing something incredibly stupid will cause a death, reaching level 9 is not any sort of indication of gameplay whatsoever. If you dont like the game based on what youve experienced then thats ok, Diablo isnt your thing but if your only complaint is that its easy Id suggest moving away from faceroll difficulty and seeing what the game is like when you reach midway, level 35 or so.

    Id also suggest that if youre only interested in the campaign then Diablo isnt the game for you, at this point in time campaign is just dipping your toe in the water and the real content is only after campaign has been completed.

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    Dont get me wrong head0r,

    Blizzard fully deserves every ounce of condemnation we give, and I absolutely agree that the community should maintain both the wrath and the pressure to its fullest extent for as long as we can keep it up, because we all know that Immortal as a stand-alone announcement is a massive insult, not just to Diablo players but to everyone that has played ANY Blizzard game simply because it will just be the first of multiple mobile games and more importantly, make no mistake despite our anger and condemnation they WILL be a success, even if the whole community agrees to boycott. Just take a look at the recent history of gaming and weve seen this capitulation over and over, Celestial Dragon Mount - WoW community in uproar but Dalaran just 30 mins after release was made invisible by the glare of so, so many shiny mounts, Hearthstone - nothing else needs said, Annual Game Passes - paying for an unknown amount of unrevealed content, Origin Access - paying to not even own a single game for christs sake. It would seem an awful lot of gamers have no end to their hypocrisy.

    But Ill repeat this as many times as necessary,

    Targeting specific employees by name should be unacceptable and unforgivable. Blizzard as a company made the decisions regarding Immortal, not Nevalistis, and not any other single employee.

    Since the average Diablo player is old enough to have played at least 2 of the games, were talking about people in their mid 20s at least, and frankly those few people in their mid-20s unable to understand the basics of job description would also be unable to understand how a computer works, so we ALL have enough intelligence to understand the separation between company and employee responsibility. Its not fucking rocket-science, whether you like her or not Nevalistis is employed to inform, spin and hype. So to those attacking her personally, take a break from the pathetic impotent keyboard warrior trolling, and allow that testosterone high from your perceived personal sleight to dissipate then maybe you can think clearly enough to take part in a conversation that leads to something constructive rather than just seeking support for your own false-convictions.

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    posted a message on CM Nevalistis enjoyed it

    Wasnt thinking so much of Wyatt myself, since he was present at the announcement anyway, but thx for the link there Fuuz and Elusion.

    I hadnt replied myself because I just cant stomach the level of vitriol and hate being targeted at specific individuals just for being too good at the job they were hired to do and frankly trying to be rational just encourages tinfoil enthusiasts to share their baseless conspiracy theories further and louder. I mean if, by the time I got to in excess of P800 I still didnt like the game, Id stop playing and move on and I certainly havent ever felt the the need to haunt forums of games i disliked let alone non-developer forums like this one, so i find it irrational myself but I digress...

    Blizzard have been repeating the claims of multiple new Blizzard projects for a couple of months now but what i found even more striking was the absence at Blizzcon of a certain Mr Harrison Pink, the well publicised hire as "Game Designer".

    Immortal is neither, a project Id think youd need to hire his level of experience for, nor is it a project id feel needed a "Game Designer" for at all since it already is mostly designed.

    Hiring Harrison strikes me as for either a sequel with a world that changes due to impact or for a more story based spin-off, Since both of those are within the realms of his experience. That his twitter is "dark" just adds to the intrigue :)

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    Oh Bagstone, 6 months or so ago and id have happily crucified you for those micro-transaction comments, but then I saw how The Division handled them and oh my word when theyre done with the actual honest intention of allowing extra development, the system can actually be a joy to experience.

    I dont know if youve played division but they have loot-chests containing weapon skins, bag skins, cosmetic clothes and emotes, they can either be bought with real money or shards drop randomly while playing that can be traded in for them. There are also Premium skins and emotes which can be bought with real money and although they are more desirable the difference isnt so great you feel compelled to pay. The real joy though is that the loot-chests have a slim chance to actually contain a premium skin and it does actually work (None of this 1% chance after finding a 3% goblin, sorry still havent gotten my cosmic wings and im getting Dead Sea salty now!).

    Though I have to say the best thing about The Divisions system is that as a gamer you actually feel like you want to pay for a little amount just to say thanks for their extra development because since they started that system the game has had so much improvement, the only other game I can compare is the change from D3 to D1.

    I guess you can see the reason I explained it is because if Blizzard were truly interested in a fair implementation of Micros then theres a working example of how to do it.

    My own hopes for the future of Diablo is for a world that is phased and changes while the game is played, making the world something like a tug of war, as we pay attention to one zone, the demons multiply in others, that would also allow for special events to pop-up too, but what Id love most is for the game to go back to a server browser so we can choose what to join and for each act to have a large open battleground where we could play more traditional MP game modes like Conquest and TDM and for there to be the option to either PvPvE or straight up PvE.

    I think the server browser and battleground may be a wish too far but the open world idea could well be on.

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    posted a message on Message from European Clans (About Botting)
    Quote from MarwanGaming»

    Alright guys, starting a fight about hud and other things while we are desperate about something to be done against the botters is just silly.
    Take that bs to a new post, if you don't see the big problem in the game with the botting and start arguing about hud and other things when the post is about botting you clearly don't care about the game.
    @Angry_Roleplayer I am 100% clean and stream diablo 3 6 days per week.
    I can get a rank 1 without anything, infact I got rank 1 taken from me by a bot season 8, why are we talking about hud and stuff here though?
    It's about botting, help us man, focus on this first since this is the main issue with the game atm.
    I just want us all to come together and fix this issue first and then we can talk about hud, helper and other shit.

    You honestly think that cheats and botting are completely seperate issues or that either is worse than the other?
    I never cease to be surprised that the so-called more committed players of this game are so conflicted on this issue that they either cannot or will not simply call a cheat a cheat. There are NO shades of gray here, either play the game as intended or make use of 3rd party programs that adapt code and be a cheat.
    Those that do cheat certainly do not hold any sort of moral high-ground to cry for action on a different type of cheat. So I challenge you to call on Blizzard to take real action that addresses all cheaters.
    That is unless you've something to hide...
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    posted a message on Message from European Clans (About Botting)

    This is so poor i have to list the wrongs,

    That it took you 12 godamn seasons to clean your own homes enough to feel confident on calling out botters is truly jaw dropping.

    That after 12 seasons you think a few letters in front of your names makes your opinions carry more weight than the rest of the community.

    That in 12 frikking seasons none of you - and i mean NONE OF YOU, have bothered to take a stance against cheating and using THuD,

    That youre stupid enough to put your names to an open letter that condemns only botting, with no mention of THuD anywhere within when THud is a far more serious problem.

    Its so ridiculous it borders on stupidity.

    Then you say this....

    "All of our listed clans are approved, and not accepting botters (still and no more) And we did our jobs which were extra weight on our shoulders if you consider.."

    Approved by what? by who? YOURSELVES? why should the community care if you approve yourselves when it took you 12 seasons to do it while most of the community wer and have alweays been clean? and what weight? checking yourselves to be clean?

    You godamn bunch of petty imbaciles. Theres NO WEIGHT AT ALL in not installing 3rd party cheats. Any decent clan worth joining should always have an active no cheat policy that all members should not only be happy to agree to but should actually be alert enough to police it themselves, that what a clan is. A cheat free environment for organised gameplay.

    Come back and see us when you can claim to be 100% cheat free, then we can l;augh at you taking 12 seasons to do that too.

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    posted a message on Almost everyone and his grandmother is Using TurboHUD
    Quote from Zephos91»

    thud in no way gives u any advantage... all it does is allow you to farm more efficiently.

    So desperate to make a defence that you spun the facts so much your own brain is still spinning and cant remember what side of the arguement youre on? Or is it just that youre so deceitful a game player, that lying isnt a problem either?

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    posted a message on Is this for real???

    if not lucky you can have at least 1 or 2 primals and rest ancient after 1 week

    Well i have no idea what class youre playing but i can tell you youre version of unlucky is what i would call very lucky, playing every night for the first week would only give me a few ancients, on an average season after the first week id still be waiting for either Taskers, Mask of Jeram or that bloody Short Mans Finger to drop or worse still more than 1 of them and just having any one of those 3 missing would make it hellishly difficult to even get to 70 to even allow primals the chance to drop.
    D3 is a great game in its own right but the experience of playing alone to within a clan is vastly different, also the choice of character and obviously the time invested, so I find it difficult to have sympathy for anyone that complains the game isnt grindy enough or over too soon when they have no experience of the true grind because theyve bypassed it by playing in groups.
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    posted a message on Challenge Rifts - A missed opportunity or an unfinished mode
    Quote from giedryfas»

    WTF....They meant to be totally unplayable? Put together by someone really challenged or randomly generated, no clue tbh how the builds for Crifts are made or randomly generated. If theyre randomly generated would make sense... Regarding your stated purposes - why even make such builds which are just pure trash put together? So those guys who don't play much and go like 800paras or less during season gonna end up playing trash builds from Crifts and then spread misinformation through the community or even use those Crifts trash builds as ''proper ones'' for some farming purposes and make the players from theyre group to suffer of theyre uneficiency :D As horrax said it just a pure waste of time to do those Crifts and getting annoyed by the trash build just for those few mats. We can just choose not to do them at all, but why then even blizz wasted time implementing them rather then adressing some other issues that matter...

    Ooookay you might need to get someone else to explain this even more simply for you but ill try anyway...
    The system is copying a rift completed by a real player in the gear they were wearing at the time, and I say again they are not targeted at the type of player that gears to the meta or checks on this site or any other community sites for current popular builds. Now if you can just engage brain for a few seconds, you could work out for yourself ...
    1./ The build isnt likely to be complete, because if it was a complete set the time would be very fast and be very difficult for a player with no experience of playing that char or gearset to beat.
    2./ A player that doesnt frequent message boards and fan sites is unlikely to be in a position to spread anything to the community let alone pretend to be a leading authority that then spreads misinformation.
    3./ Anyone who plays in a group is hardly likely to think a set of gear that wont clear T13 is the finished build.
    If you dont like CRifts thats fine, if you want to complain on forums then its fine too, its your time to waste, but if you want to misrepresent to such levels of stupidity then be aware someone will pick you up for it.

    And also i have to agree with UncleDan. Diablo is about loot and about fighting hordes of mobs, the whole Grift system felt like a stretch to me, CRift feels a lot more like it should be a sort of trial or optional intro for a new player to show how a char/gearset works although I could see it working as a sort of race mode though with either a split screen or shadow of your opponent to race against for those that care for that sort of thing. At least then it would have a real element of competition not just a time on a board to better.

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    posted a message on These D3 devs are a joke

    I dont understand people that complain that a game isnt the same as its predecessor, if you liked the other game that much carry on playing them, if the newer game was more of the same, youd just be moaning that its just an expansion pack.

    If you dont like where the game is going then its time to find something new, screaming for the old days doesnt give you any more influence than any of those that still enjoy playing, you may not want to hear it but for every player that is unhappy there are lot more that are just fine.

    As for complaining about buffs, if you cant see anything beyond Necro at this point that is completely your fault, just from reading those buffs im looking foreward to seeing the Helltooth buffs for WD and Multishot for DH but most of all to collecting all the new Legos, theres over 50 that will need to be replaced so that will mean plenty of time playing all classes. (although it is a shame im going to have a few primals that are now only good for mats :) ).

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