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    maybe partially the answer, because why would you want thank them? they were just farming and probably didnt care whoever joined.

    in the process taking away the best part of the game. being a noob and experiencing everything by your own from scratch.

    Being boosted and not knowing what it even meant is a bad thing and can ruin your overall experience.

    Diablo does not automatically throw you into a group with horrible people that selfishly want to steal the experience of everything being new, it puts you into game by yourself and its your own choice to either experience the game as you wish or group with others and risk the experience being different.

    If you cant bring yourself to thank others for the time they spend playing with you or just to be courteous, then youre just contributing to its toxicity and should rereconsider your choice of playstyle.

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    Welcome to D3. I suggest seriously considering switching to better games. ^^

    Ah, game forums... The perfect provider of stupidity and anonymity that allows someone to think theyre so omniscient they can declare something unfit for another persons taste without ever knowing them.

    Truly this is the age of miracles and we should all bow down and.... ah screw it lets just have fun with the new village idiot and point out the futility of posting on a Diablo forum that he has nothing good to say about Diablo.

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    posted a message on Help me out here ... totally confused!!!

    Because the other players were well geared and boosting you in a rift level far beyond your own capabilities.

    For a lot of players , their seasonal characters are now very well geared and can carry a non contributing character through very high level rifts, if you dont have the gear yourself even a skeleton will one-shot you and if youre low on Paragon levels a high GR will contain enough experience to boost by far more than just 100 or so.

    Judging by the post, Id suggest sending a whisper thanking them for the boost as it seems you didnt realise that was what they were doing :)

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