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    posted a message on Focus and restraint vs more disipline

    Thats not a diminishing return. Youre gettting to that mistake by expressing the result by looking backwards...

    + 1 disc = +100% damage

    +10 disc = +1000% damage

    +50 disc = +5000% damage

    It doesnt diminish no matter how high you stack disc.

    CDR however is a diminishing stat and to save me some effort its explained better than i could ever try right here

    However i did make a mistake above by saying it has to be additive and a %age - looking at the reddit explanation its just a multiplicative calculation.

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    posted a message on Focus and restraint vs more disipline

    Although the facts are correct I think youve made a slight error in your reasoning...

    An additive number such as discipline isnt affected by diminishing returns, if each point of discipline boosts damage by a fixed %, then its boosting by that % regardless of the starting number.

    In order for a stat to be afffected by diminishing returns it must be both additive and expressed as a %age, so CDR for example is diminishing.

    However the point is correct F/R IS better, someone with better knowledge may correct me but i believe +Disc is far earlier in the damage calculation than the F/R damage multiplier,

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    posted a message on The Future of Diablo

    I think the triple is on but we wont hear about all 3 together, Blizz have to have learned something from wow classic about hyping empty handed.

    Im going with the theory 2 gets confirmed, while the others are neither confirmed or denied. That way a non-denial will be huge news, and allows 3 to continue the build up sometime during the year so the hype can go epic in a full 4 reveal next year.

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    posted a message on Gems in cube? Opens the game to so much more.

    Theres nothing worse in gaming than listening to people jump on the power creep bandwagon without having a clue what theyre talking about.

    Power Creep was originally a Blizzard definition for what happened in WoW during the Wrath expansion as the expansion started at ilvl187 (normal Dungeon, end of questing ilvl) and finished at 277 (maybe higher if you could get multiple pieces from RS ). In WoW this was a valid and some would argue necessary discussion as while your character gained well over a 35% increase in power and health,(Real World terms was over a tripling of HP and Damage) Everything PvE except the current raid did not have an equal power gain - even the last 3 dungeons only had a 25% increase. This made much of the PvE activities a face-roll and given the length of the last patch was a real problem in engagement for some of the players.

    Diablo however is designed from the ground up with scaling in mind, there were always multiple difficulties to play the game, even in Vanilla D3.

    So "Power Creep" is a nonsense propogated by those that dont even understand the concept fully. Whenever Diablo has reached the point where all classes and builds could easily play in the highest Torment, Blizzard has released extra difficulty levels.

    What does it matter if the record Grift clear was 30 in season 1 but 100 in season 10?

    It doesnt matter at all except that someone has to open up GRift level 60 to 100 in increments of 3 rather than 25-30 singly,

    Has it broken the game that it takes someone a little longer to unlock the challenging Grift levels?


    Does T13 feel face-roll?

    Arguably in full Grift gear but if thats the case for you personally, dont use it, use a DB build and drop that Green/Orange weapon gem for a levelled gem of ease.

    Those numbers look too big and silly?

    Just remind yourself that the larger the numbers the easier it is to keep builds close to thee level Blizzzard want while not feeling derivative or clones of each other.

    So would iot break the game if a 4th gem is made available via the cube?

    No, not at all, but Torment might feel better with the addition of more levels, alternatively the cubed gem could be made only active in Grift.

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    posted a message on Guardian season 3 gems to 70 question
    Quote from vinnehehe»

    You are overthinking this. It's as easy as just leveling 3 gems to 70. regardless of stashed/equipped.

    Youre wrong. Metro is right.

    The funky part is that all 3 have to be visible to the game at the same time, if any are equipped on logged out characters they wont count towards the three.

    So just have them either equipped on the character logged in or inside the stash.

    Also dont have a senior moment like myself, dont use one of them as an augment before all 3 are levelled :D

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    posted a message on INSUFFERABLE MISCREANT S14 Bug

    Miscreants have always been the exception and have never spawned in pairs because Metro is right, they port into the map and are not already spawned.

    I find the weirdest part of double goblins is there are always 2 Snitchleys even though hes only a goblin by appearance since he never drops anything in quantity like other goblins. Maybe his drop table should be reviewed, it must be awful for the poor guy to be so large and not be able to carry anything :D

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    posted a message on [Poll] Season 15 Theme

    All of those themes look great except for the double keystones, that one is pretty much a kick in the teeth for those that dont go for rift fishing. For those happy to just go with the flow, that buff would be better running concurrently with double goblins because double goblins will make bounties much more appealing and normal rifts will be a real chore this season.

    Also Double blood shards and reduced Kadala costs are more or less the same thing,

    Kadalas costs reduced more than 50% means double blood shards s pointless

    Kadalas costs reduced by 50% means having both buffs feels pointless

    Kadalas costs reduced less than 50% means reduced costs feels pointless

    How about after Guardian, clearing a GR100 doubles the Primal drop rate for the rest of the season, it offers something extra while not being game-breaking, or better still completing Guardian unlocks the chance for new gifts to drop that allow either a second stat to be rerolled or the proc effect itself to be rerolled.

    Actually the more i think about it the more appealig a reroll of legendary proc would be, since the buffs some legendaries are so hard to get with good procs - rings and weapons particularly.

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    posted a message on Forbes Article: New Unannounced 'Diablo' Game Confirmed By Blizzard Job Listing
    Quote from Aerisot»

    Wasn't this confirmed a while back when someone accepted a new position for an "unannounced game" and then the same dude took to twitter saying he was happy to be joining the Diablo team?

    Yeah, As I understand things the usual rumour-mills around that time implied that work was starting up before that position opened up and was then all but confirmed as he took up the post. Since then, there were two positions listed a short while afterwards and at least 3 now that are new. So thats at least 5 additions to the team since the appointment of a Senior Designer just under a year ago, and thats excluding "unannounced project" posts.

    I remember reading an artticle back then that gave him credit for the world design in Mafia 3 and creating a world that is reactive to player actions, but Ill be damned if i can find it with google now :(

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    posted a message on New Content?

    I think you only need to look at the current seasons length to see weve entered this "maintenance mode" which isnt really a mode or phase, merely a winding down of the amount of man hours invested so more can be allocated to the new game.

    I also dont understand why were debating if work on a new Diablo is underway, we know it is, every respected website knows it is, the only thing missing is the official announcement which, as always with Blizzard only happens a year or two after everyone knows.

    However the one thing that really is starting to become annoying now is when people use the sale numbers for the base game as justification to any argument, those original numbers are a fabrication and should never be used as a base to any theory. The reason why is simple, they were augmented by Blizzards generosity in giving away a free copy to anyone with a years sub to WoW, Ive also seen people trying to minimise the distortion by claiming they involved actually purchasing an annual pass which most definately wasnt the case (the only limitation was your monthly sub had to be continuous, without even a single days interuption). This was during the Cata expansion which had subs estimated around 8 million and i really dont think claiming 80-90% of those were continually subbed for a year is an exaggeration. (For example only 1 person from both my wow guild and friend list of around 50 players in total, actually missed the annual offer).

    Its also pretty futile trying to compare D3 in any shape or form PoE, they might share a genre but thats as far as any similarities go. they are both totally different games and had completely different roles to fulfil for their respective devs.

    Finally in respect to e-sports, that shouldnt even be mentioned in the same breath as Diablo, firstly the whole aRPG genre if done well wouldnt be a natural fit, and secondly, if a new release is designed for e-sports and doesnt take off, its an instant failure and no amount of repair will save the day. No its much better to not even think of that phrase. Wouldnt you rather have a solid game like D3 is in its current shape than have some FotM crap that falls on its face when the divested masses move on to their new fix?

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    posted a message on New Content?

    Oh Bagstone, 6 months or so ago and id have happily crucified you for those micro-transaction comments, but then I saw how The Division handled them and oh my word when theyre done with the actual honest intention of allowing extra development, the system can actually be a joy to experience.

    I dont know if youve played division but they have loot-chests containing weapon skins, bag skins, cosmetic clothes and emotes, they can either be bought with real money or shards drop randomly while playing that can be traded in for them. There are also Premium skins and emotes which can be bought with real money and although they are more desirable the difference isnt so great you feel compelled to pay. The real joy though is that the loot-chests have a slim chance to actually contain a premium skin and it does actually work (None of this 1% chance after finding a 3% goblin, sorry still havent gotten my cosmic wings and im getting Dead Sea salty now!).

    Though I have to say the best thing about The Divisions system is that as a gamer you actually feel like you want to pay for a little amount just to say thanks for their extra development because since they started that system the game has had so much improvement, the only other game I can compare is the change from D3 to D1.

    I guess you can see the reason I explained it is because if Blizzard were truly interested in a fair implementation of Micros then theres a working example of how to do it.

    My own hopes for the future of Diablo is for a world that is phased and changes while the game is played, making the world something like a tug of war, as we pay attention to one zone, the demons multiply in others, that would also allow for special events to pop-up too, but what Id love most is for the game to go back to a server browser so we can choose what to join and for each act to have a large open battleground where we could play more traditional MP game modes like Conquest and TDM and for there to be the option to either PvPvE or straight up PvE.

    I think the server browser and battleground may be a wish too far but the open world idea could well be on.

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    posted a message on I'm looking for

    PetDoc will do almost all the work for you at T6 for boosting

    Replace Knife and Mojo with Manajumas and change Spirit Walk to Hex - Angry Chicken for crazy speeds

    Manajumas is comfortable up to T10/11 but then will require a little more attention to Damage Reduction buffs


    if you want higher then there are lots of variations of Akkhans condemn builds that are super easy to play and will allow fast farming of T13 while wearing Sages and using Swiftmount for perma-horse and with only minor adjustments will take you over GR100.

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    posted a message on Yakara, help please

    Yakara is a randoim elite - Id say hes there at least 25% of the time but Blarg is usually in desolate sands, hes a little Imp and I dont think hes there that often

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    posted a message on Necromancer issues with Inarius set, bone armor , grim scythe creating invincible enemies. How has this been missed?

    OK i give up - i see the build but it just looks like youre trying to shoehorn some abilities into a build that already did the job. Your build seems to want to try and do a little of everything,

    Bone Armour is primarily an Inarius thing

    Skelly mages are primarily a Rathmas thing (although i acknowledge theres a build in every set for them though most dont also use stand alone)

    and until now Ive only thought of Nayrs as being a Legacy build type of power

    The standard Inarius build already walks through T13 and can use Stuarts Greaves if you want to for speed. It will go through an 80 ok with only a basic level of concentration required. Now if this was the old days and some of the Necro loot had those old ridiculously low drop rates (like Starmetal Kukri, Wand of Woh or the old drop on Witching Hour) then i could understand the need to force the set to do another job, but drop rates on Necro are not a problem and if you want more than 80, Rathmas will tear through it without any of these range differences being an issue.

    I just feel that if x build works perfectly but y build is slightly off then maybe y build isnt the intended design and y build is trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole. Still, it works, its an extra build and theres never such a thing as too many builds.

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    posted a message on Necromancer issues with Inarius set, bone armor , grim scythe creating invincible enemies. How has this been missed?

    I think youve completely missed the point of the joke both myself and blackcurse were having over Avarice Band, that if I6 was affected by pick-up radius it would get completely ridiculous.

    But back on track, Im still lost as to what youre trying to accomplish with an Inarius build in GRs especially since youre trying to use Briggs Wrath as a melee character, everything youre describing is counter intuitive, maybe if you link the build well understand better because the usual Inarius builds will top out at a set level because of weapon damage being a limiter.

    As for Bone Spirit i cant say ive ever bothered with it myself but I presume youre talking about no runes on the spells too?

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    posted a message on Easy speed build for T13

    I would go with an Akhan condemn crusader. Its incredibly strong and versatile, so it will be easy work in T13 yet still allow you to tinker with a swiftmount into the cube and a couple of pieces of sages for the extra DBs.

    The drawback is its a high cdr build so getting the right pieces can involve some perseverance but It is really worth it.

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