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    posted a message on Necromancer issues with Inarius set, bone armor , grim scythe creating invincible enemies. How has this been missed?

    OK i give up - i see the build but it just looks like youre trying to shoehorn some abilities into a build that already did the job. Your build seems to want to try and do a little of everything,

    Bone Armour is primarily an Inarius thing

    Skelly mages are primarily a Rathmas thing (although i acknowledge theres a build in every set for them though most dont also use stand alone)

    and until now Ive only thought of Nayrs as being a Legacy build type of power

    The standard Inarius build already walks through T13 and can use Stuarts Greaves if you want to for speed. It will go through an 80 ok with only a basic level of concentration required. Now if this was the old days and some of the Necro loot had those old ridiculously low drop rates (like Starmetal Kukri, Wand of Woh or the old drop on Witching Hour) then i could understand the need to force the set to do another job, but drop rates on Necro are not a problem and if you want more than 80, Rathmas will tear through it without any of these range differences being an issue.

    I just feel that if x build works perfectly but y build is slightly off then maybe y build isnt the intended design and y build is trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole. Still, it works, its an extra build and theres never such a thing as too many builds.

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    posted a message on Necromancer issues with Inarius set, bone armor , grim scythe creating invincible enemies. How has this been missed?

    I think youve completely missed the point of the joke both myself and blackcurse were having over Avarice Band, that if I6 was affected by pick-up radius it would get completely ridiculous.

    But back on track, Im still lost as to what youre trying to accomplish with an Inarius build in GRs especially since youre trying to use Briggs Wrath as a melee character, everything youre describing is counter intuitive, maybe if you link the build well understand better because the usual Inarius builds will top out at a set level because of weapon damage being a limiter.

    As for Bone Spirit i cant say ive ever bothered with it myself but I presume youre talking about no runes on the spells too?

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    posted a message on Easy speed build for T13

    I would go with an Akhan condemn crusader. Its incredibly strong and versatile, so it will be easy work in T13 yet still allow you to tinker with a swiftmount into the cube and a couple of pieces of sages for the extra DBs.

    The drawback is its a high cdr build so getting the right pieces can involve some perseverance but It is really worth it.

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    posted a message on Necromancer issues with Inarius set, bone armor , grim scythe creating invincible enemies. How has this been missed?

    Sounds very much like youre picking fault with a spec while having pieces of the build missing, I can honestly say the only time ive ever counted Grim Scythe for its damage is before having all items for the build. Its a primary filler to either proc Focus/Restraint or something to press until Bone Armor makes the kill.

    What makes you think that the Bone Armour spell needs to have the same area of effect as the I6 bonus? Nearby is an approximation it doesnt have a set range, (If i was stood 2 yards from you id be nearby, and if i was stood 10 yards from you id still be nearby). Once again i cant think of a time where it made any more difference than a couple of trash mobs living until the next tick of I6 makes the kill.

    Im probly tempting fate here but why in the hell would you use Briggs Wrath in an Inarius build anyway? there are far better options.

    Its not often that I agree with other players on DFans but Blackcurse is right, Necro works really well, Inarius is a great farm spec and I find Rathmas to be great for GRifts, I dont personally get along with the other 2 sets, but leaderboards dont lie and Ive seen them both on the front page since release.

    Blackcurse that idea to have Tornado size affected by pick-up radius would be great at T13 but I can see why the devs maybe didnt do that, because at lower torments with the numbers on the I6 bonus being tied to a large weapon damage modifier it might well be very strong with even an average 2H weapon. Its a shame though, because it is a cool idea and would work really well with an Avarice Band. :D

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    posted a message on WD pets 2.0

    Im not sure what youre even talking about here, you seem to be acknowledging that WD and Necro are different styles of pet play but then you want them to be the same, even though they have a different design intent.

    Theres no issue with the way PetDoc plays right now, in return for tanky pets you lose the use of the ability slots it takes to summon them, and also dont have the ability to control them.

    If youre playing PetDoc hoping for the pets to die to resummon them then youre just not pushing enough, the idea is not to wait until their death but to resummon the pets if/when theyre spread out of position and that becomes increasingly important at higher rifts since it takes a lot longer to kill mobs if the pets do get spread.

    If anything needs tweaked on PetDoc build atm its the way armour and damage reduction works,

    1 The level of armour at low paragon levels, below 800, feels too low and so now Necrosis and Soul Harvest feel clunky. With the last round of buffs, damage output scaled up a lot but survivability doesnt feel any different, It feels too Glass to even be considered GlassCannon.

    2 Using Manajumas above T11 for a speed build is a death lottery due to the lack of passive armour.

    3 Dieing to a RG that doesnt summon adds when pushing usually means automatic failure of the rfit since you cant get SoulHarvest stacks back up. Other builds and classes go far higher without being punished to this extreme.

    Im a great believer in the theory that not every class has to be equal after all alts are not tied to a long levelling process but the last set of buffs to items have indirectly impacted some differences in survivability.

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    posted a message on Endgame is boring HC isn't a challenge

    Oh here we go again this time with a necro of a whine thread.

    The OP 's post is nothing more than a special snowflake "look at me" disguised by a jump on the bandwagon whine - HC was already dead and I can confidently say, still is after ranking in the 200s when moving to T13/60S during gearing.

    The necro is another jump on the bandwagon whine, seriously if HC was to be a consistent competition it would be run at the machine level, the moment it requires an internet connection the competition is already gone due to random disconnects and high ping.

    Playing 80 hours and got to Grift95 - its a damn facepalm moment - most AAA standalone games dont even have 80 hours of content, want more sub to a bloody MMO . Getting a free game while in a 12 month sub to WoW or paying a few quid for a standalone doesnt entitle you to infinite entertainment.

    As for PoE - Last i looked this was DFans not quite sure where you think the D in Path of Exile is, if you have something constructive about diablo fine but if you wanna talk PoE go to a PoE forum. That whole post is no better in quality than the Viagra and other spam shit that gets removed by mods each day.

    On the subject of contributing, heres my take.

    D3 is over 5 years old, is still offering us a fresh start every few months to those that want it and still offers a quality Arpg experience for anyone new to the game, picking it back up after a break, or that continues to enjoy the experience. How many other games form 5 years ago can say that?

    Heres a list so you can count yourself https://www.pcgamer.com/the-best-pc-games-of-2012/

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    posted a message on Patch just went live EU

    Ooooh i can play this game too

    Learn to tolerate others, education happens in many different languages

    Back to the topic, did any one else notice the graphics look a tiny bit sharper after the update, just little things like numbers and icons look a tiny bit clearer and punchier, It seems like theyre not affected by the AA and stand out a little clearer because of it

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    posted a message on Message from European Clans (About Botting)
    Quote from MarwanGaming»

    Alright guys, starting a fight about hud and other things while we are desperate about something to be done against the botters is just silly.
    Take that bs to a new post, if you don't see the big problem in the game with the botting and start arguing about hud and other things when the post is about botting you clearly don't care about the game.
    @Angry_Roleplayer I am 100% clean and stream diablo 3 6 days per week.
    I can get a rank 1 without anything, infact I got rank 1 taken from me by a bot season 8, why are we talking about hud and stuff here though?
    It's about botting, help us man, focus on this first since this is the main issue with the game atm.
    I just want us all to come together and fix this issue first and then we can talk about hud, helper and other shit.

    You honestly think that cheats and botting are completely seperate issues or that either is worse than the other?
    I never cease to be surprised that the so-called more committed players of this game are so conflicted on this issue that they either cannot or will not simply call a cheat a cheat. There are NO shades of gray here, either play the game as intended or make use of 3rd party programs that adapt code and be a cheat.
    Those that do cheat certainly do not hold any sort of moral high-ground to cry for action on a different type of cheat. So I challenge you to call on Blizzard to take real action that addresses all cheaters.
    That is unless you've something to hide...
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    posted a message on Message from European Clans (About Botting)

    This is so poor i have to list the wrongs,

    That it took you 12 godamn seasons to clean your own homes enough to feel confident on calling out botters is truly jaw dropping.

    That after 12 seasons you think a few letters in front of your names makes your opinions carry more weight than the rest of the community.

    That in 12 frikking seasons none of you - and i mean NONE OF YOU, have bothered to take a stance against cheating and using THuD,

    That youre stupid enough to put your names to an open letter that condemns only botting, with no mention of THuD anywhere within when THud is a far more serious problem.

    Its so ridiculous it borders on stupidity.

    Then you say this....

    "All of our listed clans are approved, and not accepting botters (still and no more) And we did our jobs which were extra weight on our shoulders if you consider.."

    Approved by what? by who? YOURSELVES? why should the community care if you approve yourselves when it took you 12 seasons to do it while most of the community wer and have alweays been clean? and what weight? checking yourselves to be clean?

    You godamn bunch of petty imbaciles. Theres NO WEIGHT AT ALL in not installing 3rd party cheats. Any decent clan worth joining should always have an active no cheat policy that all members should not only be happy to agree to but should actually be alert enough to police it themselves, that what a clan is. A cheat free environment for organised gameplay.

    Come back and see us when you can claim to be 100% cheat free, then we can l;augh at you taking 12 seasons to do that too.

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    posted a message on Boters paradise D3

    Remove Region wide ladders make them clan and friend list only and guess what... D3 is fixed.

    Who gives a toss what level some total stranger has completed, when the only players you have bragging rights over are clan/friends anyway.

    Found a botter? remove him from your clan / friend-list, not such a problem anymore is it.

    Dont like Thud users? remove them from your clan / friend-list, theyre not a problem anymore either.

    One simple action taken and were left with the same game that we have now without all of this mock drama, because after years of people moving on to other games, being top of leaderboards really doesnt mean a thing anymore anyway.

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    posted a message on Almost everyone and his grandmother is Using TurboHUD
    Quote from Zephos91»

    thud in no way gives u any advantage... all it does is allow you to farm more efficiently.

    So desperate to make a defence that you spun the facts so much your own brain is still spinning and cant remember what side of the arguement youre on? Or is it just that youre so deceitful a game player, that lying isnt a problem either?

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    posted a message on Blue gob nerf?

    Its probly RNG but they seem to be dropping less stuff in a single player game but MP is no change and still dropping plenty

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    posted a message on Brainless Builds Comparison: Sage's set builds (with videos)

    Ive been running an older or slightly different version of Tal EB and its great in T13, the only problem is on hitting a pack straight inside the rift but thats super rare.

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    posted a message on Is this for real???

    if not lucky you can have at least 1 or 2 primals and rest ancient after 1 week

    Well i have no idea what class youre playing but i can tell you youre version of unlucky is what i would call very lucky, playing every night for the first week would only give me a few ancients, on an average season after the first week id still be waiting for either Taskers, Mask of Jeram or that bloody Short Mans Finger to drop or worse still more than 1 of them and just having any one of those 3 missing would make it hellishly difficult to even get to 70 to even allow primals the chance to drop.
    D3 is a great game in its own right but the experience of playing alone to within a clan is vastly different, also the choice of character and obviously the time invested, so I find it difficult to have sympathy for anyone that complains the game isnt grindy enough or over too soon when they have no experience of the true grind because theyve bypassed it by playing in groups.
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    posted a message on Wow 3105 bounty mats gone forever..

    I said in an earlier thread i came into this patch with 600 bounty mats - from the whole 600 i only got 2 ancients, it took 350 (70rerolls) to get a yangs recurve and the other 250 (50 rerolls) got me an orb of infinite depth for wiz. The upgrade to legendary definately has a 1 in 10 chance of proccing to ancient but to reroll a legendary and have it proc ancient definately does not happen at a flat rate of 1 in 10.

    From past experience I actually think that the proc rate might be influenced by the starting amount of mats, I have far more success with rerolling if i do a single set of bounties and use them following a rift where ive recieved no ancient at all, then a reroll legendary will usually go ancient within those 3 rerolls or on a repeat of the bounties/rift /reroll. But my experience was that with a stockpile of mats that was no longer remotely true at all.

    To further prove the point since the mats were spent im back to proccing ancients at the same rates i normally recieve them

    Bad RNG would make me have to spend 100ish mats per item over the course of those 600 mats, even a really terrible streak of luck could explain the wait until spending 350 but to then have to spend 250 for the next ancient hints at something a lot worse than just being unlucky, so I certainly wont waste my time stockpiling again.

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