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    Lol at the no end game content... Do you realize we can say this with pretty much ALL the single player/coop games in history?

    Mario, you finish the game, tried to break some score records, then what.

    Doom, you finish the story, you,ve got your BFG and beat the boss at the highest level, then what?

    StarCraft, you finish the campaign, you beat the hardest computer setting, then what?

    Skyrim, you finish the campaign, you beat every monster and boss in the game, you are now the kind of the world, now what?

    The only way for a video game to stay alive forever is to have competitive PVP (Street Fighter, Battlefield, Starcraft multiplayer) or have the game add constant new content (MMOs, Mod community).
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    after a bit of math, if the 11 hours to go from 98 to 99 is any indication, he played this character about 24h/24 SINCE patch day. So or he got bots, or he has friends. Nothing to see here.
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    I am a bit confused about this. Not about Blizzard decision, but about the community's general opinion over the net, especialy on bnet forums.

    The main opinion I keep seeing every 2 posts is : This stats auto-assignment is dumb because it destroys the customization. At the first thought, I agreed, but after remembering my Diablo 2 experience. I changed my mind and told me this : What customization!?

    Try to remember your first Character you've made in Diablo 2. Back when you didn't know the game mechanics, what items was gonna help your hero to kick some asses, what spells were going to be useful at level 90 and which one would be totaly useless. I can bet that EVERYONE here had is first character badly built than after like 30 levels, realised that you should have done your character a certain way. After a few tries, you finaly realised that there was a perfect way to build a character.

    Put a minimum of strength and dext since items bonuses would compensate, max out Vitality and leave Energy untouched. This brings us back to the question: What customization?! Is maxing Vitality really a customization?! I mean, after 5 months, EVERYONE realised it, and All characters will have the same Stats. So What's the big deal about it? Did you really think you were the only one who had this overpowered build? Everyone who played this game long enough realised how it really worked. In D3, if they put the same stats mechanic, It will take only few months for the entire planet to know 1 perfect build.

    So, if 2 millions of people, including you and me, put the same number of points in each stats because we allllll know that this is the best build, is this still customization? I think it's not. So instead of puting customizable stats live for 5 months, just trhow this shit away and find another way to customize a character. Make every spells worth the be maxed out, make every item stats useful in some way. Make every class good in pvp and pve. Thats what Blizzard is trying to do.
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