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    Quote from Mrjannickยป

    with this run we cleared the whole seasonel journy in less than 1 hour. so having 6 set and lvl 70

    Can you explain your Tactic there ? Chapter II-IV in 1 hour seems to be very fast.
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    Quote from SpecKROELLchen

    If you want to go t1, like lvl 45ish is mb the right time since u have the lvl h60 weapon. at least we did this last season w our group but itemluck can also play a role there.

    We tried this in the last 2 season and never got lucky, we got a decent weapon at lvl 52 after spending all the gold for rerolls. But its true, IF you get a good weapon you can change to T1 at ~45 and ~61.

    So i think we wont get the crown in story mode right at the beginning. stats will be too bad :/

    Killing the 4 bosses on hard during the rift pause is a good idea! That means we just have to kill siegebreaker, cydea, maghda and belial once we hit lvl 70. im just not sure if it will be more efficient to kill the bosses & key wardens during the bounty run on lvl 70. Of course it is nice to have the cube and mats at lvl 61 so you can start cubing legendaries.

    lets assume we get 1 good weapon at lvl 41 so we can switch to T1. You wont be able to do a split bounty run on T1 at this moment i guess. So this would take a lot of time. Another idea would be to create a T1 game once you hit lvl 67-68 and then do the bounty run. If you get lucky with items, you could at least split up a little and finish the last lvls with bounties & key wardens, then switch to T4 and complete last gift.

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    i was thinking to start the season in the story mode. since leorics crown will now drop at lvl 5, it maybe possilbe to just rush to leoric in 4 man grp, get lvl 5 with quests and some monsters on the way, get crown (i tried this tonight, and we got lvl 7 in 15 mins = crown), then switch to adventure mode, do the bounties in act 1, get rings&amu, start rifts, finish bounties at lvl 21 (?) to get borns or cains

    im still wondering if there will be a strategy to combine as many season journey goals WHILE leveling, and then just finish the gifts when you hit lvl 70

    edit: first thought to that strategy:

    once you hit lvl 70:

    1) remake game in T1

    2) kill Rakanoth, Izual, Siegebreaker, Cydea, Maghda and Belial

    3) Finish the full bounty run, maybe you already got lucky with the bosses, 1 is going for cube

    4) safe possible bounties in Key warden zone for the end, kill them as 4 to get at least 1 key for each portal (assuming that 4x 50% = at least 1 key)

    5) complete all bounties and get your recipes/designs and get 1st and 2nd gift.

    6) remake game in T4

    7) and 8) kill all the ubers, leoric and aranae

    9) do rift, get grift key, leave game

    10) do solo grift 20

    (instantly become OP as WD because you already found gargantuan ring & emptiness while leveling)

    remake grp at t6 (later higher ofc) and start grinding until you have everything you need for your conquest ranking

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    Can you split up to kill all the bosses? Or do you actually have to be in the area when they die ? Would be nice to know for Season start.

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