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    Is this how you built yours?

    I didn't get any responses soon enough before I went ahead and did what I was planning. I went through last night and killed all the bosses and did all the side quests in a solo game. If you ask me the build as I made it works great. She mows down the non cold immunes. While her meteor is a bit low on damage I am boosting it as I see fit. Right now if I get cold immunes I let the merc tank them while I meteor around his ass. It seems to be effective. As I said I went through and did all quests and bosses. Only once did I die and it was on Frozenstein. He mana burned me and clubbed my face in.

    Failed build? I am not so sure. As for the way you put it. My main attack would be fireball I am guessing or meteor. Either way there are a hell of a load more fire immunes in hell than there are cold. I'd rather have a low fire attack and a damn good cold one in hell.

    Thank you for your response. I think I may try that out soon on a different sorc.

    I am happy with what I have made thus far. She is level 78 in hell, has killed chaos and baal and I even did nihlathak. If I find the time later I'll edit this post and tell you the hard points I have into all my skills. Next on the list of things to do now is make the other hybrids. Light/Cold, Fire/Light. All 3 elements just doesn't cut it. That I know.

    Hard points no gear or charm bonuses:
    16 ice bolt, 20 frozen orb, 2 cold mastery, 20 energy shield, 8 telekinesis, 6 meteor, 1 fire mastery.

    From this point I will boost my meteor and ice bolt 1 for 1 when I get more levels. I currently do 686-718 frozen orb and 2313-2467 meteor. If I can get the meteor to do about 4k then I will focus on strengthening the energy shield a bit more.

    Glad to hear your sorc rocks :)

    FO destroys everything as i predicted, but your meteor damage is a bit low..

    For WSK runs that's good, mostly because Lister and his buddies are FI. But boosting a bit more your Meteor along with Fireball would help a lot in other areas of the game too, except if your merc uses Infinity.
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    Quote from "mvm199" »
    Thank you very much :)
    Also anyone have an idea of Uber Mephs cold and lightning damages? Im sure his blizzard and skull must do around 1500 damage if not more ...

    And alvl / dlvl ??? is attacker/defender me or madawc?

    I don't know about Uber Mephy, but whatever the damage may be, if you don't LL, you're lost..

    alvl= attacker level (you)

    dlvl= defender level (Madawc)

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    Quote from "kefka666333abc123" »
    Nice post Mojo.....I was gonna post something but you got it all perfect there :P

    Thnx dude!

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    First on the AR issue..

    The formula is correct but you made a fundamental mistake. In the place of DR (defense rating) you insert the enemy DR (in your case Madawc) instead of yours. So instead of 27061 put 2107 and the calculation will be correct.

    Now about absorption..

    First of all Elemental absorb is capped at 40%, you can't get any further, and it works like this:

    For example Cold Absorb, let's say you have a 20% Cold absorb. All absorbs do double reduction. If someone attacks you with a glacial spike that does 100 cold damage, 20% of 100 will be used to heal* you (20 points) and another 20% will be vanished (20 points).

    So the final damage you will receive will be 100 - (20 absorbed+ 20 vanished) = 60 points.

    *note that healing does not happen when you have a FULL life bulb.

    And to put resists into the mix:

    Lets say you have 50% Cold Resistance and 25% Cold Absorb.

    A Summoner's Glacial spike that does 1000 Cold damage hit's you.

    First, 50% of 1000= 500. So 500 damage vanishes and another 500 is left.

    Then Cold Absorb comes in and: 500 - ( 25% healed + 25% vanished) = 250 Cold dmg received.*

    *Note that the double damage reduction will apply only when you have NOT a full life bulb. If you had, the damage reduction would only be 25% so the damage received would be 375.

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    That 2D city artwork must be Caldeum (notice the artificial waterfalls).

    As for that dock artwork, it couldn't be near Lut Gholein bcz there's a lot of grass on top of that hill on the left. So i assume it could be a docksite near the jungles of Kurast just like in Act III in D2.

    Happy New Year everyone! :)
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    Quote from "viciousnugget" »
    I am about to make a hybrid meteor/frozen orb sorceress. I've mde many single element sorceresses and they are all well and good but I want to try something that I have never been able to make work before.

    I have already secured all the gear that I will use. I will tell what I plan to do and if you know a better way or see something that I plan to do wrongly please tell me.

    Gear: Tal Rasha set
    Rings: 2x Stone of Jordan
    Boot: eth Treks
    Shield: Lidless wall

    Merc gear: Andy's visage, Fortitude and Infinity polearm

    Skills: 20 energy shield, 20 frozen orb, 20 ice bolt, 5-20 telekinesis and 5-20 to meteor depending on how my energy shield is working out.

    Of course 1 into all prerequisites, 1 cold mastery, 1 fire mastery, 1 static, 1 frozen armor, 1 warmth

    Stats: It is my intention to do all to mana but when I have her leveled I should know whether I need to add strength or not.

    Any help or suggestions are welcome.

    That's a failed hybrid. It's just another one-element sorc. Orb will destroy non-cold immunes, but meteor won't harm cold immunes in Hell.

    Try the classic:

    20 pts in Frozen Orb
    20 pts in Fire Ball
    20 pts in Meteor
    8 pts in Cold Mastery
    Split remaining pts between Fire Bolt-Fire Mastery(if you use Fireball more than Meteor put more pts in Fire Bolt.)

    And of-course one pt in all prerequisites and Teleport, Static, Warmth.

    In this way you get a powerful fire attack and a decent-good cold attack in Hell.
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    Lightning Sentry:
    20 pts
    Death Sentry: 20 pts
    Charged Bolt Sentry: 20 pts
    Fire Blast: 20 pts

    One point in all Shadow Disciplines Tree skills except Shadow Master/Warrior/Venom

    Rest in Shock Web.

    0 points in Martial Arts Tree.

    I guarantee you from personal experience that she will do untwinked Hell, and with the right gear she will destroy everything, everywhere at anytime. :cool:
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    Quote from "applesoffury" »
    who was the blacksheep in D2? assassin? trapsins were by far the most useless...and annoying

    Summoners were useless and much more annoying than trapsins.
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    And yes ladies and gentlemen! You can now close this thread.
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    Buy COD IV. You won't regret it.
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    Quote from "necronergal" »
    ok think of it this way...there hasnt been any new updates in the last month. what does this mean? it means blizzard is working on the game. which means a quicker time to get realesed. so thanks for the quick lil screenshots to show us that your not on vacation guys. keep up the hard work.:thumbsup:

    I don't think game devs or other people who work on the game are responsible for updating the website.. So the lack of updates doesn't necessarily mean that they're working hard on the game.
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    Quote from "duffman" »
    if they do that, then blizz is really retarted.

    They WILL do that.
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    In fact that could be true and Tyrael could be corrupted! Just like Arthas (good then turned to evil) and that Queen of Blades in Starcraft, Kerrigan.
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    Pff.. I knew it. . .

    Thnx anyway dude
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    D2 attribute system didn't work because monster design was an EPIC failure.. One hit KO. This situation didn't left much for creativity to do.

    And thus we had the:

    Strength=enough for gear(basically nothing cause of Anni and Torch)
    Dex=max block
    Enrgy= -

    If mobs in D3 are better designed the auto-allocated stats won't hurt much low life chars such as the Wizard and Witch Doc and the system will be fine.

    As for the lack of creativity i never believed that attributes played such a big role as skills did. What would a Titan Enchantress Sorc be without Enchant, or a glass cannon full dex Strafer zon without Strafe?
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