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    posted a message on FULL REFUND LEGALLY.(For those interested, not intended as a flame thread)
    Well since you've both obviously missed the point and have to understand that I have sat and gone through the terms and conditions, which the customer support team and blizzard reps failed to be able to give me any line from which that breaches my "statutory right to refunds" and my own countrys "Sale of Goods Act" which applies to both Blizzard and myself. And you obviously have no idea about the language used in the context of what was sold to you. Blizzards Terms and Conditions do NOT apply to my statutory rights or product description, neither does their policy. Blizzards Terms and Conditions do NOT apply to an incorrect product description or what is advertised on the box or on the product description sold at purchase.

    This is entirely legitimate information and from what I know many people have already claimed refunds this way, read your own rights and read your own statutes and legislure.

    Comment back when you've got a clue please :)
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    posted a message on FULL REFUND LEGALLY.(For those interested, not intended as a flame thread)
    Let me start by saying, this is in no way a thread meant to flame or damage the reputation of Blizzard entertainment, it's simply that from my own personal experience of Diablo 3 I have become entirely unsatisfied and feel like I have wasted a fair chunk of money on a game which has given me nothing but stress and frustration.

    5 days ago I entered into legal communication with Blizzard entertainment, this thread is merely here to highlight to those of you who wish to obtain full refunds that it is entirely possible and within your own right to do so.

    I purchased Diablo 3 5 months ago, under the impression that the game would have PvP content, stable servers and replayability, in the time I have played Diablo 3 I have been provided with none of those features, I constantly have drops in connection, which I have tested with my line provider and various other online games to be entirely the fault of Blizzard Entertainment, the servers also have so much latency when joining the game is unplayable at the best of times. This has caused much frustration.

    We were also promised "Player versus player" content "shortly after release" which has not been provided and, as there is not yet a release date for such content, I expect it to be released 7-8 months after the release of Diablo 3, in my eyes this is not what was agreed upon as "short"

    I have also managed to complete Diablo 3, as of playing the game at friends houses and the occasional playability in my own home, I have two characters at level 60 and have yet to complete inferno.

    I would like to now inform you of the legal language used when one enters into "business" with a company. When purchasing the Diablo 3 collectors edition, or Diablo 3 standard edition, you entered into a contract with Blizzard entertainment, wherein you were promised certain aspects of a piece of software, agreed upon by a price.

    When I purchased Diablo 3, the original product description and what was in my BOXED copy of the game, described PVP content ON RELEASE not shortly after, this is labled in legal terms as "false advertising and marketing"

    When I purchase Diablo 3, I was given the impression that the game would be playable on "secure and stable servers" which has not been the case and has not fitted the description given or the "consumer satisfaction" part of the UK Sales of Good Act 1979, it also does not fit the "product description or durability" terms of the UK Sale of Goods Act 1979.

    Initially I was denied a full refund, untill I started to mention these simply factors and upon bringing about the threat of taking Blizzard Entertainment through a UK commercial small claims court for "Failure to keep promises met", "Failure to keep side of an agreed contract" and "Failure to provide services promised in a product description"

    I'm now having communication with Blizzards legal team, I will be getting a full refund of £69.99 for 1 (one) boxed edtion of the Diablo 3 collectors edition.

    This procedure is entirely within your own rights and like I said initially, this is from my own experience and one cannot claim a refund because they don't like the loot system or don't like the class system, this is for GENUINE reasons.

    I hope anyone who wants to claim a refund can now follow the proper procedure and use the right language to do so. In my eyes Blizzard has disappointed me hugely and has falsely marketed a product to a consumer.

    Good luck and keep playing, I hope those of you who can play Diablo 3 are still enjoying it and continue to enjoy it.

    Peace out, it's been a good run guys.
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    posted a message on Again -_-
    When you go through nearly 8 years of WoW updates and service days, you think you've seen it all...

    Servers will be back up at 5:0.... I mean 15:00 in the afternoon...

    what the fuck? seriously just what the fuck? Path of Exile patches, 20 minute downtime, Team Fortress 2 new patch, 20 minute downtime, practically every other online game I play, 20 minutes to 1 hour downtime and I'm playing again... Blizzard? Jesus H Christ, it's like waiting for the Bible to be proved correct..
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    posted a message on "Why Diablo 3 is Broken"
    So spot on I might be sick, been trying to find someone who can word my feelings for Diablo 3, thank you for putting it in words I can understand.

    There is a distinct difference between fun and a grind, and Diablo 3 just feels like a grind, all the time. In nearly 300 hours of play I found one legendary, ONE and even then it was useless... who in there right mind makes the hardest to find items in the game crapper than the easier ones?
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    posted a message on Questions
    So, I've been away from the community for a little while for the reasons being, quite frankly.. I was playing better games than Diablo 3.

    The reason I'm here, is one of many.

    1) Why, is the 1.0.4 patch basically an overhaul of the entire game? It's now very much beginning to feel like Blizzard has looked at their product and gone 'Holy shit they hate it... lets redo everything'

    2) I paid £69.99 for my collectors edition of the game, which now feels like bargain bin crap, why is it Blizzard are fixing the game after release...

    3) Why was the game not held back for at least another 4-5 months (It certainly needed it) to finish off these systems and finish PvP

    It feels very much like Diablo 3 is an unfinished product and is still being finished now much in the same way Path of Exile is a constantly running beta. For a company as large as Blizzard I'm quite frankly shocked at the quality of a product they've released.

    I'm very much hoping that putting my grouches aside, the 1.0.4 patch will bring me back to the game and actually provide me with some enjoyment, I sadly can't see this happening though :(
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    posted a message on Blizzard -_- magic find switching really?
    Ok, so I've come to conclusions recently. It seem's everytime a majority fan-base suggestion is given about the game, it's either ignored completely or listened to for all of about 5 seconds, then instantly has a blizzard twist slapped on to it..

    Player base wants gear swapping, it's in a lot of other ARPG's, it was in Diablo 2...so, instead of giving the player base this, they give them 5 options that are completely and radically different to the original suggestion. Each Blizzard suggestion I read again, made me want to put Diablo 3 down and not come back to it possibly ever, or untill the point Blizzard actually realises listening to its fanbase is probably a good idea.. we did put them where they are and everything 0.o
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    posted a message on A worrying thought just crossed my mind.
    Has the entire gaming industry gone batshit insane? Literally, for the past 10-15 year's it's just made my head hurt more and more, fair enough you enjoy games and playing them, fair enough it's entertainment and keeps you sane like many of us do, to escape from reality and de stress.

    My problem is.

    When the hell did everyone lose their god damn minds!? You just payed £35-70 for a copy of Diablo 3 or the collectors edition, some people who weren't lucky enough to get a collectors edition just payed in the region of £150-200 for a copy.

    Making thing's worse, a REAL MONEY AUCTION HOUSE.. for VIRTUAL GOOD's, you know, that stuff that only exist's in pixel format on a computer screen, you cannot touch it, feel it, smell it or taste it for that matter, only look at the pretty picture some artist in a studio came up with in probably about an hour of his time.. and people are paying through the eyeballs for this stuff?!

    I thought it was mad when you could do it in Diablo 2, however illegal it was but can someone please even try to justify the fact a company who has spent the best part of the last 10 years trying to kill the gold farming and item farming markets, who have now just jumped right on the band wagon so the majority of the cash flow is going into their own pockets, who are banning players for buying outside of their closed systems...I could go on

    Anyone heard of Open source? It's that idea that your idea can be changed and manipulated by others with no cash incentive whatsoever, like wikipedia, wikileaks, linux, stellarium and a million other incredibly well designed products.

    I have now come to my end's with Blizzard entertainment and Activision, long dead is the company I loved and followed, they made brilliant games.

    I am not knocking the quality of Diablo 3, it has it's problems, they have not given players exactly what was asked for but it's being changed and altered for said reasons, this is good!

    But you are now feeding the every growing cash cow that is Blizzard Activision. 10 years ago EA games was the company you would worry about, now Blizzard are worth roughly 4-5 billion more than EA and many of it's rival publishers. This has gone completely out of control and it's beyond me entirely.

    When you become so enveloped in money and it's illusory constraints and idea's, you turn into something else entirely.

    Praise Jay WIlson and the Diablo 3 dev team, you did a brilliant job, you put your hard work into it and their's nothing you could personally do about the corporation's getting their evil little hands on it, I'm sorry they've destroyed what you set out to create as a brilliant game.

    My personal opinion now stand's as, 2-3 year's dev time and 5-6 year's of trying to set the RMAH straight so it could single handedly destroy the gold farming markets in one blow, give it a month or two I think I'll be proved right. Monopoly is the correct word.

    I think it's about god damn time the playerbase stopped lying to itself and realised they are handing their cash over willingly in handfulls for absolutely nut's reasons.. it's just anarchic idiocy in it's highest form.

    I am now done, hate, flame rant what you will, i'll ignore it and read the constructive come backs.
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    posted a message on First word out of your mouth after you saw RMAH prices?
    Sorry but, anyone who pay's more than 5-10 euro for an item is literally, a complete lack of sense, intellect, common thought, moron.

    If you actually pay 200+ Euro or GBP for VIRTUAL NON EXISTENT GOODS.. you are a pleb and need to be locked in a small room, faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar underground where nobody can find you.. It simply dumbfound's me how people are buying into this idea, "Oh they did it in Diablo 2" Illegally.

    Because a company has the hypocritical ball's to jump on the cash cow they've been trying to kill for years and year's does not mean you, the fanbase have to agree with it. I personally think any idiot that's willing to spend real money on virtual good's like that has no right to be a human being, it's unfounded stupidity at it's maximum.

    If for say you're spending a little of your wages on said good's, Oh I know, I'll buy an axe for 3 euro, fine! GO NUTS! But when you're spending 200-300 euro or even D2JSP's wonderful Berserker Axe moment going for nearly $6000... you need to be put out of your misery.
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    posted a message on Barbarian frenzy/wrath build current lvl 51
    So, I've been using this build for a fairly long while, tweeking in places at I've progressed through the game, it's been changed at times when I've been fighting a boss but I've found this build work's incredibly well, current level 51 just entered hell and it's still tearing up.


    hit wrath, shout and watch your dps go to over 10000dps for roughly 15 seconds and currently base dps is about 4500dps.

    revenge/rend and ignore pain along with relentless.. I've had entire groups of mobs round me and watched my health drop instantly and restore to full instantly... 15-20 times in a row before, you constantly leech and gain health tapping rend every 3 seconds.

    Cut's through champion packs like no tomorrow..

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    Soon.... patience my friend, my copy of the game isn't even here yet, think yourself lucky! :D
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    posted a message on Anyone else with me on this..
    The post is though... -_-
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    posted a message on Anyone else with me on this..
    I've had my damn game pre-ordered since febuary.. prior to this, I had Diablo 3 standard edition pre-ordered since it's announcement at Blizzcon... so, year's of pre-order I then cancelled to pre-order the CE which has been pre-ordered since febuary.. and it's now release day and I'm not playing -_- pissed does not even describe how I feel right now... I even rang the damn company up the other day who assured me it'd be here by the 15th.. so pissed right now..
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    posted a message on Damn you play.com....
    CE didn't turn up today :( won't be playing the EU release tonight then! Crossing finger's for tomorrow.
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    posted a message on A Zen Feeling. (SPOILERS)
    I don't know if this is the same for all of us but certainly will be for some of you, yesterday I watched the leaked Diablo 3 cinimatics and have to be honest with everyone and myself right now.

    I was disappointed.

    Many of us who have played the Diablo series from day 1 fondly remember stories epic and chilling to the bone, the moment's that you've never forgotten, perhaps it's now because I'm older and I won't appreciate it but, I wanted Diablo 3 to conclude a story I have loved since the very beginning and it simply failed to deliver.

    The CGI settings, locations and everything included, looked beautiful but watching something we've already seen as an obvious one, the ACT 1 trailer, then leading on to act 2.. it felt like star wars, a cheesy bad version of star wars with terrible american voice overs instead of the great narrated story telling I loved.

    Tyrael felt like a morgan freeman wannabe and Imperius.. I'm just not even sure how to react :S It was almost like all the aesthetics I have come to love were crapped on by Chris metzen.. It's starcraft II all over again.

    I am at my own pace, now going to play the full game from start to finish, I simply cannot shrug off something I've waited so long for without truly trying it but honestly, I don't think I will be playing anymore Blizzard entertainment games. I have denied and defended them to the very core but the corruptive aspect of Activision has turned Blizzard into the prime evil....

    I really do wish a happy and true play through to all those who have waited in any way for this game but I feel completely let down by all the hype as really, I think any long term fan of the series will be as disappointed as I feel now.

    Leading to my last and final point, I really feel like I now understand the meaning of not putting faith in a material item, I could have let myself be eaten alive by this game and play it for a month straight, destroying my social life. But instead I'm going to work on the girl I like at the minute and spend more time with my own family, people are the important thing's in life, not Diablo.

    These are simply my own thoughts on the matter and in no way are trying to promote flaming or anything else in term's of violent action.

    It's been great Diablofans, but the wait is over and I think I'm finally going to be putting my time here on Dfans to rest.

    Good luck to all the players and the Mod's on this site, It's been a fun one!
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    posted a message on [SPOILERS] Tyrael = GIGANTIC Plothole?
    Quote from Choda

    I'm going to openly talk about the game cinematics found here. You have been warned.

    So yeah, we see Tyrael willingly give up his place in Angiris council, and he falls down to Sanctuary becoming... human. How the eff does that work? Humans are (degraded) offspring of Angels and Demons, you can't just turn into one. In the cinematics Tyrael says that he is now "mortal", rather than "human", but that's just arguing semantics. He took on the form of a human, walks, talks and acts like a human, and most importantly, bleeds like a human. There is nothing human-like in angels, as we are made aware in the various novels and stories, so why then did this happen?

    Obviously those are out-of-context cinematics, and I do hope this is explained further in the game. If not, then I will be extremely disappointed, Blizzard had nearly a decade to figure this out, and they can't be this lazy.

    Sorry but, I completely agree, human/mortal what the fuck ever, to sustain a mortal shape which is stated in the book's.. book of cain, various other sources, an angel requires A LOT of magic to do this and even then cannot sustain it for long period's of time.. personally, I think it's been the most predictable offensive to my knowledge and love of the original games waste of 10 years so far. If the actual game itself is better I will play it and love it for that aspect only. As far as I am concered Blizzard as story tellers are completely dead to me, Jay wilson can go jump in a hole and never come out. Idiot.
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