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    In that case, are there any games with similar gameplay but have an actual end-game that isn't specifically about farming loot?

    It sucks, because I'm apparently one of the few people that likes Diablo's storyline, which I don't really expect to see in other point-and-click ARPGs. I like the story, I like the gameplay, I just don't like the focus on endlessly acquiring gear. What game should I be playing?
    Well, there only a few types of "end-games" out there for games. For about half of games, the end game is the credits. You get 8-50 hours of playtime, then you've completed the game. This is enough to justify a $30-$50 game in most cases.

    For games without end, there are a few different types.
    There are games with the solo play nonexistent or limited, which focus solely on competition - League of Legends, Counterstrike, etc. These games have no real end-game, because the game doesn't change much in structure from first play-through to expert play-through. There are some hybrids here, but the solo play is usually pushed to the side rather quickly (Starcraft).
    MMOs generally focus on team-play and combining efforts in order to provide essentially just a slowed-down version of what an ARPG does. You're still grinding for loot forever, it just comes less often and has more "depth" in what is required to get to that loot. These generally have trimmed down storylines, which are often simply ignored anyway.
    Sandbox games, like GTA are another option, they generally have good storylines, but the "end-game" isn't really anything more than what the name describes.. a place to play around in endlessly, likely without any real feeling of progress.

    To answer your question specifically, there generally are NOT story-focused games that don't end. It simply wouldn't make sense. It sounds to me like you should be playing a good action game like Shadows of Mordor. Great gameplay, good story, tons of fun and interesting mechanics, and you cap out your stats/items at around 40 hours played. After that you play until you're bored, then move on.
    If you think there should be a game you can play hundreds of hours, and still not be doing the same thing for hundreds of hours.. well those don't exist. The closest thing would be the competitive PVP games, because the content/nature of the game is mostly decided by player actions.
    One of the better long posts i've read on this website, you pretty much explained it all. GG
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    Quote from azakus87
    So basicaly geting from bp 6 to 7 is 133% dmg (3.3333/2.5 APS = 1.3333) increase. Now yours burizza have 2364,5 AVG DMG and etrayu has 1810. Divide burizza dmg by etrayu and u get 1.306. So getting to higher bp gives u 1.333 boost and switching to etrayu gives 1.306 downgrade which is almost 0 difference. But take elemental damage boost from etrayu into the account. Overall etrayu is better. @onelastsunset with your weapons its almost the same but factor burizza/etrayu is 1.34.
    Thank you very much Azakus87, that was the answer i was looking for.
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    It's been bothering me lately and i really couldn't find any data regarding this, so i am going to ask for assistance here.

    Basically, in my case, its Etrayu vs Buriza-Do Kyanon

    Cold dmg with Etrayu: 1 612 211

    Cold dmg with Buriza: 1 549 393

    Sentry breakpoint with Etrayu: Tier 7 - 3.333 attacks per second

    Sentry breakpoint with Buriza: Tier 6 - 2.5 attacks per second

    By just looking at this stats one will easily say that Etrayu is better, but then again white damage on Buriza is much higher than Etrayu's damage.

    My question is how much does white damage range on weapons really scale with sentry damage? Is it worth losing ~63k cold damage and 1 sentry tier for higher weapon damage range (buzira equipped) or should i stick with more cold damage and 1 sentry tier (etrayu equipped)?

    I'd really appreciate assistance on this, looking forward to see them answers :)

    Thanks in advance!
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