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    posted a message on Scrap uniques (maybe runewords too), improve rares and crafting.
    lol, the crafting system was in d2, but Blizz scrapped it pretty much... Nerfed it to hell really.

    In my opinion, it should go back to how it was d2 Classic. Rares are 100% better than any unique you can find (only normal rares), with some exeptions (hotspurs come to mind.). FOr one, they can spawn more mods, and two each one was different. Much better really.
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    posted a message on Please no synergies!

    Synergies made diablo 2 100000000% better. For one, your builds had 100% more depth, and did not consist of "Ok, if i somehow bs my way to 30 withoit spending very many points, i can max Orb, Meteor, thunderstorm, then teleport/manashield. ez."

    Instead, it consists of a much more balanced system. Take a barb for example. B4 synergies a barb build pretty much consisted of 20 points into main attack, 20 points into bo, 20 into shout, 20 into weapon mastery, then rest into passives of your choice. Now, post Synergies, almost every barb (even in the same build) are different. To take it even deeper, take a Frenzy barb for example. Now, you gotta max Frenzy (ofc) but from there every frenzy barb will be different. One will max bo, shout, weapon mastery and the double swing synergy for an easier start. Another barb decides instead of double swing he will max out Berserk for more than one possible damage type. Then another will decide bo/Shout is not worth it, and from the get go will ignore shout and maxx out two/three synergies for max damage while losing survivability.

    Realistically, synergies made d2 skill system. I am going to assume you have not played d2 pre-synergies aswell. Every single person was the same cookie cutter "maxxed all 30 lvl skills" bs. There was no build originality, etc.
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    posted a message on Battle.net Improvements
    Quote from "Johnny_Death" »
    Better chat support. Having to type /w got old. They could make a simple buddy list. A message system would be nice too.

    I hope they keep it pretty clean. It might just be me but I hate Xbox Live because it feels so clunky.

    They had one... It was called the freinds list.

    /F a to add an account. Then /F m to talk to every1 on your list.
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    posted a message on Fun and Difficult But Not Impossible This Time
    Quote from "sethdiablo" »
    If I recall around the time that hell was buffed after LOD there were many "Its impossible solo" complaints to that effect. This seems to happen with just about every game that implements a harder "area" or difficulty albeit a MMORPG or a RPG hack'n'slash. There will be a learning curve and if by the time you roll around to what is supposed to be the HARDEST setting of the game...let me reiterate HARDESSST setting of the game, you have trouble killing this or that. I hate to tell you thats why the difficulty setting is called "hell" mode.

    If you are not willing to change your tactics of playing or building of your characters to make hell mode less of a "die-fest" then you obviously are not ready to be playing on a difficulty above your skills of playing. I plan to get the floor whiped in the blood of any starting characters i take into the last difficulty until it is literally beat into my head how to adapt and recreate/reskill my character to be able to handle it effectively.

    I beleive that our newbies to the franchise or when we all first begin even(since technically we will all be newbies when d3 first hits the shelves) should not have too much trouble carving our ways through normal difficulty. When we hit nightmare it should get noticeably different as we should have come to grips with how the game handles and our character's skills play. When we reach the mid/end of nightmare we should really be having some issues in certain areas and learn what needs to be done to handle those situations accordingly. Now, when we finally reach that point of being able to defeat the final mission/act/chapter w/e in nightmare we should be very well versed in the workings of our character as well as have a very decent understanding of what items are important to our build/character type.

    At that point when we start venturing into hell we should hit very STIFF opposition in the first act. The learning curve at this difficulty should become very steep, u've learned and mastered the basics of your character now its time to take a beating and see what you're made of. As you slug your way slowly further into the acts of hell you will obviously be exposed to some very nice drops of which to make your character even stronger and outfit him more fitting for the difficulty at which you are playing. If you simply find it too hard for your liking you need to go back and keep playing on NM. As said in the very beginning of this post this is meant to be the "end-game" level of difficulty it will become no harder than this. Asking blizzard to dumb down the hardest setting of the game so just any average-joe player can come in and destroy the acts is rediculous.


    First of all, great post. Second, i agree 100%.

    Yes i know the game in and out, i know a good 50% of rw's of the top of my head etc. I know how to outfit every character etc. Hell is challenging and difficult. Is that not what he just asked for? And in retrospective, i meant hell is hard and difficult at first. Very challenging. Then you start understanding your character, herding etc much better and become addept at gameplay.

    If you want the game to be easy through and through, heh. I would much rather play in a game where stuff is hard, and i am challenged at every corner. That is what i love about diablo, the playstyle etc.

    For the record, what exactly is your defining of Challenging and difficult? Challenging personally means that i must work hard and stay allert to get past alive. That i must have my pots ready, and the ability to adapt a stratatgy for each and every situation from every corner. Diablo 2 is a fairly easy game. With good gear you can pretty much destroy Hell.

    If i was a nub and i did not know the game that well, then damn... I guess i should learn? no? If you do not know enough at the time for hell, come back later when you do...
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    posted a message on The Hidden Return?
    Where exactly did you find this picture anyway?

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    posted a message on Does 1/1 Really equal 20/20??
    Some skills dont need 20 points to be mastered. Realistically, look at skills like Static, Teleport, Redmption, find item/pot etc.

    Is it really worth a point which could increase dmg by 50-500 for 1 mana per cast? Or 1% more chance to find an item? Or 2 more mana/hp per soul? etc.

    Blizzard realized that no1 invests in certian skills, nor should they when there are better things to pump points into. So, instead of having teleport satrt at 27 mana, it will start at around 15ish and stay that way.

    Bad? pfft, no.
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    posted a message on Fun and Difficult But Not Impossible This Time
    Quote from "akse" »
    And everyone have to be a hammerdin? or some other of those. I want to make a lightning sorc.. but she can't do a thing against lightning immunes.. Immunes make some builds too strong compared to others and also disable many build choises.

    A hammerdin could prolly go trough hell naked since they are so OP, play some other char.

    Wow... you read well hey? I just listed many builds (1+ per class) that can solo hell of the top of my head. Yes i know the game in and out, but in no way is it impossible. It is difficult, a challenge, and sometimes luck factors into it. But, the point is to be difficult.

    Another option is to have a friend with the conviction aura, etc. It is not impossible in anyway whatsoever. It is impossible if you limit yourself to certian builds, or do not create a character with an enough variations of damage etc. But is it our fault you limited your character? Is that my fault you didn't choose another option?

    Yes, build choices are limited, but with gear you can work around that. Again, it is not in anyway impossible. Save up for that nice infinity Polearm so your merc can help you out. You want the game to be difficult? It is difficult. You want it to be possible? it is VERY possible.

    A1 single player is, again, not that difficult either. Get an easy build (such as meteorb sorcs, great early, great later... 2 effective elements.) if it is that difficult.

    You bring up merc choice aswell. Again, you are not limited by your choices, but as always some will be much better than others, realistically.

    Sorry, but your arguements don't really say much.
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    posted a message on Fun and Difficult But Not Impossible This Time
    Quote from "Thizziest" »
    I agree completely. Just started d2 again couple weeks ago and my sorc is now lvl 86 and easily gets killed in act 1 hell and cant kill shit by herself. resistance this or that, i tried to make her balanced which didnt help at all. she has lots of mf gear and ive done probobly close to +100 hell mode baal runs and not finding any worthwhile items.

    Rofl.... You havn't done 100+ hell baals... lol. You would be a much higher level than 86. And only being 86 means you have never solo'd a hell baal run, which means that pickit players have probably stolen all the drops.

    Hell is not impossible at all. There are a few different combonations that can absolutly dominate hell. Hammerdins, Frenzy barbs, Ele druids, Bone necros, javazons, bowazons, Meteorb sorc, Dual ele Trapasins, etc.

    And if you run into immunities, just run in with a buddy or two sporting atleast 2-3 elements together.

    And if your still finding it hard, get some low level uniques (Hotspurs, Goldskin, Tarnhelm etc) and use SHael+tal+a Pdiamond and upgrade them. My recent ladder hammerdin solo'd hell at level 72 (wearing Dual Spirit, Lore Shako, Smoke (in a Mageplate), frostburns, dual magic 10% fcr +str/mf rings, a 15% priz ammy, upped hotspurs (100 armor!), and an Upped lenimo (for 4 slots).) I have done MAYBE 50 countess runs, then traded my higher runes for multiple lower runes to complete runewords. For example, trading an Amn for a Ort, Thul, and Tal. Sure, you lose some monetary value, but you get what you want fairly easily.

    Considering leveling 1-25 takes 10 minutes with a chanter, then baaling for an hour gets you to 50-60ish, doing NM countess runs are nothing. Many runewords are very achievable by this rate. For example: Spirit (TalThulOrtAmn, all of which ar levl 25 and below accessable), Smoke (NefLum), Stealth (TalEth), Lore (OrtSol), Rhyme (ShaelEth) are all very easily attained RW's that are fairly effective untill you get up into the Enigma's, Hoto's, CoH's etc.

    Realistically, D2 is not hard. If anything it should become harder. As an HC player, i have lost 2 characters this ladder, both from silly mistakes (Going afk outside, and lagging at hell forge) that i should have known better than to do (heh, not playing for awhile does that to you...).

    Diablo is not hard at all, even mediocre gear can do decently with some effort, skills, and precautions.

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    posted a message on X-fering items?
    Or, like all the pros, Simply get another cdkey and a d2 loader.

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    posted a message on Frustrated at Diablo 3 Skills
    Quote from "Virigo" »
    Ya Im biased towards Diablo yea because Im a fan of Diablo and not WOW duh, so I wish theyd stop messing with my game.

    Your right.

    Fuck improving the game, why play something better when you can play something older?


    Diablo influenced the talent system... Now the talent system is influencing the SKill tree system.


    It is not "WoW"ing up your gameplay, because it came from Diablo. Get real buddy.

    If you want "your Game" exactly how it is, play D2 ffs.
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    posted a message on Frustrated at Diablo 3 Skills
    Personally i think this makes perfect sense. For example, look at skills such as teleport, Cloak Of Shadows, or static. Why put more points into it when it does not really make much of a difference? 1 mana per skill point was hardly worth maxing these skills, unless your build was allready complete (such as Smiters, only 60 points).

    This system is much better. Some skills are vital, but not good enought to be worth spending important skill points on. Realistically, some skills cannot become good enough to be worth investing tons of points into them.

    And as for +skills, it is very easy to put a hardcap on the skill level of a certian skill. They could make it so you can keep on stacking the +skills, but that skill has a maximum level at say, 10, or w/e.
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    posted a message on Blizzard Comments On The Classes In Diablo 3
    Quote from "Soulblighter" »
    Who said we were bitching? We just stated we think blizzard will bring them back. I personally hated the sorc..what a boring char..and aside from the amazons guided arrow..what good was she?


    Lite fury, Charged strike, huge passives: They could take out many monsters fast.

    Amazons pwned... Lots of survivability, huge damage. Nuff said.

    And sorcs were only boring because of Enigma. Without Enigma sorcs had a huge role. Also, the sorc has the single highest variety of damage types. From ice, to lite, to fire. The sorcerress was also the best at taking down monsters with huge hp via static.

    Just because you dont like ranged characters doesn't mean they suck or they are boring. rofl.
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    posted a message on Please, Blizzard, let there be a monthly fee.
    Quote from "distanc3ing" »
    Here it is:

    ESRB and montly fees have no impact on who plays the game.
    Parents will still make purchases to shut their kids up...or to make them happy even if its not what is sujested by some department we did not elect...

    Battle.net has never required a fee, however that is not to say that they will not. Until there is official word no one will know. Blogging about it will not get you the information you are looking for.

    Diablo II
    The game came out 7 years ago and has numerous patches. Look at what they do on WoW during an update. Once in a while something new and exciting but usually just fix bugs. So dont make it seem like WoW is making gaming history by creating NEW STUFF every week. They simply are not. To say that they are is a lie and maybe a subconscious way of making yourself feel better for spending 15 bucks a month.

    WoW numbers:
    Blizz is making over 1billion dollars a year off of your monthly subscriptions. Look at how many people are playing, then multiply that number by 15. I know it may be difficult but try it the numbers are out there just takes a little research. Now since many of you do not know just how much a billion is ill try to explain it to you. 1 million seconds is about 11.5 days...to where 1 billion seconds is about 31.7 YEARS. No one can tell me that pay roll, business expenses, RnD, and actual Programming and integration is costing any where near that amount. Where do you think that they came up with the money to make the D3 and where do you think that they will get the money to update it and keep it running smooth. Diablo is kinda like the Corvett. Chevy makes little to NO money of of it each year, however it is A BIG DEAL so they keep it around because they are not really loosing money off it, they are just not making much. And it does not matter if they dont make much because their sales off of other vehicles carries it. Again the numbers are out there, look it up.

    Crying about things is as effective as attempting to understand a story by sleeping with the book and never reading it. Actions speak louder than words...getting any of this...you are not in control so if there is a fee then for some reason people will be happy and others will not to where the adverse is true as well.


    Amazing post.
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    posted a message on Blizzard needs to implement at least a BoE or BoP system (Bind on Equip or Pick-up).
    It would be easiest to just make items unrepairable. Then their is no BoP/BoE bullshit, and the market does not crash.

    I am strongly against BoP/BoE. Another solution is to reset the ladder more often so that the market does not die as easily.
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    posted a message on Please, Blizzard, let there be a monthly fee.
    Quote from "Zvolen" »
    I disagree that a game of D3 or WoW's standard only costs 30 million after advertising, production, distribution, development, etc...

    D3 is not the same type of game as WoW. An MMO costs around 50-100 times that of what an RPG costs. Think about it, Funcom spend 5 billion on AoC, and it is as incomplete as shit.

    WoW and D3 are on completly different scales. WoW before the expansion had about ten times the content that Diablo 1, 2, and LoD had combined. The world is bigger! More instances in WoW then there are zones in Diablo 1 thruogh LoD, Battlegrounds, Guilds, 1000x more quests, more art (Races, armor types etc), more classes with more skills, harder bosses etc..

    The average console game costs around 20-30 million to develope (same as CPU Fps, Rpg, Horror etc.).
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