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    So, messing around in my wizard, having a blast. Using an offshoot of the cookie cutter Firebird hydra set(though no firebird or hydra wand xD). I've been using Toxin with Apoc Blizzard and have been loving it. I've been indecisive with my 3rd gem(Zei's isnt doing me that much right now due to me not being super kitey yet). I started dabbling with Pain Enhancer. I know it works with Blizzard(tested it). However, I have some questions regarding both gems.

    1) Do they work together? With how DoTs work, it's hard to tell. I assume both are usable together, but want to verify.

    2) Can Toxin ticks proc Pain bleeds?

    3) Are there any interactions with these 2 gems and the Firebird DoT?

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    posted a message on Blizzcon in a Box Contest
    Blizzcon In A Bottle

    Objective: Get drunk and have fun!
    -Take 1 shot when someone says "For The Horde/Alliance"
    -Take 2 shots when someone says "Soon"
    -Take 2 shots if during the voice contest someone says "Zug zug," "Loktar ogar," or "MRGRLRLLRLRLR"
    -Finish your drink if someone dresses up as an elf during costume contest
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    posted a message on [Spoiler] RoS Vanity Pet, Devils Hand and More
    Quote from Flexy

    Quote from Elendiro

    ugh...when pets are implented the game is ruined forever.

    They better give us pets which automatically pick up all gems/crafting items.
    Or just make those items auto-pickups like gold. Seriously: You ALWAYS want to pick those up. Especially when the AH is gone.

    Gosh I hope so. I was sad to see those scrolls go. Those scrolls/pets would make me want +pickup radius a bit more if they did pick up those things.
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    Quote from Mienta

    Quote from Galneryus

    New interview!

    EDIT: Nephalem Trials are exactly what Edriel posted previously :)

    /enable tinfoilhat
    I really couldn't help but notice, that to the question:
    "The crusader has been announced. Is there any plans to release an additional one?"
    Josh answers:
    "The crusader is the star of the hour *mumble* Reaper of Souls"

    If they were ever to release another character at blizzcon, this seems like a pretty good dodge of the question tbh.
    Probably just wishful thinking though :D

    Totally with you on that. Usually, they'd say no, right? Only time you wouldn't answer a question directly is if you are hiding something!
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    I could be stretching here, or just REALLY hoping, but in the Razor interview, they didn't really say there are no other new classes, just that the Crusader is the "star of the hour for Reaper of Souls". Could mean, Crusader is the big fun announcement for the literal hour of RoS announcements at Gamescom. Blizzard is known quite well for answering questions with non-answers.
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    Quote from Mienta

    Quote from MrJul

    Quote from Mienta

    What makes you think that there will be much more stuff announced for the expansion at Blizzcon?

    In this interview video, posted in another thread, at 10:00, he says "There's a lot of features we haven't talked about so far with this announcement. We had to think and choose, there's so many features in this expansion. You've discovered a taste of what's coming in Reaper of Souls.".

    Even without this confirmation, the expansion is several months away: we won't have the equivalent of the expansion patch notes in a mere announcement. More details are coming later, Blizzard has always loved to give information in dribs and drabs!

    Good source!
    I totally get the logic that they want to have big stuff to reveal at Blizzcon, I just can't shake the feeling that they knew they had to make a big impression with the announcement of RoS, which to me makes it somewhat unlikely that there's still a lot of REALLY big stuff that they haven't announced.

    They obviously still have a lot of new skills to show off, and a deeper look at lootruns andnephalem trials. But do any of you guys actually think they could hold off on something like another new class? Or some cool PvP system? Seems unlikely to me.

    EDIT: I just realized that the interview MrJul linked to confirms that there will not be another class for RoS.

    I think they totally could. Imagine Blizzcon where they reveal ANOTHER new class, more game systems, etc. People would go nuts. Including me.

    Edit: Just saw your edit(haven't watched video), so take out the new class part. Still, could be a lot of new we don't know about(obviously, since they said so!).
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    Quote from EleSaturate

    Quote from Serpenth

    I think they want to push this stuff out as soon as possible to get past these tough times. I'm expecting May/June release with beta beginning after Blizzcon presentation.

    Exactly. They're adding one act and one class, and they've been working on this for quite some time now. I would be shocked if we waited longer than May for the release.

    I'd be shocked if we had to wait till May, tbh.
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    Didn't see this on front page or in comments, but I noticed Nephalem Valor isn't restricted to max level. In the 10 minute Crusader video, he kills a champion pack, gaining 1 stack of NV in normal at level 31. SO HAPPY FOR THIS. Will make leveling new characters feel much more rewarding, as well as the legendary drops scaling with you as you level.

    Overall, Im pleased with the news. More to come soon, I imagine. #stoked
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    posted a message on 2hand xbow or 2x1hand?
    I believe 2x 1h's do indeed provide the highest DPS if you find 2x with similar damage/attack speed/etc. However, as a few have pointed out, with the way Inferno is right now, 2x 1h's require you to be stationary for a longer period of time to produce the same amount of damage one would be able to do with a 2h. 2x 1h's might actually be extremely good with high LoH/dex/attack speed/disc and a higher survivability build(high res/vitality/passives). But I think from a pure pewpew on the go perspective, bows or crossbows are the way to go.
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    Quote from Moralus

    I dropped Elemental Arrow entirely. People are really stuck on the skill. Don't get me wrong..it has plenty of uses, but we have so many other viable options that hardly anyone even looks at.


    The build requires more precise play so is not for everyone, but allows you to use smoke screen as an aggressive ability alongside Fan of Knives to pull of some impressive nukes. In fact I can outright destroy all non-shielding champion packs in infinitely faster than I could with the IAS+Nether Tentacle pre-nerf build.

    Grenadier as a passive is a great alternative for archery or sharpshooter depending on your gear. Additionally you can swap the Cluster Rune to something else like Loaded for Bear.

    With sufficient vit+resist all you can drop SS for Shadow Power (Gloom) for a more efficient use of discipline.

    How do I survive without caltrops or some form of slow? Use the scoundrel with Multishot and a cold weapon. It's more or less a permanent aoe slow. You also have enough burst to destroy reflecting mobs while SS is up (just make sure you read affixes before you fire off some huge damage and kill yourself)

    There is huge burst potential with spike traps and you can set them up prior to pulling a pack. Afterwards simply Cluster->Evasive->Cluster->Smoke Screen/Run in for a FoK. If mobs aren't dead simply evasive fire out and they will die shortly after.

    I totally changed my gear setup for 1.03 and am able to farm acts 1-4 as good if not better than I could prior to the "nerfs"


    Most people will hate this build, but hopefully a few enjoy it. Enjoy!

    Here is a video I came across with the build in action:

    Im also interested in your stats and how you gear! Build looks fun but very dependent on high crit and crit damage(since it seems like a hatred heavy build).
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    Quote from Draco_Draco

    Frost arrow won't pierce through Invul/shielded mobs (it might split, not sure about that, but it's still not a split).
    It hits far less targets, and is thus a singletarget spell, NOT an aoe spell, meaning you'd have to get some kind of AOE for huge packs of weak mobs anyway.

    Actually, not true. I've found that Frost Arrow is superb against Invulnerable minions. Spamming it on the shielded/immune target quickly takes out the non-invulnerable target. WAY better than Nether imo for this job. I also use it as an AoE just fine. It spreads nicely, does great damage(170% instantly for 10 hatred, VS 155% for a slow shot(Ball Lightning), or 165% for 20 hatred(Multishot)), but its not quite as large of an AoE of course. It works well though. I use it for my standard spam button, and Impale for bosses/champions/rares. Works well for me!
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    posted a message on Price check/potentially selling uber INT helmet!
    360 armor
    225 int
    148 vit
    36 fire res
    69 all res

    Only similar item I found on RMAH was for 245 bucks, and on GAH was roughly 20-90mill, depending on how much lower the other stats go.
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    posted a message on List of the hidden nerfs
    Quote from ContentsMayVary

    Quote from Lindail
    -Smoke screen no longer usable while frozen despite other skills being enabled.

    I know this is not true, so this casts doubt in my mind for all your other statements...

    ^true. I just used Smoke Screen while Frozen. Works fine.
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    posted a message on Nether Tenticle Major nerf
    Quote from Youarefired

    Dunno what you guys are talking about it not being good still. I just went on and tried it and it still works great. But the game as a whole still sucks though.
    Oh, I dont think its not good, I just think that its now not heads and tails better than everything else, so it opens up some diversity with what you can use. :)
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