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    So I'm new to DH, and I usually play push 2s with a friend, who is playing wizard this season. Since DH's damage compared to wizard is negligible (or so I think, by comparing how things melt when archon is up vs how much I have to struggle to down elite packs with UE multishot), so I decided to go support.

    This is what I came up with: http://www.d3planner.com/554750339

    I have a few questions though, which I have no idea of how to actually test:

    - When I multishot, does the rune (8% crit debuff) stacks with iceblink?

    - numbing traps says it triggers from sentry fire. Does this include sentry multishot through the set bonus?

    - Marked for death: how does it work if I constantly multishot the whole screen? I can certainly see all the mobs briefly debuffed, but afaik only one can be really with the debuff at a given time? So should I put marked for death - death valley in the bars? It will be though to give up any of the active skills.

    - vengeance seems really OP for support, but the older support builds didn't use it - i guess they assumed ignore pain was in the group? CC Immunity seems necessary for 2s, and I'm not sure if other skills give perma immunity for the dh.

    So far it's working ok (through 82 in ~12 minutes so far) but I don't really know if it's because monster damage now scales slower, or wizard is absurd and really the only thing that works from the build is guardian sentry. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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    It's ok guys, they know what is wrong with the game. They've done the research (tm)

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    The links have a nasty space after the end, OP needs to fix them (or you can remove them from the url bar)

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    Get in a game with a person that says 'oh it drops for me all the time'. It probably will.

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    Yep, it's a pretty nice build. Props on getting on 44+ and keep going! You can beat dem perma voodoo WDs!

    I use a similar build but I change sprint for cold ancients (+10% crit to mobs) or ground stomp - wrenching smash, since 1) I'm pretty bad raekoring 2) it provides an additional cc for the mobs and the rg and 3) I think you get enough healing with just rend (I might be wrong though).

    Just one point I didn't understand:

    "Use charge with element that is different from your dps elements, this will disable angels from act 4"

    Do you mean that if I set physical (for example) then it won't mitigate damage from the rest of the party if they use any other element?
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