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    I was diablo's #1 fan of all time back from D1 and eagerly waited for D3 to be released.

    Until i saw the Legendary item database.

    Goddamnit! blizzard, what was so amazing in diablo was the uniquness of each of your uniques \ sets.

    Uniques had a very unique attribue that you couldn't achieve with rare \ magical items.
    for example - IceBlink, freezes with hit. you couldnt have that on a regular item or magical or any other unique item!

    second example is the BoneSnap with +% crushing blow, once again no other unique had it..

    What we have now is a pile of Legendaries that doesnt differ from one another !!! thats bullshit!
    i mean the changes are so bland - one item with +10 attack while the other differ with +10 vitality.

    what im saying is that all legendaries are using the same pool of attributes and dont have a unique characristics!!!

    thats mega lame, and actually i was just seeing that D3 was delayed to early 2012 and it doesnt bother me as it was if i heard it ysterday.

    NOTE: the +x random attribute on the legendaries is a blessed thing but doesnt solve the problem i stated since random adds to difference and not uniqueness and characteristic of items.
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    You have to buy a "regular attack" package at the RMAH first
    its really cheap: 100 attacks for 0.99$
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