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    I think it's pretty odd we still haven't gotten the 30 days notice of season 1 ending yet. Considering they mentioned that the patch is pretty much done. I don't think launching the patch without ending the season would make alot of sense since (afaik) the new gems are gonna be season only (as in S2). I figured S1 would end around patch day or a day before or something and the second season would start a couple of days after that, like S1 started a couple of days after 2.1.
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    They could go the torchlight 2 direction and give us 2 staches, 1 personal and 1 shared. Shared stash is great but it isn't needed for all of the gear. I wouldn't mind paying €5 to unlock a personal stash, beats having to get rid of items since you have no space, not to mention it'll only get worse as they add more and more items. :/

    Or just some more tabs on the current stash would do I guess. They added a tab in 2.1 if I remember correctly, maybe they'll add another one now aswell.
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    Quote from Kodaijin»
    So if I'm understanding this right, basically I'm going to NEED to get a KS or bust?
    I was critting 30+ mil with evasive arrow pretty easily aswell on my non season dh (doesn't have krider). So I wouldn't say it's mandatory at all, depending on how high you wanna reach ofcourse.

    Edit: this was with the first change to marauders, It'll do even more damage now. :P
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    Quote from Angzt»

    TL;DR: Each Legendary drop should be exciting. Ancient items achieve that. Ancient Gifts don't.

    I get your point but I don't think it'll pan out that way. I'll use my pet doctors gear as an example:

    Mask of Jeram: Absolutly unreplaceable, even a badly rolled (75% is the minimum?) will still outdo an ancient helmet with some extra int/vit. Only reason I'd discover the new helmet is if its quezacotl or something.
    Amulet: I still use leorics signet, it's a huge pain to find a very well rolled amulet and people seem to prefer ele% over int, ancient gear doesn't even apply if you already have a perfectly rolled amulet. :/
    Shoulders/chest/bracers: Aughilds, I don't use RoRG since I prefer Tall mans finger/SoJ/unity over other leg pieces, this might be up for improvement though. But in case I stick with this, the ancient drop doesnt apply.
    Gloves: Taskers, same story as the helmet, no way some extra mainstat is gonna make up for the T&T bonus.
    Legs/Belt/Boots: I use blackthornes here, again, I could swap a piece and use RorG but most leg pieces aside from blackthornes are gonne be useless for me since I'll lose a pretty nice set bonus.
    Rings: Tall mans/unity/SoJ, completly unreplaceable imo. Like I said, could go for a RoRG and swap some other pieces around but... Since they're buffing other rings, this slot might be exciting again though. Kinda the same story as amulet though, SoJ is SoJ, anicient or not.
    Weapon: SMK, don't really know how I could swap this, considering it isn't too hard to get a permanent Big Bad Voodoo/Fetish Army, it's gonna have to be a pretty insane weapon to outdo this. Weapons are often fun, so I guess I would discover it before salvaging anyway, ancient gear or not.
    Mojo: I'm using Unhkapian (or however you spell it) serpent here, this is probably the most "exciting" drop though.

    So while some pieces are exciting to replace/find, they already are (mostly) for me, whether an item is ancient or not often won't make a difference. Aside from that, it's just finding the same gear, only "better", just like it is now (for me, I guess some people already have the desired stats on all items).

    TL;DR: Pieces that I insta salvage now are still gonna be insta salvaged post ancient release since legendary/set bonuses are just too strong.

    Hope I made my point a bit clear. :P But yeah, ancient gear is still better than gifts (imo) since right now you're still hunting for gear, rather than the 1 in a million chance of finding gifts, which in turn you'd probably only use on very well rolled items, unless you have extras.
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