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    well .. nvidia 240 is low end video card, untill Ati 4850 is at least triple faster - designed for the gamers ( yes - it's not 5870/5890 , but it's one of the best cheap gaming vga's ).

    I vote with all my available hands/legs/other external hardware for ATI 4850.

    this nVidia is just not match for any of the ATi's from 48xx series.

    i currently use Ati 4850 512 Mb / GDR3 on Quad Core 6600 Intel CPU / 8 Gb RAM
    it's really fast thing.

    ( i can run 3DS MAX 2010 and play 4 instances of Runes of Magic on high visual settings without any problem )
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    posted a message on Forum game: Rate the sig above you
    Idk about the signature..
    it's ... strange.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 not till 2011 or beyond.
    Quote from "Airandius" »
    I have a question aswell: will I have children before Diablo 3 releases... :(

    Yes ... and No ...

    Your childrens will have childrens when D3 is released ...
    See ya after 50 years :D
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    posted a message on Why Jay Wilson Lets His Daughter Play Diablo 3.
    This interview is just a plain Advert.
    Nothing more.
    I can not see gore still.
    when i can extract internal organs , and play painter with them - then i can rate a game - gore.
    D3 should be rated 13+ , not more.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 not till 2011 or beyond.
    Heheh ..

    interesting ... then things getting interesting...
    i think Blizzard are just scared that D3 would not be "each gamer best wish" right now , on the hardest period for the most of economics.

    Anyway - i think release D3 in 2011 is a BIG mistake ...
    keep it until 2020 or when captain Jean-Luc Picard is reality ...

    this is his picture , waiting for D3 ...
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    posted a message on How will you pass the time?
    Runes of Magic

    this game completely fill ( even overfill sometime ;) ) my need of online gameplay exp :)

    so - i have more than enough to do until D3 ..
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    posted a message on Φ Monk Class
    It was a long time since i post.

    I just wana cheers Blizzard for "Monk"
    it have good look ( more like chinse Monk types ... but anyway ).
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    posted a message on Advanced Audio control... PLEASE
    Quote from "akse" »
    I always listen the game audio the first months I play but especially in D2 I get annoyied by the endless bashing sounds :)

    Sometimes I turn them back on again.

    but after a few replays it become a very , very boring , then even Elton John start to look like a much better choice ( LOL )
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    posted a message on Next class - Only serious speculations with info to back it up!
    Paladin / Knight - 100%

    Barberian can not be TANK, so - they have no other choice than introducing THE ONLY real fitting and REAL class which represent the time of the events - paladin or knight.

    It's much possible Paladin to be renamed to Knight , because of "renaming strategy" which we can see in the last introduced class - Mage -> Wizard
    and to fit in the picture Knight will be whiteskined to be in contrast with Paladins as we know them...
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    posted a message on Advanced Audio control... PLEASE
    I really do not care about audio.
    I always keep it turned off, in order to listen some more explosive and blood pressure boosting :D
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    posted a message on Item power upgrading / Fusion
    If u read carefully
    It wont be an easy task to achieve.

    For instance :
    Having item X with stat :
    PHY DMG 100

    - in order to upgrade it
    u need to have 5 such items,
    and u will get as result something with like 110 dmg
    and the price and time spend on this thing would be equal to buying 100-150 of theese items for each update.
    and u will need to play 20 weeks for 1 upgrade...
    to reach 150 dmg for instance - u would need to play about 100 weeks ( 2 years ) ... do u find this so disturbing ? :E

    This solve alot of problems :
    1: Gold balance - spend amount of gold on this process will create a need of gold itself.
    2: High level players will spend alot of time gathering "Fusion quest items" , dispach them o normal Gold/Items harvesting.
    3: Impossible to use bots for this , insted of normal item harvesting.
    4: Impossible for "less than specific level players"
    5: a very tradable super hard to ascuire item on 10-th FUSION upgrade ( for instance ) would cost amount of gold and items as "impossible to achieve"
    6: a very new hope for reached last level players, in order to "do something" instead of "just waiting" for the reset
    7: a really Epic items.
    8: alot of time spend with party in order to do FUSION on the last level, in dangerous place, which could be a very problem for hardcore players ... - they could die from spawning monsters when they are busy with FUSION.
    9: Chance of permanent FUSION failing keep market from flooding with epic items, and will create a toons of items which can be used only of spawning elite mobs.
    10: time spend for hunting fusion quest items will keep players online.
    11: required items for fusion would create a hunger for requested type items, and will move market need and economy ahead ( more players go for items hunt, more deaths for hardcore players, more gold and items spend during hunting process , and so on and so on .. )
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    posted a message on Item power upgrading / Fusion
    The idea :

    1: Fusion

    If u have good SPECIAL item u can upgrade it with FUSION with the 5 of the same items.
    BUT only if the items are found on the jurney , not buyed from NPC.
    update 1 : FUSION will upgrade +0.5% from base items stats.

    Each FUSION cost some specific companion item ( like " fusion quest items" ) , which can be found from completing specific quest - once at week.

    If u have a mage staff - u can FUSE it with a SWORD or other physical damage weapon.
    The result item shall have + 1/2 of the normal physical FUSION upgrade, and there should be spend 3 fusion quest items.
    It can be CROSS FUSION only once, and after this - it's not possible anymore to be upgraded.

    Downgrading FUSION
    a upgraded item can be 1 step downgrades ( like unproper CROSS FUSION ) if there is spend 10 fusion quest items.

    Each FUSION cost player specific amount of gold and can be done only on specific place, it cost aswell a specific amount of time and monsters which spawns can prevent you from completing FUSION reaction.

    The place where FUSION is random, and it's location is predicted by a NPC which must be saved from killing ( every day quest ).

    Items can be fused unlimited , but there is a chance FUSION process to sudenly stop , and after this event futher upgrade trough fusion is no more possible.

    Fusion quest items can be sold or traded, but players have right to do it only once at week.

    Upgraded trough FUSION item sold to NPC - open a portal to new - random generated area with lvl of monsters equal to fusion item lvl.

    - 5 upgraded trough FUSION absolutely same items can be transmuted into one power FUSION item.
    The result item would cost 20 fusion quest items, and will become with random % of upgrade -starting from 0.5% up to 10% from the base.

    3: Item refreshing.
    Problems :

    1: Economy inside the game is based mainly on the SPECIAL ( hard to be found gold/set items .. etc.. ) items OR VERY USABLE even low items.
    2: The Whites or low grade , or low grade or most of the etherial's is not much usable , and they goes directly to the NPC's for gold when ( if ) they are picked.
    3: Good items with nice stats usually can not be upgraded above some level of upgrading.

    Solving :
    when u fight enemies - your items become damages and broken, solving this problem from blacksmith is just workaround, because not any blacksmith could have eaveryones spare parts each time u need it.
    And just spending 1 sec to click "repair all" is a way too easy - isnt it ?
    SO - In order to bring order inside this chaos of items, problem with "a way too easy repair" and "not so valuable white , etherial or low grade items" u can refresh your item ( without upgrading it ) to 100 of its properties with blacksmithing it to blacksmith , but u need to give to him 3 of the same kind items ( a white / eth / low grade ), else he can still repair your item - but with random % of repair - starting from the current status up to 80% of it.
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    posted a message on Barb = Awesome!
    The armor is not very barberic style.

    Savages do not prefer heavy armor covering entirely upper body + head.
    this is much look like heavy armed paladin/ dark knight
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    posted a message on New class, no speculation, serious OFFER for blizz (bashiock plz read)
    I tough we post only SERIOUS ideas here ..
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    posted a message on Soul System and socketing suggestions
    Play RUNES of MAGIC - and u will understand this completely.
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