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    posted a message on Will Diablo 3 Be Playable At BlizzCon 2008?
    Sonic we are so gonna be right, Xmas baby <3

    Maybeee that's a bit optimistic but i'd say early-mid 09
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    posted a message on Win Tickets To BlizzCon 2008!
    This is awesome that Blizz is helping out the fans and what not!

    I am looking forward to seeing and testing the games more than anything, I really want to see new Diablo 3 info or demos, I want to see Starcraft 2 and possibly play it, also would like to see all of the costumes etc. that people come up with.

    Going to Blizzcon would literally make me pee my pants, crossing my fingers **
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    posted a message on Diablofans - WWI Card Tyrael Pet Contest
    Craigslist style trading would be very cool. Not exactly like WoW and other games with the auction house, maybe similar but more of a Craigslist in order to trade items instead of just gold. Like if you wanted someones item thats up for sale in the Auction House or whatever you can send a PM on the item to them that arrives in there inbox in the friends/community box then they reply saying they except or not or ask for more or simply dont reply. Talking Diablo 3 of course, I also think a friends/clan/community box should be implimented and clans should be organized and competitive in dueling.

    I also think it would be awesome if the characters all changed throughout leveling up. Level 10 they would look simple and like normal people, but then every 5 or 10 levels they would change, not exactly to look older or larger or anything but those could both be decent ideas also. I think the characters should look either more evil or more good as they level up depending on which side they choose to sympathize with, and when they choose that at the beginning of the game it changes certain quests throughout the game. And then if you max out a character you get a really badass glow or cool looking effect depending on your side. And maybe 1 special skill depending on your class and evil or good, for max levels only or 90+.

    Would add replayability and allow you to go through evil and good modes with every character if you wanted to get all the side quests and full stories of all of the characters to peice it all together.

    This game is going to be amazing, can't wait! There is my two cents.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Multiplayer To Be Encouraged
    Hello all, haven't posted in a while due to not much new going on lately.

    I delved back into Diablo 2 LOD last month and got 2 level 80 + characters, a Blizz Sorc and a Hammerdin, it took only a day or two per character, rushing is a big thing nowadays.

    Personally I think if someone wants to rush then cool do it and get high level and enjoy the end game, collect cool stuff and kill all the fun crazy bosses in hell mode and what not, that is what I enjoy doing so rushes are all good in my book, at the start of Diablo 3 there won't be any though, if you buy it the day it comes out you can be the first to actually beat the game through solo.

    Single player is good and all, but if you have a decent internet connection you will not get much lag, I have barely EVER gotten any and I have just normal cable, unless you have dial up or something you should be fine.

    Online allows you to join into the community, make some friends, trade to find the best items that you would NO WAY IN HELL EVER find in single player unless playing 1,000's of hours, and you can level quicker if you want by rushing etc.

    If you dont like rushing or anything and want to play through alone then make a private game and play through, i'm sure tons of people do. Then you can also go and play with friends later once you want too.

    I just dont think single player is as immersive as multiplayer, no dueling, no trading, no friends, those are the best parts of a game in my opinion so online is definitely awesome in my book.


    Guild System, there was none in the other Diablos

    Friend/Community box that opens or something instead of just */f list* which sucked

    Auction houses are super awesome for trading, maybe more of a craigslist though, not strictly auction

    Game searches etc. like if you wanted to search trade games type "Trade" and it would come up with games with "Trade" in the name or description, that would be amazing compared to scrolling through the games and then waiting lol

    And improved dueling/tournaments and ladders for duelers keeping stats would be cool, kill/death stats against different characters and what not would be cool, like a dueler score for how well you rank etc.

    so you could try to get that rank up to be considered a good dueler and what not.
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    posted a message on Where is God in the Diablo Universe
    Their may be some sort of higher power in my opinion.

    But the Bible most likely has NOTHING to do with it.

    The bible was likely written in order to mold and form a society that is easily controlled by governments and leaders.

    They have accomplished that goal very thoroughly.
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    posted a message on Diablo III Trade and Economy
    Bidding and auction houses would be great for Diablo III in my opinion, it wouldn't be impossible or near impossible to find that PERFECT item you want or that uber rare item, which in D2 you have to just open a game and hope people see it, or spam around the chats.

    Auction House FTW, and gold having worth would be nice actually, that is one of the FEW things that are good in WoW and bringing that over could be very cool indeed, saving up gold and doing auctions all day can give us something to do :)

    And intelligence/good trading, such as buying low and selling high in the markets can make you rich, instead of just pure luck.
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    posted a message on Temp Bans Every day
    I started playing D2 LOD yesterday early in the morning for kicks to get back on the lore and to get ready for D3.

    I played um... allot, got to 68 the first day and then it gave me a temporary ban that night! I was like wtf is going on this is BS. So it banned me while I was in a game and my game bugged out when I was trying to move around items and then I canceled out of it because it was lagging and I exited the game.

    I had been doing Baal runs so I was going in and out of games every say... 5 minutes and then it banned me, I know this is one of the causes because some dumb blizzard thing makes it check that and it may think you are a bot and temp ban you.

    Then I couldn't play an entire 8 or so hours, I try to log back on the next morning [this morning] and it still wouldn't work! I knew that changing IP's could solve the silly problem and I came to my dads house which has of course a different IP, I couldn't change my IP at home because its on a router/home network that is not Static.

    So I can play with my dads IP and I do Baal runs and get up to level 80 today, doing Baal runs, VERY QUICKLY, level 68-80 in probably an hour or two, it was rediculously fast going in and out of games, I even count to 5 every time then enter just to make sure though, and it still doesn't even ban me.

    Then later after I hit 80 I got lucky and got tal rashas armor in a Baal run and some other gear, only like 150% MF all together but I figure heck I'll go do some Meph Hell runs for MF and do those for about a half hour, after about 10 runs it bans me, I exited the game because I ran out of potions on my way to Meph and almost died so I exited quickly.

    This of course resulted in another temporary ban... they are NOT very temporary and I am not going to be surprised if I can not play 12 hours or longer from now.

    Why on earth can I not play a GAME that I PAID for and even went on and re-registered and downloaded to play, along with the Starcrafts :P, which I bought also.

    I have not hacked in any way, no Botting , no Map Hacks, no Pickit, none of this madness that people think they need nowadays, and I get temp banned?

    For what? playing a game quickly? its an action RPG isn't it?

    Why on earth can't I play an action RPG quickly and make and leave my OWN games that I create whenever I want without being suspected of botting? I am a registered user and don't think this is cool.

    I know this is an old problem but seriously I am pissed and would really like to solve it, I was planning on playing this entire next week, probably 10-16 hours a day. I have nothing else to do and have to be at my dads for a week so I just play games :P So this really pissed me off.

    This is complete BS Blizzard and I have bought all of your games except for the WC before WC3, I have bought Diablo, Diablo 2, Diablo 2 LOD, WoW, WoW Burning Crusade, [I didn't like WoW and quit in a month though], Warcraft 3, Warcraft 3 Frozen throne, Starcraft, Starcraft Broodwar....

    So seriously Blizzard, WTF I've never hacked or anything and this is not cool at all, I just want to play your kickass games...

    Now I must play Starcraft Or some other games but I would rather play my beloved D2...

    Any solutions you guys know of besides these.

    ip config in run commands, I did them and didn't work.

    resetting my IP address through the LAN/internet option manually, does not work.

    How are your problems with this and what do you think of it/how to solve it!?
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    posted a message on Act 4 Corrupted Tyrael End Boss
    Tyrael and Inarius could be bitter enemies, maybe related/brothers? They are opposites basically, is quite strange.

    If Tyrael got kicked out of the Angiris Council and cast down to sanctuary maybe they expected him to die there, they could have known that it was going to be destroyed or at least that hell was coming and Tyrael alone could not defeat all of hell.

    So Tyrael aims for Deckard in Tristram, he needs to find new heroes to help him accomplish his goals and to survive and save Sanctuary.

    Just another thought.
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    posted a message on Interesting find on official Diablo page...
    Quote from "micahmatthew" »
    Sorry for double but I have new Conspiracy involving Tyrael.

    Belial Azmadon Tyrael


    Could be?


    I posted this yesterday in the actual Tyrael Conspiracy thread....
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    posted a message on Diablo III Description
    Winter 08.

    Christmas with Diablo.

    Didn't the penguin or the ice in the teaser give this away ;)
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    posted a message on Diablo III Description
    Quote from "Lioncash" »
    Blizzard have never said at any point how long itll take for a game release :S thats just speculation from the fans, theyve been working on this game for 7 years and from the game play demo it looked like they were about finished, theyve done the gameplay art although, some people think its a mighty fine idea to complain about it not being dark enough when theyve only seen 20 minutes of the game and two classes haha childish much?

    ive preordered it. I trust play.com and theyve never let me down on any other games!

    149 days to go eh, im counting down =] lol blizz might push the date back anyway.

    and finally, its against the law to missadvertise product or distrubute product without the permission or legal authorization of the copyright provider and producer or the product in question.

    so blizzard has obviosly said companys can start pre-orders!

    p.s - Blizzard hasnt ever done a collectors edition of a diablo game, it'd suprise me if they did now, its not a mmorpg or anything like that so, they cant exactly give bonus in game content or anything, maybe artwork, which we already have access to :S

    How do we know Blizzard allowed them too though, they likely have no clue about it or just found out recently.

    Collectors edition could include dev videos, posters/printed art, extra game guide etc.
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    posted a message on Diablo III Description
    It's 25 british pounds.

    which is equivelant to 49.80$.

    not euros.

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    posted a message on Φ Diablo III Art Design Direction Survey
    hopefully they dont have to re do all of it, i want the game sooner then later
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    posted a message on Moderation in the forums.
    It is a forum.

    Can't we talk about what the thread is about in it?
    Jeez people really are rude in here...

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    posted a message on Moderation in the forums.
    It's a forum, aren't we supposed to talk on forums?
    It was on topic, it had to do with moderation.

    How is that spamming!?
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