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    Obama is a hindrance upon the American people because Statism is a failed ideology, and he perpetuates and expands it. The man is not the problem, although he is creating many. The root is deep in centralist and collectivist filth. I will delve into this in larger detail in a later post.
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    Quote from "Magistrate" »
    That's why we have sections like the Spam/Off Topic section, General Section, and the General Polls section.

    And, might I add, people are not pro-life on a basis of religion. I'm sure there are some, but to say that anyone that is pro-life is a Christian or religious is kind of... I don't want to say "ignorant" since it seems kind of rude, but that is what I would use. That seems to be the only claim and basis of defense of most of the pro-death people here.

    Magistrate, you are the first other member of the board that I have myself witnessed to speak up in regards to this point. While ignorant simply means uninformed and has been treated as undue hindrance upon one's character, your reservation serves well to the justifiably civic nature of your cause. I have witnessed time and again the view of ineffable distaste of religion, Christianity most notably, from certain participants of these public forums. The loss of judgment solely by one's character and actions has been replaced by nescience and a founding of assessment by an individual's faith and morals. I hope this to be reversed dramatically, or that swift action be taken by those who hold responsibility to a place where all people, of any trait of character, can feel as welcomed or at ease as they have the right to.
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    Quote from "Murderface" »
    If someone is that sensitive it becomes their own problem. The swashtica isn't a symbol of hate, it is a symbol of peace. Adolf Hitler is just a name. People died, whats new? As long as his posts are of some value it doesn't matter (and apparently they aren't) .

    As another poster said, he is using both at the same time. Therefore, it does become offensive. People died, but it was genocide that was committed, slightly different than murder. It is offensive because it is a murder of beliefs, a murder of morals, not just people.

    The avatar is a Nazi flag, while the swastika is simply the symbol inside the white. The Nazi flag has become a symbol of the hatred of some beliefs, just as the American flag has become a symbol of freedom.
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