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    im not sure if anyone noticed, but it looks like diablo 3 is being influenced by WoW, not just in terms of lighting etc, but in the actual models, people have posted the lion, but what about the siege breaking being similar in appearance to mannoroth, i swear the glutton looks like something out of wow, on the gameplay vid, those guys summoning the demonic pets (after the ghouls) looked like the undead mage's casting animation, the ghoul makes a noise that sounds like the pigs off wow (when they die)

    i think the lighting etc mentioned earlier is a reflection of the demographic bliz are aiming for (basically, as many children as possible to pay), look at the icons, d1 & 2, fire / ominous, diablo 3, no fire & diablo looks like some kind of rat / old asian guy as opposed to some fearsome demon / the lord of terror (in the cinematic vid, it almost looks like he's wearing identical pauldrons like a high level armor set on wow).

    blizzards current success is based off their loyal customer base (when they used the gore, grit etc that other games didnt (d2 - game of the year, gore -- god of war, game of the year, gore -- gears of war & warhammer 40k, the list goes on, they can still make alot of money and satisfy their niche market.)

    Oh, and for the record, i agree with bringing back the dark atmosphere etc mentioned in the art style proposal thread (the darker look / rough outdoors makes the whole atmosphere that much more agressive etc)

    what do you guys think, anything more to add that requires a bit more observation?
    P.S - Another thing, it looks like the barbarian has an easy time attacking from range / closing the gap, maybe a little better if he had it a little harder / the range at which his distance attacks work slightly decreased

    P.P.S - Wheres the gore gone? i see chunks and blood, but on D2 when baal & duriel died, his guts spilled all over the floor / they actuall had unique death animations that seemed relevant for the monsters, instead of a random ribcage just floating around

    i can understand the corpses dissapearing to keep the graphics low, but leave them on a bit longer, totally kills the buzz when the wall chunks dissapear etc, let me see their corpses trapped under the wall for a bit / revel in the destruction, if i walk to the next area, then dissapear

    If WoW didn't exist, would you guys like what's in D3? I would.

    I've never even played WoW or seen much of it..what do I and most others like me care?
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