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    posted a message on What does everyone want to see in 1.13?
    1) Respecs - Unlimited just need Gold, scales with level. I know there are many that hate this idea, but I haven't played much with synergies, and even people still new to D2... screwing up just a couple talents and you can be considerably weaker if not broken. This needs to be fixed. Let people try out non-cookie cutter builds without being punished and reroll.

    2) Nerf Runewords, buff RARES. I saw this mentioned above, and I do miss this about classic D2. Rares were the best, especially weapons/rings. Runewords are super over powered and lack diversity. I want Rares/Crafted items to be able to be top items, Runewords and Uniques strong but not BiS.

    3) Remove Immunities. This was the worst change in the game's history for me. I need not explain. Also helps expand viable builds.

    4) Level Cap on Acts. I.E. Can't advance to Act 2 before level 16, Act 3 before XX, Act 4 before XX... so on. You can complete the quests but traveling won't be available yet. Another tweak would be to go as far as needing all the quests done to advance as well.

    5) Stackable Gems / Runes. Quality of life change.

    6) Give Strength / Dexterity / Energy some worth. Beside just "gear minimums", "max block", "don't put any points into". Strength could add some health, not as much point per point as Vitality, in addition to add some to physical mitigation. Energy could increase health/mana regen rate as well as add more mana. Etc...

    7) Don't exclude Single Player with changes or items... Until Bots/Hacks/Dupes can be controlled, Bnet enjoyment has been severaly gimped.

    8) HIGHER RESOLUTIONS! Now this something that probably can't be done, but I wish... 800x600... pfft.

    9) Stash Changes - Bigger and Account SHARED. Muling is the pits unless you know friends or sneaky enough not to get stuff stolen. Much rather have a mutual bank, even less cumulative space but able to get items from one to another without having to mule. Appplies to single player and Bnet.

    10) Active and powerful RUST STORM! Kill all dupes, all the time. At the same time, track / ban bots. Disable maphack. Easier said than done. Dupes and Bots ruin the economy, with maphack being the least of my problems.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Information? Is this New?
    I don't think there is a slight chance of this coming out in 09... I would think it would be more credible if it at least said Christmas Eve of 2010.

    Now Starcraft 2 on the other hand, could possibly meet that release date... not D3 though.

    Remember this is Blizzard to, you have to calculate their release date. If they say Christmas Eve of 09 for "game" you have to add 6 months and 15 days to that date to get the "possible release date".
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    posted a message on Do motorcycles get on your nerves?
    Quote from "Umpa65" »
    I don't know how it is in other places but when Bike week comes to Daytona Florida it is the most obnoxious thing on the earth.

    I can't stand driving next to them. It just doesn't seem safe. What if they slipped in heavy traffic and met my tire? That would suck.

    For some reason whether on a bike or in a car people are retarded when it comes to driving. They never learned that you don't sit in blind spots and you don't sit in the left lane going 10 miles under the speed limit.

    Those things are even more annoying when it is a motorcyclist.

    If they sit in my blind spot i could swipe them and kill them. I don't want that kind of possibility on the road. I drive fast. Some people don't. That's fine. But not when it is in the left lane. I have to slam on my breaks when these silly out of towners are on cruise control site seeing in the left lane. What if my breaks gave out? Any accident like that on the road with a car would result in minor damage in most cases. But with bikes the chance of a fatality is much higher.

    The answer is hidden in your post... I can decode it for you.

    People driving in florida are retarded.

    I live in Tampa, just FYI. Florida has the dumbest people on the road of anywhere I've seen except 3rd world countries... I don't necessarily drive fast, 10 over at the most, but yes in Florida... its perfectly normal to drive 65 on the interstate in the fast lane side by side other idiots going 65 as well. While text messaging, reading a book, or wondering why the sky is fucking blue.
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    posted a message on Ideas for gold-sinks?
    These are sinks. Some of the suggestions are also sinks: An expensive key for treasure drops, placing wagers on a combat, magic buff scrolls -- those are sinks too.

    I wouldn't call wagers on dueling a money sink either... I didn't add Buffs/Scrolls for a reason but when I started thinking about it in D2 terms and less WoW terms, I started to like it.

    Scrolls, only 1 usable at a time, 5-10 minute time limit. 30 minute cooldown from using same scroll (can't use same scroll back to back). Takes the place, or adds to... Shrines.
    + EXP
    + Skills
    + Mana or Health Regen

    Whats wrong with mounts?

    Everything! I don't know, I rather not have to use one... It's not like an MMO where 2-3 same level mobs could kill you, and you just want to ride past. I rather have +speed gear and run faster, as it has been. If teleport is going to act the same, Wizards will never buy mounts after mid level.

    Another idea for a gold sink is a traveling system perhaps. Using the Waypoints comes at a cost of gold to use the magic needed for the teleportation.

    Gotta say, best idea yet. Just to add some detail.

    Town "X" to Waypoint 1, 1g... to waypoint 10, 10g. From waypoint # to town, free. During the same game, once you pay to go the a certain way point once, that same waypoint will be free. (Pay once per game, could have it incremental as well, 10g gets you all waypoints for that act, 1g each. 5g for the first half)

    I already have a feeling they won't let you do Boss runs as easy as D2... i.e. Waypoint to Durance Lvl 2 for easy Meph farming. I think bosses will take much more time to do.
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    posted a message on Ideas for gold-sinks?
    Blizzard has said they want gold to have value and be a traded commodity. To do this there needs to be money sinks. Things players will want to invest or spend money towards to establish a supply/demand.

    What do you want to see that isn't over the top that is a way to spend gold? (Other then repairs, potions, scrolls...)

    Some off the top of my head...just throwing out ideas, gets more creative responses. (Many WoW influenced...)

    1) Respecs
    2) Bigger Stash Sizes (WoW, think bank slots)
    3) Jewelry, rings/amulets. Good ones but not best of the best.
    4) Sockets, adding socket(s) for gold.
    5) Gambling, this time with much better odds.
    6) Armor Dye, good for individualization. Blizzard can make some terrible looking armor, now you can change it up...
    7) Mercenaries, better customization options.
    8) Horadric Cube Recipe Materials (WoW, think of vendor purchased materials for recipes)
    9) Tabards, not guild related, more self representation and individualism.
    10) Mounts, not a fan of this but some like it...
    11) Weapon Enchants, like the runes in the gameplay video. Also for effects, different color blade effects, blood stained, rusted, etc...

    Basically many of these are toward customization... I know I am not the only one that didn't like joining a channel to see 30 copies of myself.

    What would you want to see?
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 trading forum?
    I would like nothing more to see a Blizzard controlled site or feature that would cause d2jsp to come crashing down.

    Blizzard could do it. In or out of game they have the capabilities to do both. Gheed's "Black Market", buy and sell items just like WoW's AH. The downside of this system, competition... everyone's going to know where to look and everyone will undercut everyone else.

    Everyone says, including myself, we don't want a WoW influenced Diablo. Frankly, thinking of game mechanics and features... I will thank WoW before its over. Blizzard knows how to make great games (aside from balance issues), I am sure they will amaze us by what they will be doing.

    Watch... d2jsp will start a whole new curreny for D3 items... Forum Platinum... and everyone is left with worthless Fg.
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    posted a message on Mounts in Diablo?
    Quote from name="Elfen Lied" »
    If they are present they should be limited to Horse, Camel, Mule, Donkey, and maybe Elephant. This is diablo not world of warcraft. Diablo doesn't actually have that many fantastic beasts like Kodos and Hawkstriders, and dragons and the host of mounts found in the Warcraft universe.

    Nailed it on the head.

    There are still a few ideas that aren't strictly limited to "real" mounts.

    Witchdoctor could summon an undead minion to ride.

    Wizard could use a flying carpet.

    Barbarian would ride an Ox.

    Now... that said. I hope there are no mounts in D3 and if so, strictly limited to Horses and have different skinned horses to chose from.
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    posted a message on Your greatest fear with D3???
    Quote from "jwest88" »
    9) Blood, gore and profanity. After playing Fear 2, I want D3 have similar characteristics.

    Just because almost everyone sees profanity as perfectly acceptable doesn't mean we should all be subjected to it in D3. We are subjected to it whenever we watch movies/TV, go to school or work, or do almost anything else; but we should not be subjected to it in Diablo 3. Sure the minor ones will be present, that's fine; but the ones majorly used and accepted today should not be included(I will not type them, but your know which ones I mean, ones that start with F, S, A.

    In music, profanity is a huge turnoff for me, I generally don't listen to songs with severe profanity. If Diablo 3 had unnecessary profanity and if I not only have to go out and hear it all day, but come home for some good D3 fun and then hear it some more that will be very disappointing and annoying.

    The evaporation of morals in society should not be deeply integrated into Diablo 3. That is one thing I do not want Blizzard to add to Sanctuary using our world as its model.

    I just read why F.E.A.R. 2 is rated M. It would be horrible if D3 had those same things in the ratings description when it's released.

    The use of profanity does not mean the lack of morals. "F bombs" don't exactly fit in the Diablo world/time, so yes, none should show up. Others, are expletives that add to the emotion and depth of the feeling. Seriously, when watching a cinematic and seeing someones spine get ripped from their body or get a spike shoved through them, "Oh good heavens" just doesn't fit there either.

    No, I do not want D3 filled with profanity in every sentence... but some, depending on their cinematics. I can count on both hands how many cuss words were in Fear 2, so I have a feeling whatever write ups on it, will try to make that sound like a lot more then that. If you played it, and saw where those explitives were used... it added immersion, added depth.

    Fear 2 was M for a reason. Diablo 2 was M for a reason, Diablo 3 better be rated M.
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    posted a message on Larger or smaller world?
    4 Acts is good, but I do want deeper content in the acts. And as Manux mentioned, a constant world with randomized dungeons would be ideal. Along with triple the side quests...

    I would like to see 8-10 Main Quests per act and 12-15 side quests per act.
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    posted a message on Tell Blizzard Your #1 Diablo II Patch Note.
    To be honest, I haven't played much at all since the release of 1.10. But looking for D3 information on BNet forums ran across the 1.13 thread...

    The top 3 that I've seen, and I liked...

    1. Being able to Respec. This one is undoubtedly my favorite, hopes it would trickle to single player.
    2. Shared Stashes between account.
    3. Bigger Stash.

    [Edit] Sorry did not see the main thread, my apologies... Don't wish to clutter.
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    posted a message on Games to play while waiting for Diablo 3? (multiple merged threads)
    I quit WoW back in November, but it kept me hooked since late 04... now I'm struggling to find another long term game.

    In no particular order for the last 3 months.

    Fallout 3 (Bought yesterday, haven't started up yet)
    Fear 2, beat in 3 days of minimal play time. Short but fucking awesome.
    Farcry 2, Xbox... decent at best... would be better on PC.
    Starcraft / Diablo 2, single players on laptop...
    SW Force Unleashed, Xbox, beat in 1 day but still fun...
    CoD5, Xbox... Beat in 1 day... would be better on PC.
    More... but probably were not good enough to remember.
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    posted a message on Your greatest fear with D3???
    Quote from "italofoca" »
    I agree with everything except 1.
    Elemental systems in any rpg exist to force the player to use different spells and habilities. No matter what they do, one spell will be stronger then the other, so if you don't put a resist/immunity system people will just use one or two spells.
    A good exemple is D1. With the exception of Apoc, theres not a UBER freaking spell. But fireball was a little batter then the other spells, so if the game didn't have immunes/resist, you would just use fire ball all the game.

    I don't think immunities will be an issue like D2 as it stands... they will learn from that mistake as they have already changed their ways. (The Wizard, is not an elementalist.)

    I don't mind heavy resists, but I played D2 from launch. Immunities were basically band aided to the game because Sorcs were too strong. Frozen Orb being the primary spell of choice... non-FO Sorcs were just weak when in comparison. Then patches came along and buffed Meteor, Firewall, Nova, etc... also all too strong. So then they added immunities to stop pouring all points into 1 spell/tree and to increase difficulty. They should of NEVER made immunities, just made a cap for monsters to have 75% resistance, just like players. And revamped the Cold Mastery talent to not lower resists, that would of lessened the blow...

    Since D3 is from scratch, they will not make the same mistake, but it is still a fear of mine...
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    posted a message on Your greatest fear with D3???
    Game Design Top 15 Fears/Features.
    1) Immunities / High Resistances, remove them, step on them and spit at them while making the most angry face you can put on.
    2) Band Aid fixes. Which ruin the game design, i.e. Immunities to balance OP spells like Frozen Orb.
    3) Permanent choices. "Oh crap, I allocated the wrong points, need to reroll."
    4) Generic Armor Sets. Last I saw this is actually there... Everyone will look like identical copies, and have no unique looks.
    5) Uber Uniques. I loved in vanilla D2 rares were actually valuable and not sub par like LoD and current D2.
    6) Uber RUNEWORDS. Runewords, if even added, should be semi-easy to get and low-mid strength value. Not best of the best.
    7) WoW Clone. WoW was a great game for me... I have nothing terribly bad to say about it, but I don't want it to feel as a WoW 1.5...
    8) PvE Based. Diablo is and should reign a PvE game, I love PvP, but from what it did to WoW... I don't wish the same fate for D3. World peace is an easier goal than PvP balance...
    9) Blood, gore and profanity. After playing Fear 2, I want D3 have similar characteristics.
    10) GREAT STORY LINE! Blizzard, except for WoW, has had the most amazing stories and cinematics... keep it up. Please no space goats.
    11) ACTIVE RUST STORMesque system. Cheating/Duping ruined D2 for me. I want an AGGRESSIVE system.
    12) Gold Value. As stated in inverviews, they want goaled to be valuable, I hope it is...
    13) +X Skills. I hope this stat is as rare as in vanilla D2... 2-3 items in the entire game have it.
    14) Stone of Jordan... Another over done/used item. Its power was far too great.
    15) Transmuting/Crafting! Horadric cube style... was alot of fun, lets keep it going.

    Ultimately, no matter whats in place... I will enjoy D3. Blizzard hasn't let me down yet.
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    posted a message on World of Diablo
    I like Diablo because its FAST PACED.

    WoW is far far far from FAST PACED.

    There is no way to incorporate Diablo into a WoW-like format without being a duplicate of WoW.

    "WOD" / "World of Diablo", doesn't fit as there are still 2-3 more runes/pictures/letters.
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    posted a message on How far in development could D3 realistically be?
    Quote from "LarryNC" »
    tbh i could see diablo 3 come out before starcraft 2 - gamingsteve talked about they would have to balance sc2 so much, because its literally a sport in some countrys... d3 isn't a sport, its an rpg ^_^

    Hopefully, they leave e-sports entirely out of D3... or any Diablo. Arena killed WoW for a lot of people, I for one think it ruined WoW because everything had to revolve around Arena.

    I hope late 2009 or sooner though. SC2 will keep me occupied for a year, Spore could to, but ultimately I will want D3 :(
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