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    posted a message on New Datamined Patch - Class Changes, Passive Effects, Character slots, Stat caps, Quests, and MUCH more
    Regarding the Damage caps. If my math is correct, it will become impossible for DHs to hit the 4.15 breakpoint for sentries outside of gameplay. What I mean is, you will not be able to get to 4.15 on your own stood in town.

    It may be possible to get there from in game buffs, from other classes + Gorgok, but this almost certainly means <100% uptime

    Thats a big nerf to endgame DH building even without the other caps, and has a much more significant effect on primary DH builds than just a cap to AS
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    posted a message on Nerf the dh
    I find it very annoying when 1 individual says something like, I don't like playing a very specific class/build, such as Demon hunter Sentry build.

    There are dozens of ways to play DH....If you want to shoot at stuff as you say, then do it, you have plenty of gear/spell options. Don't change it for others that might be enjoying that option.

    I presume you want to Wizard Hydra build changing too, as "they are not really a pet class".

    Play something else if you don't like it, and leave the rest of us that do alone.
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    posted a message on Too much screen noise
    I will certainly try it, but I've done this in WOW before and the game looks poor...I don't see it as a solution, more a bandage
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    I'll check through these options when I get chance, but I don't want to make my whole game content look crap, just remove stuff I don't really need to see.

    Lowering particle density won't stop mobs and affixes been covered by other peoples, it will just blur everything I would have thought? I want to remove specific screen effects....i.e. other peoples, which are greatly detracting from my enjoyment...as for the rest, I want it on the max my PC can handle
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    posted a message on Too much screen noise
    I'm getting frustrated (and I'm not alone), by the amount of "noise caused by other players spells on screen, particularly in 4 man groups.

    At times, the centre of the screen can be completely covered by spell effects to the extent that you can't even see smaller mobs on screen, and have to wait until the fireworks die down to see if its dead

    It is helped slightly be mob health bars, but generally speaking I fell quite detached from individual fights, since I don't feel engaged with it, when I can't see it.

    Its also not uncommon to die, simply because you can't see certain effects coming, or see/distinguish dangerous mob ground effects from other plyers spells and procs

    In higher GRs, such lack of visibility can often mean instant death

    In the last patch, Blizz made other players pets almost invisible, presumably for a similar reason. I'd like an option adding that I can switch on/off to turn off other players spell effects, so that ideally, all I see is my own

    Anyone else who wants to see all effects can simply leave it on providing its introduced as a selectable option

    What do others think on this issue?

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    posted a message on Idea for new stat rolling system
    Your miss reading my suggestion if thats what your saying Gorok. My main suggestion was just what you have equipped, which could possibly be extended to stash and other chars.

    My suggestion is IF you get that piece drop, and IF it rolls a stat you already have then it rolls a higher range to not be less than you already have.

    Your post implies that if you have say Marauder chest equiped, and you get a leg chest it will be marauder...no I don't mean that, its still any random chest.

    Your post also suggest that if I have a WD with Int roll on a Tasker, and I get a Tasker on my DH it will roll Int, again No, it will roll from the same random stats it would for a DH, so it would roll Dex, which would be in the normal range, since I don't have a Tasker with Dex on.

    Mute point really, since the general feeling so far is against it, which is fine.

    Regarding comments about leg drop rates being too high, I agree with that, but for the vast majority of players, thats just DE after DE after DE, which was my main point. Rather than keep increasing the drop rate, and just getting a bigger pile of crap hour after hour, put something in that makes the rolls a bit smarter when you can demonstrate (by already owning that piece) that you've earned it. And I will again add that I think your over-estimating the effect, off the top of my head, I think I have around 200 hours on my DH, and he's never dropped a Tasker, I'm running with one I've robbed from my WD, whos had 2. Even with this system, when it finally drops, its still has a low chance of being an improvement, since it can still roll the full range of stat types.

    I accept the point about bounties, given the narrow range of Legs available in the caches, but they could possibly be excluded.

    Right, off to farm and pray I guess, since it looks like this isn't wanted.
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    posted a message on Idea for new stat rolling system
    Here's an idea I've had for how random stats roll on items, that I think will be an improvement. I invite the community to comment on the concept, and if supported, Devs to consider it.

    Many of us have 1 or 2 end game chars that have BIS items in most if not all slots, but whos stats were still chasing for better rolls. This often seems like an eternity of a grind rarely seeing a similar piece. When one finally drops, your excitement is palpable....What will the roll be???? Mmmmmm, it rolls crap, and becomes just another forgotten soul. You feel deflated, your hopes have been built up and dashed, which is probably worse than not getting a drop in the first place. But does it have to be like this?

    My idea is this, if an item drops that you already have equipped (e.g. Tasker & Theo), then the random stats it can roll are chosen as normal. If any of these stats match those on your currently equipped item, then the stat range it can roll is limited to the current value-max. In other words, if your gloves have 743 dex, and the item rolls dex, it must roll 743-750.

    Taking this idea further, we can see that an item still might be worse than your current one, if the stats rolled aren't what your looking for, but its necessary to still choose from the whole pool, as you may not yet have all the stats you want. But lets say your gloves have 743 Dex (Range 650-750), 6% IAS (Range 5-7), 42% CD (Range 25-50), 10% CC (Range 6-10), this was re-rolled from a stat you didnt want. these might well be close to your perfect gloves, so if another pair of the same ones drops (which if its something like Taskers, is a very rare drop in the 1st place), and lets say RNG picks Dex, IAS, CC & CDR (Not already on your gloves, and lets say a poss range of 5-8), then the 4 possible rolls for each stat would be...

    Dex 743-750, IAS 6-7, CC 10-10 (Since its already maxed), CDR 5-8 (standard roll range). You don't want the CDR, but you can re-roll that back in to IAS if thats your pref, and can re-roll it to 7%, making them an improvement.

    Using this logic, you could pretty much guaranteed getting a like for like item that has 3/4 of your current stats on it would be an upgrade by re-rolling the 4th, your then only at the mercy of RNG picking the right stats in the 1st place.

    I would expect this logic only to apply to like for like items, but doesn't have to, it could also possibly be extended to items in your stash? even equipped on other chars?

    If some are thinking this is over-powered, I don't believe so. Its not often you get like for like items in the 1st place, and then getting 3/4 rolls isn't going to be that common either. Even when you do, in the above example, these gloves were already very good, so the improvement here would be small on your overall DPS, but it would be an improvement, and an incentive to keep playing/grinding.

    So thoughts please on the idea?

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    posted a message on RE - john-yang-on-pet-survivability - Blue Post
    Yes....Main issue for WD pets is Fetishes. Over 25+ GR they are often one shotted. Some mobs one-shotting whole packs. dogs also die pretty fast unless your using the Giant dog (which requires a precious ring slot). FA is only viable with an SMK, else they get nowhere near the CD timer, and the Zuni bonus is next to useless in high lvl content because they are dead in seconds. Over GR 30, FS rarely gets into double figures even using the highest proccing spell. You'll typically have 1-4 the majority of the time

    With probably 90%+ of your normal damage coming from your pets, you simply can't afford to lose so many....Imagine high level DH sentry with max 1 sentry for half your CD, and your probably comparable with how my Pet doc fairs in GR30+ now.

    Other varieties of pet builds might do a bit better....such as the poison dart build which is becoming highly popular, and thats probably because they can be kept out of melee range a lot more....still, that build loses MoJ, so not sure how the effective DPS compares. If I can get myself a decent weapon and helm, I might try it, but it still crying out for some pet help.
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    posted a message on RE - john-yang-on-pet-survivability - Blue Post

    Regarding the above post...this is great news that you are reviewing pet survivability, as I've basically parked my Pet Doc from GRs at the moment due to the pets low survivability.

    There is a couple of points I would like to add to your thoughts.....

    1 Your initial comment that their survivability is based on your toughness and should be somewhere near equal is flawed for caster/ranged pets. In Diablo, Melee classes have an inherent 30% damage reduction, which ranged and casters don't, so these "Melee" pets should, I believe have a similar buff.

    2. In addition to toughness, players have other survivabilty options such as potions, and spells (e.g. Spirit vessel, Awareness) that can keep us alive, and effectively increase our survivabilty quite significantly.

    If your aim to make make pets survivabilty comparable with ours, then it would seem to me that they should be somewhere between 50%-100% tougher for none melee classes, and 30% or so less for melee?

    Could you actually design in individual spell benefits to the pets, so if you take spirit vessel, then each pet gets that kind of buff?

    Food for thought in your deliberations I hope

    All said and done....2.1 is a great patch, keep up the good work, and looking forward to any improvements you can make in this area.


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    posted a message on M6 cold build breakpoint and weapons

    All the info you need on DH sentry breakpoints is here.....


    In a nut shell, to calculate your APS, look at your APS on your data sheet and multiply it by 1+ your Tasker pet speed bonus. This will give you your APS per the chart on the link above so you can work out which breakpoint your in.
    EG - You have 1.5 APS and a 40% tasker......therefore APS = 1.5*1.4 = 2.1. Look to see where 2.1 is on the BP chart

    Tweak it with diff weapons, para, re-rolls to get to an ideal spot just above your desired breakpoint.

    to see what you get for that BP see the tables depending on how many spenders you have in your setup. the most common M6 settup is Cluster/Mael, Ele Arrow/Frost and Multi/Arsenal. Look on the 3 spender chart for these 3 combos to see how many procs of each you would get at each breakpoint. Your looking for a high step up point (typically in EA/Multi since CA doesn't really change much at each BP).

    If your using a different number or combo of spenders, looking on the appropriate chart / column, and try to build to the best BPs.

    If your still condused, heres a video explaining the info in the link....


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