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    Aura's fail. They should not be in Diablo 3 as far as I'm concerned. (Always overpowered.)

    Bows, Crossbows are good enough, no lame aura based stuff please.

    Just because they were never properly balanced in diablo 2 does not mean they cannot be balanced in diablo 3....and really they werent that overpowered in D2 anyways...maybe concen aura for hdins thats about it tho
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    Its a new game in a series that hasnt had a entry in almost 10 years.....and lots of different people working on it....its obviously going to be fairly different in terms of the art style and all that jazz
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    Quote from "Num3n" »
    you do realize how ridiculous that sounded right?

    even in high end duels with my zon who had perfect gear which maybe 1/10,000 people MIGHT be able to afford ie my 3/20/20 charms, she died all the time and never won, only against less well equipped people. trust me they suck at pvp and pvm. and yes i tried equipping her with a full inventroy of poisen charms but that failed as well

    so this is first hand experience vs you dieing... -_-

    a LOT of people can afford an inventory of 32020s, your exaggerating big time.........and just because you lost does not mean they suck at all. Are they the best dueler in the game? NO far from it....but played well they can be great in duels and stand up against almost any other build. And as for sucking at pvm.....you have got to be kidding me right? And as above im not saying there the best at it....but they are far FAR away from sucking at either
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