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    It's clearly not the problem that there are exp builds.. they are NOT effective at running rifts for time or anything but exp. IMHO No one should be running an exp build in a public game ever, you are handicapping your team to benefit yourself. If your guild wants high PG and they understand the limiting factors of doing then good for them let them do it.. BUT if it were me, I would hugely decrease the benefit from exp items. I play all the time and I could care less if exp were in the game at all. I like PG but the fact that people compete on the same leaderboards against people who are 1500 pg when they are ~800 (which legitimately is all anyone should ever need or have played to) .. thats a 700 x 5 = 3500 Damage stat bonus which is an individual multiplier and the high average of 800 for dam stat would mean a ~35% damage bonus for having mindless grind time completely independent of gear or skill.

    It is also a problem that ALL PG points (every single Level not every 4th) goes into your main stats after your 800..

    If someone is skilled but has to work (and mind you I dont work I have time to play always) .. but say someone who has a job but still plays often (at least a few hours everyday) if they have the same quality of gear as someone like me who can play 16 hours +, but better skill, they should be on the top of the leaderboard.

    This game used to be about gear, hours of exp grind for an insignificant stat bonus x enough times to make it significant sounds more like an MMORPG game than Diablo. Sht Bring back trade and RM if this is the way its gonna be

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    Quote from Lidemiยป

    "Leech" they call it. My palm monk did 35-42 all season 2 and ended up carrying many of the groups, even if i was wearing cains/ruby/hellfire. The slight damage and cooldown increase from other gear wouldnt have even mattered up until the 45ish point (which i straight out didnt even attempt), since my palm is one shotting most mobs anyways. Experience gear is fine. If the group goes slowly maybe you should look at your own characters.

    My opinion is they should add more torments with better xp gain, and drops to match the 35-40 speed farm meta, so that i dont hate every second of bounties and regular rifts. And as an aside, if you are doing 50+ GRs, your getting as much xp as the speedfarmers so it doesnt even matter

    Free from opinion, what you just said was just trash.

    I can tell a difference when I take off just 1 item of 8 Cdr. It's extremely noticeable to any decent monk how much your performance suffers from taking out a Diamond. It is just that much longer waiting on dashing strike or getting into using cain's set with a total of 25cdr + 10 cdr + 10 rcr gone (captains) you'll have spirit issues that wouldn't have been there otherwise. I ran this entire exp week except perhaps one or two occassions* where the group was extremely OP and they were fine with Rubies as they were wearing them themselves. I play almost as much as anyone <--- and I am only a PG 800 because I dont exp and I refuse to play where I perform less than optimal.

    ALL of that aside, you are not one shotting anything with your palm, or carrying anyone. Your palm doesn't do initial damage so someone obviously (a Barb probably) came in to blow them up. You're the reason why people are starting to hate my favorite class.

    How many people just started playing monk acting like they would know how to mitigate the problems of having less cdr. What DNA does is not a guide for everyone else, they have extremely talented and dedicated players (who may cut corners at times) but why is it all of a sudden meta if they are doing it..

    Then, also, Paragon is ruining Leaderboards almost as much as someone having 77 Gems <-- how DRaGOn >?? I assume thats legit pffft

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