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    posted a message on New PTR Patch 2.4 datamined live or not yet?
    Quote from Jelloslock»

    Its all tooltip changes from all the hotfixes

    Well there's a lot of new changes
    Firebirds nerf and hopefully fix the glitch
    Monk decapitation
    Sader thorns nerf
    Some other stuff I care less about:
    Visual Rewards, Set Dungeon Changes
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    posted a message on bring 2.4 now pls blizzard!!!
    Quote from Demonmonger»

    I disagree with almost everything said in this forum post.

    2.4 has brought TONS OF CHANGES, the PTR is amazing! Set Dungeons are far from the only thing, there is around 150 reworked legendary items, and EVERY SET has been reworked to be comparable for EVERY CLASS.

    Gone are the days of "You must run WW or IK to succeed as Barb" because Might of Earth and Raekor are Back! This can be said of every class!

    The best part, this is just the base of the cake, 2.5 and 2.6 are going to be the icing that bring RoS to where it should have been all along.

    LoL agreed on disagreed, completely disagree with the rest.
    This can be said of every class [ John Yang is the lead designer of ]! <what you left out.
    Possibly wizard as well.. maybe Sader too I kinda refuse to play a build designed around purposely taking damage.
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    posted a message on confused monk. all the bonuses. what stacks with what? push me in the roght direction

    Class A : regular buffs/debuffs/skill
    A1: Items that buff sheet dps - Harrington / Hexing pants
    A2: Legendary Gems - Bane of the Powerful, Gem of Efficacious Toxin, Taeguk, Simplicities Strength
    A3: Self Buffs towards sheet dps - Assimilation / Foresight / Faith in the Light / Blazing Wrath / Fire Ally / Determination / Combination Strike / Unity / Momentum
    A4: Most classical debuffs towards mobs from items or skills - Strong arms / Mantra of Conviction / Breaking Wave / Flesh is Weak / Forbidden Palace
    A5: Skill damage affixes - +WoL, +DS, +LTK, etc

    Class B : + Elemental Damage (+pets)
    B1 : Elemental % affixes - SoJ/Amulet/Bracers
    B2 : Pet % (Enforcer)

    Class C : Elite Damage
    Damage dealt to Elites (SoJ/Furnace/etc)

    Class D : Bane of the Trapped
    You deal X% more towards cc'ed enemies.

    Class E : Zei's
    You deal X% more towards enemies Y yards away.

    Class F : Mythic Rhythm
    Spirit Spender damage boost after using generator.

    Class G: Relentless Assault
    20% more damage to enemies blind/stunned/frozen

    Class H : Sunwuko 4pc
    Damage buff for 3s after a clone explosion from Sunwuko 4 pc.

    Class I : Raiment 2pc
    Damage buff for generator damage from Raiment 2pc

    Class J : Bastions of Will (Focus)
    +50% Damage buff for using a Generator

    Class K : Bastions of Will (Restraint)
    +50% Damage buff for using a Spender

    Class L : Convention of Elements
    +200% Damage rotating buff specific to element

    Class Z: +% Demon/Human/Beast bonus
    Appears on a few select items such as Tyreal's Might (demons) and Pigstiker (beasts/humans).

    Effective DPS = DPS * (A1+A2+A3+A4+A5)*(B1+B2)*C*D*E*F*G*H*I*J*K*L*Z
    “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
    Heisenberg, MD


    To add to this:

    Zei's is also in it's own category. Just as notable is the fact that it's dynamic (which means is to say it compiles the damage as it happens not snapped). Exploding Palm damage is increased by distance from target when it explodes as opposed to static/snapped buffs (Determination, Power Shrine, Dibs buffs, CS, Moment, etc (I believe assimilation))

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    posted a message on Open Letter against Botting
    Quote from Rogoth01»

    Quote from Bagstone»

    I'm just going to quickly address two points that come up quite a lot:

    1) "What about TurboHUD".

    TurboHUD and bots are two different issues, and they're treated differently by Blizzard. This includes about how they respond to those issues on the forums, and the history of account actions taken. Our letter and this thread is about botting. I don't think there are two different opinions about bots (unless you're a botter), something you cannot say about other issues. Therefore, please keep TurboHUD and other things out of this message, as it makes the issue more blurry and might result in a vague response. If we put the spotlight on one very specific issue and the community speaks as a whole, chances are significantly higher to get a strong response (i.e., hopefully *action* and not just *words*).

    2) "Some people on the list have done X and shouldn't be allowed to sign it".

    I guess those people on the list are the streamers. They're often being called out for exploiting, botting, or other violations of the ToS (I am not including TurboHUD here and refer to point 1) - keep it out of this thread). However, when they use exploits they usually do this to force Blizzard to act against it (example: blood shard exploit). On the other hand, all people on this list, especially the streamers, have a history of speaking up publicly against botting. Look at it this way: with this letter we are urging Blizzard to act. We are reminding them of their EULA and asking them to take action against those who violate the rules of the game. Why should anyone who is playing this game competitively violate those rules and then join an open letter which will eventually jeopardize their progress?

    It's okay to have your own opinion and you're free to express it in this thread. But please do refrain from accusations for which you have no proof, and keep this thread on topic (the botting issue). Those are my only two requests, thanks.

    ok, here's "proof", back in classic, alkaizer admitted to account sharing with multiple people in order to achieve p100 world first back when the paragon system was first added to the game after a bit of an investigation, due to his play time being near to 24 hours a day for the duration of time it took him to get that p100, he denied botting and eventually said it was due to account sharing, ergo he broke the rules by sharing account information with others which unless it was changed recently is against the EULA.

    Empyrian has abused many exploits that have been discovered over the period since seasons were added, and even had the play time average of someone who used a bot during the blood shard fiasco.

    wujido recently had his leaderboard ranking wiped and his account suspended for the use of the hellfire amulet exploit.

    your prose is regarding enforcing the EULA/TOS of diablo 3, with regard to botting in particular, but should it not apply to all breaches and as such should it not be prudent to have signatories that have not abused ANYTHING in game for personal gains, otherwise what is the point, the open letter is then just a mirror of blizzards apathy towards the subject, by all means they could have a different viewpoint on the subject after having sanctions placed on them for past misdeeds and as such want to make positive changes, but as i said, i dislike the fact that known cheaters are "supporting" this which is absolutely hypocritical to the point being made and the change being asked for.

    as i mentioned in my previous post, i have no issue with the contents of the letter, in fact i am fully aware of trying to force blizzard to pull their heads from their collective rectal cavities, and actually tackle this problem properly, my issue is with the aforementioned.

    edit: spelling

    I'm sorry but this is just a well written idiotic argument. What someone did in the past does not make them who they are today, just because a person jaywalks doesn't mean they are a thieves, or I guess a botter would be more like a rapist/murderer in this case.


    [ It's an analogy, I'm not saying botting is akin to rape/murder or even jaywalking, they are just all illegal, but a jaywalker probably doesnt need to be in prison [account closure/removed from society] ]


    Have you ever read the EULA TOS .. I have I was "Account Closed" under the account I play on today. How does this happen you might ask, perhaps I cheated or broke the TOS.. Well Blizzard never told me despite countless trouble tickets, a couple reviews (which resulted in nothing) they realized they made a mistake and reopened my account two months later. People get accused of doing things they didnt do all the time. (Sorry offtopic) My point is that in the Terms of Service violations are basically anything Blizzard does not like because they make it very clear that they can ban you for " no reason at all. "


    Besides all that.. So many people violate ToS without even knowing it, now the names you mentioned may have done so knowingly, but because they have violated ToS does not make them botters. Botters and Modding (which I dont think exist, by this I mean straight up hacking items) are what I consider the top violations, Blizzard I'm sure would include the Real Life Threat category, labeling them as the same as botters makes botting not look as bad. AND you are completely ignoring all the good things these guys do with helping other people, putting out game mechanics testing, and SPEAKING OUT AGAINST BOTTING. Empyrian made a video "The Paragon Problem" to draw attention to the drawbacks of how Paragon system works which is the main cause of Botting. I don't know everything he's done as far as exploiting, but I know that people get mad at people who exploit on streams which tends to the be the reason Blizzard finally acts on an issue. On PTR people exploit all over the place and it sucks if you like climbing the leaderboards there but if it werent for countless people cheating on PTR, many exploits would've reached Live, the GR exploit had it not been so widely known would've just destroyed the season.


    I pride myself on not cheating and I have watched former friends/clansmen reach the top of the leaderboards or hit top paragon knowing they used exploits and have to listen to people talk about all the great things these people have done, but its just so much sweeter when you hit the top of leaderboards and you don't cheat. Problem is Blizzard makes it nearly impossible to be at top of leaderboards without some violation of their own Terms of Service. Paragon umpteenhundred required is BS.. Remove the experience gear and lessen the strength or ease of paragon and botting wont matter nearly as much.


    Ahh dang it Morty can you fix the Text Spacing on your forum

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    posted a message on Open Letter against Botting
    Quote from JediTT2»

    I say if Blizz doesn't take action after a certain period of time we all start botting. If you can't beat em join em right?

    See here's the thing.. No. But I totally understand why someone would. They have made it very easy, and worse they have made it fruitful.
    Anyone who knows me Darth#1885, knows I don't bot. I'm sure I've had some guildmates that wish I was a bot, clan chat would be a lot more quiet right ras?

    The biggest problem isn't that Blizzard wont take action against botters, which is still questionable on how easily this could be administered but they could definitely have a report botter as if it was some concern, if not simply to say "We Do Not Approve of This." - But they don't even do that.
    The problem is Blizzard makes Diablo more beneficial to use a bot than to not use a bot. First off, there's no consequence, What's that line in that new Johnny Deep movie, "If you do something and no one sees it then it didnt happen" well on this game its more like if it hasnt been triple documented stamped, and then waved infront of a blizzard employee's face it didnt happen.
    The whole paragon and leveling system makes botting a HUGE advantage. High Paragon is necessary to compete on leaderboards- Blizz doing not have to be that way, The Way to get High Paragon is to do mindlessly unchallenging yet quick greater rifts on repeat, like a robot while wearing exp gear-> This is 100% Blizzard, without Experience gear the quickest way to Paragon would be the team that simply killed the most efficiently in the most challenging GR they can do in a reasonable time. I mean this game is absolute trash compared to even its form in the PTR prior to each patch release. I play HC which means I die once a week on the PTR due to DC and I still like playing on it many many times more than Live. The whole attitude on Live is "what are my teammates guild doing for me, who can I run with to make me better" there's no such thing as casually playing the game for fun. For Christs sake I mean I had a barb in my team die today, who probably wouldn't have died but they were wearing 2 items of LVL 23 gear because shared exp means we all gotta wear exp gear, we all become the leech.
    So why not bot when you can do it without getting caught, ~safely in HC apparently, and it's necessary for anyone who can't play all day to compete on leaderboards.. even in HC, perhaps worse in HC.
    It is better to reward for good behavior than to punish for bad behavior in almost every circumstance. Make it less rewarding to bot.
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    posted a message on D3 second expansion - Return of the Amazon class talk

    I think I'll always be impartial to Druid's thanks to Everquest, everyone's got one!

    I mean to be honest, and it will never happen but an Illusionist class (Enchanter) if they brought back Crowd Control. I'm not sure how much I like healer support versus CC, almost rather just have a straight DPS at times.

    Buff Class- Dont need it,

    Tank Class- Got a couple, (perhaps need a couple).

    DPS have..

    Synergetic DPS or what about resource allocator -- True Healer lol.. pipe dreams, yeah I dunno if this game really needs another class.

    What about an Evil Class = P Death Knight?

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    posted a message on invincible Uliana's stratagem

    Pretty sure its more like 1.7 seconds down from 2.2 originally when they changed the cdr to start after the animation. The reason you might get a shorter duration is if you test it while standing in town thats not the full animation. If you test it on a mob thats almost dead thats not the full animation. If you hit dashing strike before the end of the animation thats not the full animation.

    It wasn't invincible with CDR starting right away even though you could technically and fairly easily have enough cdr to overlap.. There was a recast delay that was just long enough for someone like Perendi to put my fking face in on 64 when I was #1 monk on HC ptr.

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    posted a message on Soulstone Brotherhood <SSB> now recruiting!

    Bump for old times sake

    SSB is a great clan with a lotta history

    +Lada = sexy voice

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    posted a message on PTR 2.3 Monk - Shenlong's Generator Build (Video)

    LMB* CW - Mangle

    RMB* Cyclone Strike- Imp

    1. DS - Rad

    2. Epi - DS

    3. BoH - IwL

    4. Mantra of choice due to necessity, most likely MoS agility

    Passives NDE, STI, Harm, Beacon + ES/Guardians path on hellfire dump PG into spirit


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    posted a message on PTR 2.3 Monk - Uliana's Stratagem Set Explained (Video)

    Well a person I am more than happy to correct. Hi Ras, long time.. no see, Let's see slight DPS nerf.. SSS does all the damage, you wait 2.2 seconds for the animation to stop assuming that you have CDr tuned to the exact duration it would mean you would need 84.29% CDr (including Flow of Eternity) or 60.73 CDR prior to the 60% from Flow you would loose 50 % damage (or better stated 100% gain from being able to SSS again right away versus waiting another entire duration) because you are now striking with SSS half as frequently as you would have beforehand. Obviously this is just a slight DPS decrease but it would also mean that people that play Hardcore as I do nowadays cant really use it.

    Shenlongs and this set arent compatible.. Why?

    Flow of Eternity is just as Mandatory as Lions Claw. Cant use both and Shens no matter what.. Lion's claw buffs the SSS damage 4 x with Uli 4 set and 2 x EP damage with 6 set.. If this confuses you it's because you are not realizing that the damage per strike was doubled before the amount of hits is doubled too.

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    posted a message on Potential Generator Build with the Revamped Shenlongs set and Kunai's Cube

    By the way this change is poorly designed... Currently Pure Gen is already way ahead even on SC, and in HC Uli does better than DS..

    so what do they do, nerf DS.. ?? not to mention any other possible builds that arent doing as well

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    posted a message on Potential Generator Build with the Revamped Shenlongs set and Kunai's Cube
    Quote from Zt1mQ»

    so if we have 395 spirit

    at the first moment when 2nd bonus procs we will have 394*2%+100% dmg(don't know exactly how they will stack) so theoretically 788+100=888% dmg increase and then lower

    before this change we will have 394+300=694

    so now our max criticals will be stronger, but min wil be much lower

    Sorry thats incorrect..

    Yesterday it was , forget it I'll just post Davlok's explanation

    2.3 PTR-1.0
    (300%+100%) (395*1%+100%) = 19.8x damage

    2.3 PTR-2.0
    (100%+100%) (395*2%+100%) = 17.8x damage

    These are simply representations of the damage at max when shen is proc'd Then vs Now..

    (300+100) and now (100 + 100) are during proc parts..

    Max damage is lower by 10% ish

    damage building up is ( 395 x 2 + 100 ) / ( 495 ) = 1.7979 , 79.79% higher


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    posted a message on Dear non-seasonal players

    Hey DH's..

    I'm not trying to be a dick, I'm just saying.. if you're pick for the cube on your weapon slot, is Thunderfury- so that it can proc BoTT. Your class is not going to do well this patch. Get better ideas.

    Look what youre up against..

    SMK + DoD (this is the class that is doing the worst, SMK = constant BBV:SD 30% Dam + some % AS
    FD + Shen, Lions + FoE

    Furnace + IK or BK set, not to mention insane attack speed bracers (hear nerf inc tho)

    New 1H for BHammer Sader cube + Ancient 2h

    TBH not sure for wiz, but I'll tell you this, archon melts.

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    posted a message on PTR Game keeps terminating after 5 mins.. 3 hours + now

    Havent seen a word on it from tech or blue.

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    posted a message on Leech gear is a disease in this game .

    It's clearly not the problem that there are exp builds.. they are NOT effective at running rifts for time or anything but exp. IMHO No one should be running an exp build in a public game ever, you are handicapping your team to benefit yourself. If your guild wants high PG and they understand the limiting factors of doing then good for them let them do it.. BUT if it were me, I would hugely decrease the benefit from exp items. I play all the time and I could care less if exp were in the game at all. I like PG but the fact that people compete on the same leaderboards against people who are 1500 pg when they are ~800 (which legitimately is all anyone should ever need or have played to) .. thats a 700 x 5 = 3500 Damage stat bonus which is an individual multiplier and the high average of 800 for dam stat would mean a ~35% damage bonus for having mindless grind time completely independent of gear or skill.

    It is also a problem that ALL PG points (every single Level not every 4th) goes into your main stats after your 800..

    If someone is skilled but has to work (and mind you I dont work I have time to play always) .. but say someone who has a job but still plays often (at least a few hours everyday) if they have the same quality of gear as someone like me who can play 16 hours +, but better skill, they should be on the top of the leaderboard.

    This game used to be about gear, hours of exp grind for an insignificant stat bonus x enough times to make it significant sounds more like an MMORPG game than Diablo. Sht Bring back trade and RM if this is the way its gonna be

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