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    How did your test go? How fast are you able to lvl from 1-70? :)

    We only did the early testing actually, done some 2-3 player on the ptr without CR cache around 3 hours. (2h 20-30m projected 4 player speed)
    Tested some bounties early, some cube, and rifts.
    Not too big of a difference really, a few key pointers tho
    - Dont go for leorics crown early, the time spent isnt worth it.
    Go for the cube before lvl 10 since u wanna cube an item you have gambled with ur CR cache.
    Consider which classes you bring, and make sure not to select too many support skills while levelling, as dealing dmg to a variety of targets is important.
    - Starting with magda/Kulle on master still seems like the way to go.
    Some of this is likely already mentioned elsewhere, and is IMO all correct. Open to other opinions as always.

    We have 1 completely diablo noob in my grp this season, im expecting levelling to be around 2hours 10m with average rng. on rolls and legendaries.
    2xWiz, barb, monk setup for anyone wondering #FckTheMeta

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