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    posted a message on Challenge Rifts - A missed opportunity or an unfinished mode

    In my opinion devs tried to put in the game players idea about fixed rifts and they failed at it.

    Biggest problem of challenge rifts is that they are totally disconnected from your char. In the game that is all about character progression and item grind we got a mode where we don't use our beloved char ... what ?

    This could be a really nice addition if they would snapshot some rift once a week, then make weekly leaderboards and allow people to compete for those weekly rifts but with their own chars. That would remove grift fishing and would introduce creative ways of playing our current toons to squezze maximum of those static rifts.

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    posted a message on 3 weeks between seasons?

    Last season was also like 3 weeks due to necro pack. Not starting new season same time as Destiny 2 makes kidna sense, cos lots of d3 players gonna check Destiny 2 i think.

    Locking leaderboards is very interesting move. I have some issues with the reasons they stated on official forums. My biggest bet is that they locked it to avoid whining from ns players that seasona players will come and jump into ns leaderboards. This makes no sense since seasonal players didn't get any adventage over ns players, so theres nothing that you could call "unfair". They should be locking leaderboards with the new patch, but new patch isn't yet live. Locking leaderboards also have one big downside, noone will be pushing so the issues that might appear with live leaderboards will be moved in time to when season starts. Good thing is that we will be starting new season withour really knowing what will be s12 best builds for all classes, sure there were ptr leaderboards but they really didnt show clear winners so this might be very exciting.

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    posted a message on Lightning Hydra Wizard is the best new build for Season 10 Boss Kills

    Too bad theres no alternatives for supports. Barb + heal monk are here since almost forever.

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    posted a message on POLL: How rare should Primal Ancients be!?

    Well you can say really simple what we want:

    - item that is very rare but also easy enough to obtain so even very casual players can get it

    - item that is powerfull and exciting and gives new ways to play the game but without power creep

    - item that can be crafted in cube but at the same time can not be crafted in the cube (figure this out blizzard !)

    - item that drop is gated behind finishing solo greater rift X (X is special formula that takes player skill and available time in the account, in many cases its just gr 1 or just no gr at all)

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    posted a message on Primal Ancient Legendaries

    Well if i had to choose from:

    - primals and no other changes

    - no changes at all

    I will choose primals.

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 journey and thoughts

    D3 isn't mmo, its a cooperative game.

    There was no torment difficulty in vanilla. There was a monster power (1 to 10).

    You said you stopped playing 2 years ago, so how can you complain about the game that you didnt really play ?

    People like seasons because they like fresh start, not because of some items (fyi seasonal players don't get any new items now). Seasons are old idea from diablo 2.

    Current version of D3 has ofcourse some flaws and issues but still its a years better game than vanilla D3.

    About mmo's and market: biggest mmo called World of Warcraft doesn't allow people to sell most of gear. Stuff you obtain from dungeons/raid is soulbound to you mostly, so no you can't buy all the gear from ah. Sure you can trade mats, and some boe gear, but thats all.

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