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    TOO MAKE IT SHORT: The Reaper is a class very reminiscent of the Assassin but with the charisma of the Necromancer. Their main weapons are daggers, throwing knives and scythes. Think of him more as a Monk of Rathma instead of a priest.

    The aim of this thread is to show that the Necromancer (as a class) could come back in D3 on another form than summoner of the dead.

    I know it’s a VERY LONG post so just sit, relax and read it.

    Quick FAC (Frequently Annoying Commentaries)

    C: Although I want the necromancer to return, sadly it seems his role has been filled and he is replaced. Your idea changes the necromancer’s role too much.

    A: Okay, let’s make something clear here:

    First the Reaper is an entirely new class and his only ties with the Necro are his look and the lore.

    Second, the Necro’s role hasn’t been entirely filled by the WD, Blizz devs said it themselves.

    C: The Reaper’s name is LAME plus it has already been taken by a unit in SC2

    A: You could easily make this point out of the WD, the Necro and the Pal as there were already units called like this in WC3 and WC2.

    As for the name itself, I think it fits perfectly the dark themes surrounding the world of Diablo but it’s just a matter of opinion…

    Quote from "zealot187" »
    wow u went into that pretty deep its kinda redunkulouse actually and who is trag oul lol

    Quote from name="Horny Goatman" »
    Why not? If its fun, its up to him. No point in making fun of him for coming up with a cool idea.

    Btw here's the description of Trag Oul from Diablo wiki

    Trag'Oul is a massive dragon on whose back the world lies. He is worshiped by the Necromancers of the Cult of Rathma, and in return he supplies them with spells.He is a culmination of stars and in each of those stars a different life is shown - past, present, and future choices to be made, so one can't see a definite future.

    The Lore

    Here’s the lore behind the Reaper, if you’re not interested simply skip it.

    After the destruction of the Worldstone, many Necromancers felt that the teachings of Rathma alone wouldn’t be enough to save the world from chaos. These Necromancers turned their back on more traditional Necromantic spells, instead going further into their studies of the Black Arts. Rather than summoning minions to do their biding, they found a new way of tapping directly into the energy contained within the spirits of the dead allowing them to acquire powers yet unimagined by mankind.

    Despite not having any particular training in hand to hand combat, they can with a simple knife fend through the sturdiest of armor with little problem while preventing the strongest attacks from even scratching them. The Reapers have an amazing control over matter. Gossips say that they can transform their body into mist allowing them to get close to their pray without being noticed or move through solid obstacles.

    These new Necromancers, like their other brethren, wander Sanctuary hidden in the shadows hunting whatever demons or corrupted mages who could disrupt the Balance. Not much is known about them yet except rumors, and their existence is still something of a myth for the people of Sanctuary.

    One of the recent events that brought life to these rumors is the assassination of a Zakarum Priest. The priest was apparently killed by a throwing knife during one of his sermon. Strangest thing is that no one has ever seen anything happening; they just notice at some point the priest lying down lifeless.

    Another tale would be the one of a Vizjerei found decapitated in his lair, his corpse lying in the middle of a Devil Star, his head was never found. A witness said that he saw a man wrapped in dark clothes wielding a scythe walking slowly in a street nearby the crime scene.

    The recent increase of these gruesome deaths started to spread fear throughout Sanctuary. Their sudden and unexpected nature led people into calling these mysterious assassins… the Reapers.

    However, humans do not seem to be the only target of these Reapers. More than one caravan claimed during the last few years having been miraculously been saved during one night while being under the assault of vicious monsters and feral beasts. Following to these people, a thick fog appeared out of nowhere before tearing their attackers apart.

    All this only raised further questions within the scholar ranks throughout Sanctuary as to whether the Reapers were Unholy Minions of Hell or simply Angels of Death.

    Are the Reapers really that Evil?

    The Skills

    Combat Skills

    Charge up
    Every time the Reaper kills an enemy with these skills, an orb will start spinning around him (like the druid or the assassin). Basically the more you kill the stronger you become until you reach the cap.

    The orbs give him certain bonus according to the ability used to dispatch the foe; these orbs are also required in order to cast some spells.

    Note that the following skills can also be used with throwing knives

    Chill of Death: Adds cold damage to your attack and Freeze the target

    Killing enemies will add defense and cold damage (meaning you can use other skills and still benefit from the elemental damage)

    Flames of Life: Create an explosion dealing Fire Damage and knocking back you enemies.

    Orbs will add health regeneration and fire damage

    Trag Oul’s Wrath: Adds Arcane damage and prevent target from casting spells

    Orbs will add mana regeneration and arcane damage

    Unending Agony: Adds poison damage

    Killing enemies with this skill will resurrect them after their death to fight at your side

    Orbs will add poison damage

    Doom Sickle: Adds extra % of physical damage to your attacks

    Orbs will add extra damage + some extra hits to your attacks!

    Finishing blows and passive

    Sin Harvest (target needs to be low on health): the Reaper stabs his victim in the heart stealing mana and life (require one orb).

    Dance Macabre: The Reaper enters a trance and send a barrage of powerful strikes at his enemies (uses all your orbs).

    Takes some time to charge up leaving you vulnerable
    The more orbs you use, the longer the attack will last

    Splash Damage (Passive, daggers and scythes only): Gives the Reaper’s attack splash damage, making his other skills much more effective.

    Open Wound (passive): Same as in D2

    Death Mastery

    Mist Form: Turn the Reaper into mist making him invisible to his enemies (they can still see him at close range though).

    The Reaper cannot attack with his weapon but he can still cast spells
    Gives you walking speed bonus
    Makes him immune to physical attacks but not to elemental attacks
    Allows him to get through solid objects such as caged/thin walls
    Has a short duration

    Psychic Slash: send a powerful slash at the enemies from afar (somewhat like a mix between Flame Wave in D1 and Bonespear in D2). This skill is based on your weapon damage and deals a certain % of arcane damage; you can also hold the skill button to charge it up making it stronger but leaving the Reaper vulnerable.

    Atom Edge (need to be in mist form): The Reaper dashes away from his enemies leaving a quick barrage of magical slashes behind stunning his enemies for a short time. Also useful to move from one place to another quickly (like charge)

    Poison Explosion: When an enemy is low on health, you can cast this to instantly kill him and damage the other foes surrounding him. The poison also causes the monsters to run away in terror.

    Silence: Prevent casters from using spells, useful when you can’t use Trag Oul’s Wrath or if you want to curse more than one monster at once from afar.

    Undying will (Passive): Resurrect the Reaper after his death, but with only a very limited amount of hp, has a huge cooldown.

    Dark Twin: The Reaper projects a part of his soul out of his body, creating a double of himself.

    Consumes the Reaper’s mana while activated.

    Unlike Shadow Master, Your double will mimic exactly everything you do allowing you to literally double your damage.

    Bone and Magic

    Teeth: Similar to D2; deals ridiculous damage but useful for stunning enemies

    Soul Armor: Same as Cyclone armor

    Bone Spikes: Same as Bone Wall in D2 but enemies attacking it take damage

    Stone Touch: Same as Stone Curse in D1

    Bone Lance: Spawn a long lance that impales enemies in straight line preventing them from moving but not from attacking.

    Corpse Explosion: Instantly kill an enemy low on health damaging nearby foes

    Bone Spirit: Remove X% of the target’s health (somewhat like Static Field or D1 version)

    Bone Swords: Create a barrier of Bone Swords that spin around the Reaper shredding anyone foolish enough to get close to him into confetti; you can hold the skill button to make them spin around you vertically making it absorb damage instead like Bone Armor.

    Dark Auras
    The following spells are curses recycled into auras, when activated they will gradually consume your mana (like prayer)

    Birthright: give your attack life leech allowing you to reclaim what's rightfully yours

    Darkness: Same as Dim Vision + lower enemies’ defense

    Decrepit: Same as in D2

    Concept Arts:

    The Reaper could look like this guy but without the wings, lol

    For those who are not color friendly ;)

    Diablo, your angel of death awaits!

    Fear the Reaper

    Samwise loves Reapers!!!


    Necros + Scythes = WIN

    Feel free to post additional pictures and/or give additional feedbacks
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    Quote from "serb1420" »
    I do it 4 love :) and the reputation points ;)

    I would give you rep, but some guy forgot to activate it.

    as for love, errr sorry but I don't swing that way. :D
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    Damn straight, no cartoony bs please, Starcraft as enough problems with this as it is there's no reason to ruin Diablo.

    As lame as it sounds I'd rather have D3 in 2D like D2 with the isometric view than having it being cartoony like Wow. I want the graphics to be as dirty and as crude as it can be.
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