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    posted a message on broken promises; what does "consectuive non-critical hits" mean.
    Quote from mhvn1987ยป

    USe this on your follower, they have a 0% base crit chance and then boost up IAS,CDR and Main stat.

    Yep, this is the only use I found out for it. Be also mindful that their Crit DMG is capped at 150%
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    posted a message on BP (Broken Promises) Testing

    Throwing out the idea : using thorns in combination with hack try activate BP. Then use then appropriate skill to benefit from the proc. As thorns can't crit, it may workout to give a nice uprime.

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    posted a message on [Tool] legendary counter: countONme

    I just gave it a try. There's a nice potential.

    A few Feature requests, if you ever have the time for this:

    1- Allow to separate statistics per toon. (I have one of each, and I like to track the legendary rate seperately)

    2- Allow to track Difficulty Level / Number of players involved in the game (since the droprate is affected by those)

    3- Maybe output the raw data to a CSV / Excel file

    4- Track more tah one thing at a time (Blood shards, comes to mind)

    I know those would imply a lot of work on your tool, but I like the overlay that you provide. It would definitely be better than the web based application I built to track those informations (have to alt+tab each time I want to add in new values)

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