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    posted a message on We need reroll primal recipe for kanai cube

    Hello guys,

    I just found my second primal. and it was a fricking Yang recurve! But it was useless. I did not notice there was no 12 discipline on it.....

    But I rerolled the vit to attack speed..... Regretting it after. Now I don't have the chance te redeem myself. cause I'll neve get one again.

    So Blizzard, Please give us a Kanai cube recipe te reroll primal only if they are already primal. But make it very expensive. Like 100 bounty mats each! 200DB and 200Souls. so we can redeem mistakes we make at a prize.... (sad Face)


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    posted a message on Necromancer Update, Female model, armor sets, skills and gameplay

    Hello guys,

    check out my latest video about the new information that got leaked/announced for the Necromancer class.


    Cheers Reborndiablo

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    posted a message on 2.4.1?

    ah thx guys, i was adament that i would be today! so no point in wayting anymore for today!

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    posted a message on Why do people do full clears on regular Rifts?


    I have the feeling that i find more legs after the RG then before the RG, Ofcource its nonsence.. but it feels that way. And i like to max out the Exp i get per Keystone, That is why i run the entire rift. Bloodschards arev very nice bur clearing the entire rift take me 5 minutes extra so ill take that.

    Even so i have never got a group of Goblins before the guardian so ill keep full clearing those littel buggers.

    I do this even for Grifts, In the new season when i get a lvl25 keystone i let a friend with a lvl 1 keystone open so we can do a new grift even when i pay with my lvl 25 stone to keep getting bloodshard and legs without paying keystones.

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    posted a message on New Uber Event!
    Hello Nephalem,

    i had an idea for a new Uber event. I was faming amulet items for the new patch so i can make a new Hellfire amulet with a chance for it to be Ancient XD. I was thinking that i was running the same and the same boss over and over again.

    What if we make a new Uber with a new Reward. How about this.

    For the location we use, Old tristram the same location we kill the Wretchet mothers on the first quest in story mode.And where we resue Dekerd Cane in D2

    Second For uber Boss: Maltheal, and since maltheal has absorbed the Black soule stone, he can summon all the other Bosses, Like Leoric,Maghda,Siegebeast,Cydaea, Mira Eamon, Araneae, The Warden, Ghom,Shatterbone,Iskatu,Izual, Rakanoth,Zoltun Kulle,Urzael, Adria and Greed.

    I have to say these bossen can spawn random and NOT all at once. I was think like Maltheal and just 4 Random Bosses Spawn.

    And for a reward i was thinking, somethin like a 2nd Hellfire ring that give a chance to summen the Circelling skull Skill of Maltheal.

    And further, When u combine Hellfire ring x with Hellfire ring Y and the Hellfire Amulet, It makes a Hellfire Token that take up to just 1 spot of inventory And that gives you Reward X.... Maybe some ideas of you guys here.

    And to get there you must kill one of these bosses in al 5 acts, They have a chance to drop a Soulstone Shard or something like that, That you can combine to a Machine that opens the portal.

    Greets Reborndiablo
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    posted a message on Add Specific Weapons/Armor to Kadala PLEASE!
    Quote from ruksak

    Quote from Proof07

    Don't make the game any easier , please.
    Agreed. Kadala has been buffed to an extreme as it is. She is doing WAY more than they ever intended her to do. The thrill of a top-tier find would be demolished with the OP's suggestion.
    I totally agree with you, Kadala is now so much buffed that peaple rely on her to het the build the wanna play instead of going around Sactuary killing monsters. Killing monsters is the best way to find items and yes it takes time to gear up and polish your char. but what else do you expect! I am getting more and more the feeling that peaple want to have all items BIS with in 2 hours after creating a Char.

    Get a grip and play the game, and when you are just not lucky with one class go play another. Remember Kadala was not meant to be the MAIN source of items/loot. Its an extra to have some extra luck in finding te things you need. And all i see are post i cant have this, i cant have that, etc etc And it starting to piss me off!
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    posted a message on Keywardens are so stingy!
    Quote from pewpewzzz
    ow cmon.. stop with all the nerfs.. we allready have 100 % chance on organs.. and farmings keys.. well this isnt really true.. an avg solo run takes me 6-8 mins on my crusader.. doing all 4 acts.. all i see now a days is "nerf this, nerf that, this takes to long" O_O stop it ! they have HUGE aggo area, so just look for "xx has engaged keywarden xx"

    also, u can do 4 man parties, where people do 1 act each, the key drop is universal, just be smart in tp'ing around to each other..

    this constant nerfing and wajning over something takes xx amount of time to do is getting tidious !
    I totally agree with you! I am getting sick of those that dont want to spent time looking or farming for something, I remember the day i playes for 6 month and not finding any Legendry, Now they drop like rain from the sky, And now they want more uber keys. Where is the spirit like before, where we farmed for hours for just 1 item?

    I say if you dont like it play something else!
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    posted a message on Nerf the dh
    Quote from wdvoodo
    I can lay my sentries and have a fap and still beat 40+
    ill like to see you try, you are just frustrated you cant reach the level you want and other players that use this spec can. just go and Troll some where else.
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    posted a message on Blizz let us not Auto pick up potions
    Hello Blizz,

    Is it possible for us to get an Option in the Gameplay tab to check a Box to not pick up potions?Its getting very frustrating when your in a party and town is full op potions, every player drops them because they do not use them!No one is ever using. because every one is using a Legendary potion. And it is taking up space in our stash.

    Give us the freedome PLZ, Give us the abillity to check a Box in Gameplay setting to disable the Automatic Potion Pickup!
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