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    Ok, I have been away from the game for a while, but basic principles still apply. First off, I agree the above reply, ditch the primary bonuses as they do nothing to help you at all. Also, you really need a socket in both of your weapons and Royal Flawless Emeralds in each to really see a boost in your damage. Having 8 or 9% damage rolled into them will also help boost your damage number. Swap your swords around, skill damage is always based of your main hand weapon. Your Warrior Blood has better base damage than your Solemn Vow. Having CC and CD wherever applicable will also boost your sheet damage, but keep in mind, sheet damage doesnt take a bunch of things into factor and actually can lull you into a false sense of security. My brother-in-law had a crusader 2 years ago that he was running using a Darklight and Fist of the Heavens long before that was a popular build. He had quite low sheet damage, but when he buffed himself and everything started to compound, he was hitting for millions of damage.

    Here is my WW Barb as an example of what I run (or used to run I should ay)...


    The Reapers Wraps arent really needed, but I have had them forever and havent found a better Ancient bracer to replace them yet. I have 1.5mil sheet damage and I am clearing GR60, but barely (or at least I was a couple of months ago) so even with all that damage, Im not even close to being optimized or elite by any means. Part of that is a combo of play style, lack of skill (yes I can admit Im not the best player), and not running a perfect set of skills. It's what works for me and how I play and I have fun doing it, which is what matters most to me.

    Now some tips for increasing overall playability that wont really reflect on your sheet damage number...

    Ditch Hurricane for Blood Funnel, the added healing is well worth it. If you can find an Obsidian Ring, you wont need to run Boon of Bul Kathos to reduce your Zerker cooldown, thus opening up a slot for something else like Brawler. You have Physical damage on your bracers, but cold damage on Whirlwind, match your bracer bonus to your main damage. If you want to stick with cold, roll cold skills on the bracers. If you want to run Blood Funnel, leave your bracers alone, but right now that physical boost isnt helping you very much. Firewalkers in the cube is fun at low levels, but anything over T1 and it starts to become useless. Better to have hexing pants or Mantle of Channeling in there. Swap out the toxin gem for Taeguk and swap Pain Enhancer for Bane of the Trapped. You are already needing to get up close to the enemies, why not automatically give them bonus damage for being slowed once the gem is level 25 by using Trapped? Krelms belt isnt helping you at all, but I understand if its the best you have right now. Dont over look a belt with a usefull legendary affix just because it isnt ancient. Pride of Cassius (for your Ignore Pain), Lamentation, (if you equip Rend), Witching Hour for the extra crit damage, or String of Ears for extra damage mitigation will all help you more than an ancient belt that has no useful bonus.

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    Well thanks for the advice, I am working on making some of the suggested changes and making a mix of both your advice. I went poking around my other characters and found an even older Skull Grasp!


    It literally does nothing for WW. This guy is just a mule to collect crap (and to experiment with leap quake a bit)

    I also built a HotA barb at one point...

    http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Devestator-1333/hero/9684974 ... but it really doesnt fit my play style.

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