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    Cool tool, ty.
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    Quote from Zihnnn
    I did some testing on the Wreath of Lightning gem and i can confirm the following

    Critical hits works, Critical hit Damage works, +% Lightning Damage works, procs tal's lightning meteor and it does indeed do "600% weapon damage as Lightning every second to nearby enemies" but that text while not wrong is misleading.

    It does not deal 1 600% wd hit per second to all nearby enemies, it deals it's damage in many smaller hits like 4 hits per second or more so each individual hit is only around 175% wd or less and it does not hit ALL enemies it hits 2~3 enemies simultaneously

    Against a single target it does do 600% wd per second to that target but against a large group it only does 600% times 2-3 damage per second spread out on the group
    Thanks man. Really appreciate your testing.
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