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    I left a few weeks after the original launch due to the many reasons that it seems many left for (or at least the many reasons that resulted in so much change afterwards). Everyone I knew in D3 is still gone actually. I decided to give RoS a shot and... wow. What a turnaround. No game is perfect, but it's so much better than it was before! I also LOVE the Crusader class.

    That said, I'm hoping there's a generous soul out there willing to let a laid back, easy going guy tag along for some t6 bounty/rift power leveling? I won't get in your hair. If I remember correctly, loot is individual so I won't even upset your loot. I'd read this is the best way to quickly take the leap to 70 if you don't reach 70 doing the campaign (I sped through the first four acts, having done them already on a DH a few times back at launch).

    If so, my b.net ID is Unleashed#1138. I'll continue grinding out on my own in the meantime. Thanks in advance if you're open to it, and no worries if you're not!
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