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    Yes I couldn't agree more. Even beyond the issue with pets, I feel the class has gone from first to worst literally overnight. You just can't stay alive after T6 GR30 unless you're sitting in town or have no dps impact on the mobs whatsoever - even with Jungle Fort. They need to fix the Hell Tooth bonus fast to give us another option. Their intent is to have Wall of Zombies encircle the mobs and keep us safe. I'm holding on to all my HT gear for when that happens because nothing I try is working for me. I'm relegating my WD to trial key farming until that happens and possibly upgrading Moratorium.
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    Hi, I'm not sure what to do here. Nearly every build and variant I've tried is as bad as any other in terms of survivability while maintaining enough damage to get through trials. I've got quite a few pieces of gear in the bank, but this weapon is by far the best so I've been trying to make a physical build work. I'm really on the brink of abandoning my WD until they fix Hell Tooth...I just cant' seem to advance any further.


    I'm not sure why the stats on this page don't match what I'm seeing in game (no follower, no buffs), so here's what see on my sheet in game:

    Unbuffed dps - 822k

    Toughness - 9.8m

    AR - 1516

    Armor - 8755

    Life - 379k hp

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    I forgot my pants...Vyrs - int, vit, 93 AR, 2 sockets (rerolled). I also have many DD and a pair of Pox.

    Here is a link to everything: http://d3up.com/b/969481
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    Hi. I just started playing again now and have some decent gear. I'm just not sure what the best build to go with is to maximize my potential damage and survivability. I've read through many of the builds out there and I'm one piece short it seems.

    My goal is to regain my former glory, so anything that gets me back to MP10, err T6, I'll roll with :) Ideally though, I'd like to be ready for 2.1, so if that means giving up a few torment levels to gear/skill toward the future, I'm fine with that. Also I've got 230 paragon points.

    I sincerely appreciate your recommendations and assistance...thanks

    Here's what I've got. Keep in mind that I was playing a lightning build as I was "gearing as you go" and recently had the helm, neck, and chest drop. That's why some of the elemental/skills %'s seem a little all over the place. I also needed to re-roll certain stats to survive as I played.

    Ring 1: RROG (Int, 100 AR, LOH, 7 IAS) - nothing rerolled

    Ring 2: many high-end lvl 60 trifectas, a few lvl 70 legendary trifectas - have a SOJ on my WD that I would borrow as a last resort

    Helm: Fire Bird's Plume - Int, 6% CC, Socket, 13% Arcane Torrent - nothing rerolled

    Neck: Moonlight Ward - Int, 24% Arcane, 8% CC, 86% CD (rerolled). Also available: Vaxo (cold - was saving for WD), Rakoff's (poison), lvl 60 rare 238 armor, 150 int, 7% IAS, 95% CD, 10% CC

    Chest: Tal's - Int, Vit, 93 AR, 6% IAS, 3 sockets - nothing rerolled

    Shoulders: Fire Bird's - Int, Armor, 8% RCR, 12% Black Hole (rerolled)

    Belt: Tal's - Int, Armor, 100 AR, 14% Electrocute (rerolled). Also have 4 high-end lvl 60 Witching Hours, Thunder God's Vigor (10% Lightniong but w/WD skill bonus nothing rolled), Hellcat (7% IAS, 4% Elite), Sebor and a crappy lvl 70 Witching Hour

    Boots: Vyr's - Int, Vit, Armor, 15% Wave of Force (rerolled)

    Gloves: Rare - Int, 10% CC, 6% IAS, 45% CD (rerolled); also have: Ashearas - Int, 5% IAS, 9% CC, LOH (rerolled), Magefist (on my WD) - 16% Fire, 6% IAS, 42% CD, 8.5% CC (rerolled), many high-end lvl 60 trifecta gloves with armor, int, vit

    Bracers: Ancient Parthan - 5% CC (rerolled), Reapers (cold), Strong Arm (lightning), Nemesis (20% fire), Tragoul Coils

    Off Hand: Tal's - 352-411, 9% CC, 15% Black Hole, Int, Vit (rerolled). Also have 2 Fire Birds - Int, Vit, 17% Fire, low % skill (nothing rerolled), Triumverate 8,8,7, Int, 8.5%CC, 14% Ray of Frost (nothing rerolled)

    Weapon: Shard of Hate - 2354.1 dps, 7 IAS, Int, 1168-1414, socket (rerolled), 250% bonus. Also have Thunderfury - 1930.6 dps, 990-1208 lightning, int, LOH, socket, 331% bonus (nothing rerolled).

    I also have a couple 1H weapons doing 2400+, but they don't have any special bonuses.
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