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    Very cool, very inspiring.

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    So lvl 13 on normal in PTR. Created a new toon, testing it out, and I encountered a rainbow goblin in Adventure. Killed it, and went in the portal. Long story short, by the time I exited, I had 20x of each Imperial Gem, and 35+ of Death's Breath and Forgotten Soul. Almost every cloud and piƱata burst for either 1 of every imperial or 4-5 of Death Breath AND 4-5 of Forgotten Soul. I remind you, this is on normal difficulty at lvl 13. Also, every "present' burst for at least 8 items. I picked up 2 legendaries in there. This can't be right!? If this is true, rainbow goblin is the top dog. What must it be like on TX+?

    I'd also like to do a pre-stop on people that say it's PTR and there might be some weird 2000% buff still active in there. That would just mean more items. This was specifically targeted Imperials (1 of each would drop on encounter a cloud. It was strictly that, or far and away more gold than the difficulty setting) and crafting materials (4-5 each of DB and FS). Please let me know if I encountered something bizarre or if this is the new paradigm for rainbow goblins.

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